How to plan a Europe trip from India? (First hand info on Flight, Hotels, Visa, etc.)

September 2016, My first Europe trip I am going to share the trip videos in a series This is the 1st video in the series. in this video, I am going to provide inputs for everyone who is planning a Europe trip for the first time Most of the tourist keep themselves confined to Western European countries UK, France, Germany, Switzerland in Europe They are beautiful but relatively costlier than countries in Central & Eastern Europe This is why I decided to visit the Central European countries on my first visit to Europe Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria comes under Central European zone I travelled in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria for 15 days in just 10,000 Indian Rupees (150 Euros) This includes all expenditures on food, travel and stay for 15 days I know you are surprised to know How I could manage this in so less budget Do check my blog to know more about this. The link is in the description below. I have already made a video on how to get cheap flights from India to Europe. A link to the video is also below in the description Websites like SKYSCANNER & KAYAK helped me to get cheap flights They suggested me to take a flight from Delhi or Mumbai to Prague with a layover at Dubai Many of the European budget airlines have Dubai in their network To reach Dubai from India there are few budget airlines like … I got my flight tickets in 34,000 Rupees from India to Prague and back The route was DELHI – DUBAI – PRAGUE &
PRAGUE – KIEV – DUBAI – DELHI I booked cheap hostels by using Many European countries are part of the Schengen zone You just need to get One visa to visit all these countries, i.e. Schengen visa After reaching Prague (Czech Republic) I travelled to Slovakia & Austria without taking their respective visas. My Schengen Visa was valid in these countries also. Search on Internet to know how to get Schengen visa ? I paid around 4,500 for visa fees and 1,000 (approx.) as commission to the outsourced agency who process the visa


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