How to Make Money On YouTube (Episode #18)

(upbeat music) – Today on Tiny Torch TV, we
have Rebecca, Nadia and Ariel. And we’re gonna talk about
how to get free product and how to make money on YouTube. So, let’s start with
Ariel and let’s talk about your background, your
experiences, your thought or strategies. I think, for me, if I were
to start a YouTube channel, other than Tiny Torch, I
think the easiest thing is to get free product. So, it’s like what space
would I want free product in. Would I want free hotels, or
like traveling and airplanes. Or maybe I’d want tech
products or maybe, I don’t wear makeup but if did wear makeup. – Are you sure you’re not wearing makeup? – I’m not but I’ve thought about it. – He just looks like that. He woke up like that. (laughs) – I guess this is something
I’ve been doing more recently. So my most recent videos, I’ve been doing a lot of product reviews. And how I got those products,
I work with a guy named Anthony Embers, I feel like
a lot of people know him. So he’s been helpful as
being the middle man between me and companies that wanna
work you YouTubers and wanna promote their content. So he’s been in contact with
me and I’ve been really lucky through that so I feel like
networking is really important when you wanna work with
companies because once person that you meet might know a really
cool company and they can recommend you and introduce you. But I feel like if you’re
starting out, there is no problem in reaching out to a company
that you want to work with. The worst thing that can
happen is them either saying no or just not responding. So why not just mass email all
these companies that you’re interested in and just be
like, hey I’m a YouTuber, these are my stats, and I’d
really like to review one of your products and go from there. I feel like that is a really
great way, if you’re beginning and you’re starting off and
you really wanna do reviews and make money then that’s
a good way to start off. – What was the first company
that you cold contacted and said hey, let’s do a deal? – For my YouTube channel or my blog? – Either. – Oh gosh, it was such a long time ago. I like working with a lot
of local companies so I have worked with Fon Design, oh gosh. I’m blanking. – What was the most recent one then? – Like my recent video, I
worked with Ravean which is a heated jacket company. I worked with them, sorry. That one actually
Anthony hooked me up with because he works with them
so I was able to get that. But I’m trying to think of
a company that I contacted. Oh gosh. Maybe come back to me for that one. – Okay, we’ll do that. Okay, so Nadia, with your
channel, what are your goals? I assume you wanna have some
type of income off of it, how to generate money from YouTube. What do you do? – Definitely. I think for me part of it
is just making sure whatever company or person that I’m
working with really fits with the mission and the brand of my content. I don’t ever want it to feel
like it’s really branded or doesn’t really fit and people are like, wait why is she even talking about that at the end of her video, you know? So, I just try to find places
that kind of naturally fit with mine. For example, in a recent
video we worked with Stayware for suicide prevention. And so they sponsored for
us to utilize some of their clothing inside of the video
and then they actually gave 10% of any sales of those shirts
towards suicide prevention organizations. So I think the whole video was
already based around the word stay, so it was just a
very natural incorporation of utilizing a brand. So I think that’s one
way, just networking. I totally agree to that. I think just networking with
the right people, just talking. Always talking, always
networking and the opportunities will come. And I think another thing
for generating revenue is Patreon. I absolutely love Patreon. I just started my Patreon
channel probably about four or five months ago. – What is Patreon? I know a lot of our viewers
may not know what is is. – No definitely. So, Patreon is a crowdfunding website. It’s similar to maybe
Kickstarter or GoFundME some of us might be
familiar with those sites. Basically what it is, it
says I love your YouTube channel so much that I
wanna donate a dollar or five dollars or ten dollars
or a hundred dollars towards every single
video that you produce. So these are your super
fans, your loyal fans, people that just really
want to support you. You just basically
explain I want to continue giving you content that you love and enjoy and if you want to be a part of my journey you can help sponsor or
help support this content. That’s what Patreon is,
it’s basically subscriptions of your own followers who
are helping you create more content for them. – Okay, perfect. – Cool relationship. – And then how do you use
Patreon in your own stuff then? – Basically there’s different
levels, it can be one to five to 10 to 100, whatever it
is, there’s probably about five or six levels. And then there’s rewards
that we offer in return. So if they sign on to a
particular level, they might get sneak peeks of the videos,
they might get free downloads of the songs, whatever it is. There’s a lot of different
rewards that they might receive. And basically every single
