how you get and keep your clients will
be the difference between you shutting your travel business down and having a
thriving and profitable travel business my name is sunday gardener your online
travel boss and today we’re gonna talk about some tips that you can do on
getting and keeping travel clients for the long haul tip number one is really
about you identifying who your client is are you going to be working with
businesses other businesses commercial business or are you gonna be working
with individual or also known as consumers either way you need to
understand exactly who you’re going to be working and you need to have a
strategy for attracting those different types of clients based on what they love
what they need and what they’re looking for in a travel agency so here’s a
couple of ideas in terms of how you can attract or find business clients or
commercial clients one of the best ways for you as a travel agency to find a
business clients it is to look for businesses that offer RFPs also known as
request for proposals and those requests for proposals they will outline exactly
what they’re looking for for a vendor to provide services and what you’d be
looking for our RFPs associated with providing travel related services those
RFPs can be founded through government agencies or through regular retail
businesses either way you want to look for sites that have information about
RFPs that are available to you from a consumer side the best way to get
clients is to attract them through marketing and I always say that your
number one job as a travel business owner is to be marketing your business
so here’s some ideas in terms of what you can do to help attract new strangers
to your business I call that first thing is a stranger offer a stranger offer is
a valuable piece of information that you create that someone will give their
information like their phone number their email address in exchange to get
that information it’s either a PDF it’s a video it’s an article whatever you
decide to do your stranger offer all that it needs to do is it needs to
address your prospective clients major concern
or gives them information about their desires in terms of the type of travel
experience they want to have either way whatever you decide you need to have an
attraction mechanism to get clients now once you get your clients you need to
have my number two tip which is how do you get stranger to a client so that
really deals with your conversion process how do you relate to your
customers or your prospective customers nurture them down and then ultimately
convert them that’s also referred to as a sales funnel so you get them into your
business you introduce yourself to that business to your prospective clients how
do you get them to become a client you need to have some sort of sales funnel
process in place so one of the things that I teach my clients is we talk
through what exactly their sales process needs to be our sales funnel process
needs to be so once you have your stranger offer do you have an email
series do you invite them to a group do you invite them to a discovery call what
is your process for conversion that is the number two tip that you want to do
is define the process to get them from stranger to pay incline for three tip
that I have for you today is you need to simplify the payment process simply play
you’ve got to get money in the door you’ve got to get it out of there out of
their wallet into yours and you need to simplify that process so if you’re not
offering credit cards you need to figure out a way to make sure that you’re
offering credit cards there’s also all sorts of the applications that make the
payment process a lot easier for your customers the other thing that you need
to consider is offering payment plans make it easy for them to afford of the
vacations that you set up for them now the last tip that I have for you is is
customer service one of the biggest complaints that I get from prospective
clients is is that customer service with their travel agency either doesn’t exist
or as very poor and what and it’s simple as just actually returning phone calls
or returning emails in a timely matter you need to have a customer process
customer service process that ensures that when your customers reach out to
you you have a process to get back to the
within a certain a period of time if they have a complaint you have a process
to address their complaints you are focus on customer service all right so
those are my tips for you for getting and keeping your clients you want to
make sure that you’ve got a way to attract them and convert them and keep
them through your customer service processes this is Sunday it was great
talking to you don’t forget to Like and subscribe if you like this video and
I’ll talk to you soon

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