How to Grow Your Travel Business

Travel agents! I’m in Park City, Utah masterminding with some of my business besties and yesterday we had a discussion about the difference between growing and scaling your business. So growing is when you add new assets and then you use those assets to grow. And scaling is when you take your existing assets and then scale. So an example of an asset might be a virtual assistant that you hire that handles a lot of minutia for you or some marketing tasks so that you can serve more clients. It could be a piece of software that does some automation for you and does your clients follow-up It could be a marketing system that continually brings in new clients or a regular newsletter that is high-value content and that ends with a clear compelling call to action for prospective prospective clients to take that next step with you. Or it might be bringing in another travel agent to work under you or with you. So these are just some examples of assets that you can bring into your business in order to grow your travel business. Now until you get to about four to five hundred thousand dollars a year in gross bookings, not commissions, but gross bookings, generally speaking you need to be bringing in new assets in order to grow your travel business. Then once you get over a certain threshold you can leverage your existing assets in order to scale so you’re just going to do more of what’s working you’re gonna refine it, tweak it, get smarter about it and use those assets to grow and scale your business. Now inside the travel expert marketing Academy we show you exactly what assets you need in your travel business. How to leverage them in order to grow and then how to take them and leverage them even more to scale your travel business. One of the things that I’ve been hearing from members recently is that they’re growing their travel business quickly which is amazing and they’re ready to hire a virtual assistant They want to get some of that minutia and marketing stuff off of their plate and on to a virtual assistant so that they can continue to grow and serve more clients So for our Academy members we’ve got two resources. One that’s available right now, and one that we’re releasing next month. The first resource is a guide on how to hire a virtual assistant… where to find them… we’ve got a sample job ad… interview questions.. how to vet them… that is available in the advanced tools and training section inside the Academy. And then next month or releasing a little package of SOPs – standard operating procedures – that you can simply hand off to a virtual assistant. So it’s literally the step by step checklist of perfect things to give a virtual assistant to do. For example, your YouTube videos, you can have them upload them and SEO them on YouTube and set all the descriptions and everything. We’ve got a standard operating procedure with best practices that you can hand off to them to do. Taking care of your newsletter, getting it scheduled to go out and spam check it and link check it and get it all ready. We’ve got an operating procedure for you to hand off to them to do that. We’ve got a whole little package of those SOPs that of course you can do yourself or you can hand off to a virtual assistant And we’re going to be releasing that in the Academy next month. Now if you’re not yet a member of the Academy now is the perfect time to join! We have a ton of fun and the best part about the Academy is that we get things done! When you really sink into the Academy you will get results and you’re gonna have a lot more fun in the process. We shortcut your success by showing you the fastest easiest path way to grow your travel agency. So if you’re not yet in the Academy, I invite you to a free preview…. We’re doing a free marketing training, which is also a preview to the Academy over the next week here, and you can go to and the link should be somewhere. Go to and registere for one of the upcoming free marketing trainings. You’re gonna get some great marketing takeaways whether or not you choose to join us than the Academy and you’re also gonna get a preview of the Academy. So if you’re not yet with us, I hope to see you there! And if you are in the Academy, and you are interested in hiring a virtual assistant then go to the advanced training and tools section – and you can go there even if you haven’t completed your core curriculum – you can get access to that virtual assistant guide that shows you how to hire a virtual assistant and the next month you get access to all of the SOPs to hand off to that virtual assistant. All right…thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you later. Bye

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