time I release content, I get to receive a supported
amount from my patrons. So, it’s fantastic. – Awesome, perfect. Rebecca what do you do? – Okay so I don’t know if your
audience is YouTubers or not, but the very basic explanation
of how a YouTuber makes money is just by hitting the little
button when you set up your YouTube channel and put up
your videos that say monetize. And so that’s the basic way. What they do is basically
once you hit monetize it will then give YouTube
permission to put up an ad on your video and clicks
of people will give you a little bit of, I don’t know,
a few cents or something with every click on an ad. And then you’ll make money through that. However you can’t do it on
purpose or you’ll get in trouble. Which I think might have
happened to one of my friends that got. – Like click on it on purpose? – Yeah you can’t click on it
on purpose or else you’re like money, I’m giving myself money right? So if they see anything, I think they have like some
sort of a program in place that could track it. Anyways, so that’s how you
make money the very basic way on YouTube. And then obviously through
brand deals and reaching out to brands and we’ve actually
not done very many brand deals. We are living off of YouTube
and we’re doing really well with just hitting that
little button monetize. But what we have had is a lot
of people sending us product. To the point where I’m like
wow, this is a lot of stuff. We’ve done recently like
some, I don’t know if you guys have ever heard of Wow Box. It’s like tons of treats
from Japan or treats from all over the world and
we’ve been doing really well with those for our Vlogging
channel, The Beach House. We’ve got so many boxes now. They’re starting to come
out of the woodwork. But it’s fun, you know, it’s fun. It’s nice to be sent free
product to get to try out and we have also actually
contacted a hotel and it wasn’t really a hotel,
it was more of like a resort. A specific, just one, it’s
not like a big huge chain because I feel like maybe
they wouldn’t respond as well but just a small resort and contacted them and we came up with a really
brilliant idea to tie it in to our channel and we pitched
the idea and they were like we love it, here’s $4000
worth of night’s stays for you guys to have fun and explore
and show off our resort. And then we’ll just give
it to your for free. So, that’s huge. It’s basically a brand deal
that’s paid it’s just in trade. – I assume that when
you’re starting a channel, it’s much more realistic to
get those trade types of deals or maybe free product as
opposed to making a living. Would that be correct or fair? – When your numbers are smaller it’s more, companies will only give
you product rather than product and compensation. But I feel like that’s
a good starting point because then you have that
experience for other companies to be like hey, I worked
with this company and this is the work that I did and
how great of a job I did. And you can use that to leverage
compensation in the future. – From ad revenue, the
unofficial word on the street is that for every one million
views that you generate, you could get somewhere
between $1,000 to two maybe $4,000 on the high end. Would you say those are fair
numbers from what you guys have seen? – Yes, that’s fair. It definitely fluctuates. Like for us October, November,
December it just shoots up. Skyrockets like it’s really, really good. And then January plummets,
every single year. So expect that. – [Ariel] Why? – Because what the ad
companies are doing is they’ve saved all of their ad revenue
for the holidays, right? And then in January they
sit down with all their board members, this is what
I’m imagining in my head, and they reevaluate where
they wanna spend their money. So during that time,
they’re not spending money. They’re waiting to see
where they want to put it throughout the rest of the year and they have to reevaluate. So every single year,
we’ve been doing this for four and a half, something like that, it’s been that every single year. We always get so excited and hopeful in December and in January
our hopes are all crushed. But then it slowly gets back up and it does that every year. – And I think with YouTube
being full time, I assume the lion share, those who make
a living, actually come from sponsorship offsite, right? Like brand partnership deals
as opposed to adsense revenue or free product. – Currently we are living
completely off of YouTube doing the best we’ve
ever done with any job, completely from adsense. – That’s awesome,
congrats, that’s the dream. – So it can be done, it
can definitely be done. Cause I’ve also heard, before
we were doing it, is the only way to make it happen is just
through sponsors and that’s just not true. But, but where the money is is sponsors. So if that’s true then, if
we started doing sponsors we would be doing really,
really, really good. So I’m hoping that’s true
cause one day when I decide to dive into that. – Yeah, no you should. I feel like with your numbers
you definitely could like. – I think it’s just a matter
of starting to look into it and see what we need and all that. We just haven’t done it yet. – Have you thought
about going to the level when you do like crafts or
projects like selling kits to make those projects later? – Yes, I’ve definitely thought
