How to Find a Reputable Travel Agency

How to Find a Reputable Travel Agency. In the age of the internet, travel scams from
bogus agencies are common. Learn how to check if a travel agency is reputable
to avoid being taken advantage of. You will need Internet access Advice from
friends and family Local travel agency and the right questions. Step 1. Go to the website of the American Society
of Travel Agents (ASTA), the world’s largest travel professional association. Step 2. Search ASTA’s membership directory for certified
agents according to specialties including destinations, travel lifestyles, and tour
packages served. For international travel, find a certified
agent with specific language skills to help in case of emergencies abroad. Step 3. Get travel agent recommendations from friends
and family members. Preferably meet with a local agency. Much can be determined in a face-to-face meeting. Step 4. Ask the right questions. How long have they been in business? Are there fees beyond booking fees? How accessible is the agency for travel emergencies? The right agent can help in emergencies that
include delayed flights, overbooked hotels, and travel insurance claim red tape. Step 5. Know a travel agency’s benefits over online
services. Agents may be best for booking a complicated
trip to a remote region with time zone and cultural differences. Step 6. Go to the Better Business Bureau site to check
for consumer complaints. For cruises, check at the Cruise Lines International
Association site. Step 7. Know about common travel scams like discount
travel clubs with unreasonable dues and hidden fees, and do-it-yourself travel agent tutorial
kits. Did you know The first traveler’s checks were
known as “circular notes” and were sold by Thomas Cook agency in 1874.

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