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How to Get Cheap All Inclusive Vacations what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again in today’s video I want to talk about how to save you
some money on your vacation packages so I want to share with you one tip of one
powerful tip they can really help you out we’ll be right back all right welcome back welcome back so I
want to share something with you if you really want to save some money on a
vacation package and so if you want I’d like to take exotic vacations go to
Punta Cana Cancun all these exotic places
kick don’t sit on a beach drinking a margarita you know with an umbrella in
it I want to share something with you that can help you save some money
okay so here’s the major thing okay if you if you right now if the biggest
thing that will cost you for How to Get Cheap All Inclusive Vacations all-inclusive things or vacation package
like that would be the flight the flight getting there I just found out something
that can really save you some money now I recommend taking charter flights
private charter flights those are gets you rip very very cheap
packages okay they got a lot of cheap packages that you can take a one-stop
flights okay I mean nonstop I’m sorry non-stop flights going to maybe Cancun
from your destination or Punta Cana all type of other places you know Casa Mia
so if you take a private charter flight it will save you a ton of money okay
they already have pre-built packages based upon charter flights and certain
dates that will save you money so we were just looking at a trip last night
and save found out that a deposit was only $100 for the entire trip for a
person so and this was due to going through the charter flight now a regular
flight would be way much more money but charter flights private charter flights
can save you money on your flight okay as well as your fake a vacation package
if it’s all included so you got your your flight your vacation packages your
all-inclusive everything all built into one
and you’ll have to pay a small deposit you know baby basically around $100 so
just want you to put that into play you know think about going through through a
charter flight versus a regular air flight that saves a ton of money if I
correct me if I’m wrong I want to say you can only get certain charter flights
certain ones through a travel agent so you might want to go through a travel
agent and go through see about getting a charter flights okay so that’s my time
hope you found value from this video if you did give us a thumbs up like this
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all right happy traveling

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