about that we just haven’t, it’s just another thing we
haven’t tried or done yet. I think going to meetings
with other YouTubers and trying to collaborate
is the best thing for that type of a project so that I
can network and find people that might be able to teach
me that have already done that type of a thing. And it’s really just a matter
of having so many things that we’re working on right now that it’s, can I squeeze that in or can I hire it out or how to work it out, I
just haven’t done that yet. – Perfect, well thank you ladies so much. Is there anything else you’d
like to add before we wrap up? – Yeah I think it’s interesting
how we’re talking about diversifying your revenue streams. I think also just not being
intimidated if you’re just a starter, you know. I’m currently making a living
off of my YouTube channel but it’s not through adsense, you know. Its coming through different sources, it’s through sponsorships
even though it is a starting channel. I think a lot of it comes down to is okay, even if I am a beginner, what is my value? What value can I add to these companies? Or what kind of value can I give? And if you feel like you have a high value like Ariel was saying, the
worst thing they can say is no or not respond to you. And I think just reaching out
there and not being afraid to reach out, opportunities will come. And I think through that,
just also, for me since in the music world it’s a tiny
bit different and I do a lot of public speaking too and
public speaking and a lot of performance gigs will pay
really well and a lot of those opportunities will come
through people watching me on YouTube and then Patreon as well. I think just recognizing
what is my most effective revenue stream, you guys
have definitely found an incredible revenue stream. I think also just being
willing to explore other ideas and diversifying them as
well is really important. – So I have a question for you. DO you have to have a
contract that they sign or what’s the nitty gritty
of how to do a brand deal. – No that’s a great question. So, I do have contracts
and that’s been really, my mom’s an accountant and
she works closely with lawyers so that’s been a really big huge help. I’ve created different
performance, public speaking, when I go and do high school
assemblies, things like that. Also brand deal contracts, just
different type of contracts. I think it’s just important. A contract for me is more
just let’s just make sure that we both understand exactly
what we’re hoping to expect from this brand deal. So that way there’s not
any miscommunications. That way when the brand
deal does happen they get what they’re expecting and
I get what I’m expecting as well, you know. – I think one of the main
reasons why it’s hard for me to accept the idea of brand
deals is we don’t wanna get paid one time for a
video that we could get paid every single month on. And maybe I’m just not understanding
it perfectly correctly. I just would never wanna sign
off, here’s all of the income for this video that I’m just
gonna get paid from you guys one time and I’m never gonna
make money on that again. Maybe I just don’t understand it. – No I think that’s an
excellent, excellent point. So here’s where I’m thinking,
I gotta get to adsense or Patreon because Patreon
I get paid every single time I release content. So, it’s kinda similar to
monthly thing, you can also do it monthly if you want to do it monthly. But that’s where I think
adsense would be great because then it’s a lot more consistent. But for me it’s like, I get
this fantastic brand deal and then I have consistency
coming through Patreon but the channel is, I mean I
don’t have 300,000 subscribers in order to have the amount
of adsense that’s coming in. I think I would view, in
your case, brand deals is fantastic extras, you know what I mean? Here’s a huge tip that you’re
going to get because you’re working so hard on such a great channel. – Can’t you like do
different kinds of contracts that are like this one we’ll
still make money off of it but we’re gonna promote your
brand and your just gonna give us a certain amount or. – You can do affiliate links too. So like if someone buys that
product you’re endorsing, through your link, you get
a percentage of the sales. So that would be long
lasting because every time someone watches the video,
and like oh I want that, and they buy it through
that you get money. – And we actually do that. Oh that’s a whole other way. By the way. – Just say here are the items
I’m buying for my project. – Exactly, we do that. We use Amazon and we just say, basically my whole little
spiel for the video is, all of the items that
you’ll need for this video are found in the link below on Amazon. Make sure to go there if you don’t wanna have to shop all around all
of these different stores to find everything just
for this one project. – Perfect. Well thank you so much for
sharing on how to make money off YouTube and how to get
free product from YouTube. And join us tomorrow on Tiny Torch TV and we will talk about how
to balance having a website and a YouTube channel and how
to know which one to promote. So thank you so much. (upbeat music)

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