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Hello, and welcome to the Outwell Do-It-Yourself workshop. Today we’re going to have a look at how you find and repair a leak in your self-inflating mattress For this you’re going to need a bowl of soapy water, a sponge and our Field Repair Guard Make sure to overinflate the mat before you submerge any part of it in water, otherwise the self inflating mechanism may take water to the inside of the mat Before we start looking for a puncture in the fabric we want to rule out the valve. We do this by fully inflating the map and submerging the valve into water looking to see if any bubbles appear Having ruled out the valve we’re going to start our inspection of the fabric. A really good tip is to always start at the bottom as this is where 90% of fault punctures will appear. You take your sponge and you start applying the soap and look for bubbles appearing on the fabric Obviously if you have a bathtub you can also submerge the mat and look for a puncture that way But in the case you don’t use a sponge like this. Once we have located our hole you’ll see bubbles appearing on the surface Sometimes you’ll also be able to hear a hissing sound as the air escapes the mat. What we want to do now is mark where the hole is, you can use a marker like this. Put a circle here. This will allow you to easily relocate the hole once the fabric is dry. We’ll now dry this. The fabric is now dry. Just make sure that the fabric is completely clean and dry before you start applying the patch. Once you’re ready to apply the patch. It’s as simple as applying a sticker Apply the patch to the fabric and make sure that the patch is fully glued to the fabric. All that’s left now is to reinflate the mat, leave it overnight to see if you have found all the holes and your madras is now airtight We hope this will help along the lifespan of your mat. For more information visit


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