How To Send Cruise Quotes Using Carnival – Just a Few Simple Steps

How to Send Cruise Quotes Using Carnival all right how’s it going future travel
agents or current travel agents in today’s video we’re gonna show you how
to send a cruise quote using Carnival all right i’m larry porter with majestic
travel and you do not want to miss this we were right back I would everybody welcome back welcome
back so in today’s video I’m going to show you how easy it is to sitting a
Cruz quote using Carnival okay so the first thing you want to do you want to
log into your go see CL okay this is the website you want to go to go see
slash login so I already get logged in here let me sign in got my information
put it up now you can’t go through Carnival directly you have to go through
the travel agent portal which is of course ECI calm so let’s sign there alright so now what you want to do is
first create a booking so let’s say we’re gonna do individual stateroom for
the sake of this video let’s say we want to our clan wants to cruise from let’s
say in November sometime let’s say October 1st October 30
now maximum date range is 90 days so you can do up to 90 days for this video we
just do search the whole month that you put in so we put in October for this one
so let’s say they want to go don’t ever they don’t have a specific destination
but let’s say they want to port from New Orleans and we can leave this blank so
we can get more options to pull up and just hit Search oh do have to put a
destination in Caribbean cruise now here’s search okay so so this these are
list options that come up what I like to do is like to sort from low to high
okay so let’s say we got a four-day Western Caribbean cruise before they got
off New Orleans so let’s say we want to select this Cruise and do a quick quote
so one thing you do here is select the option ok maybe no okay you don’t have to put it in this
information in yet all you wanna do is babe have the option to do a quick quote
but I’m gonna show you how to do this so now you land in this page you won’t
select your rate code for your crew so if you want to do fine select I always
always like to select the first option the one that comes with the upgrades you
want to give them a quote that has the option for upgrades these other lower
officers don’t have upgrades so I always like doing the fun select we have
upgrades if they want to upgrade to specific cabins or add to add-ons to
their crews they can okay so let’s say we’re gonna select this one now you can
come in here and do a quick quote now if you select this this is going to like
the booking process where you have to enter their names and other information
but we haven’t got that far yet we just want to give our clients a estimate okay
so let’s say our clients wanna a oceanview they they inquired about ocean
view so you got prices on ocean view let’s say you want to do a you can also
change the deck preference some options have upper deck lower deck Riviere
remain some options will have only these so depends on you know which deck you
see like they have certain options being away we’ll just leave it to any
depending on what your clients asked for they may not ask for all this
information but you can just give them a quote just to leave it in any so we’re
gonna do the 492 two dollars cheaper we give our client a quote from that one
now let’s do this do the 49 for 89 yeah let me cheaper so now you do now is
click quick quote now as you can see here this gives you your clients all the
breakdown that’s it it’s give them the cruise rate the miscellaneous charges
everything even if they wanna a gratuity this is optional okay a gratuity or a
vacation protection which is optional so this is gonna be all you have to do is
send your clients for the cruise so now all you do now make sure you have it on
it’s gonna make a default to guess true but if you want to see your commission
based upon this quote already do exchange to agent view you can change
the agent view and it’s gonna show you how much your commission would be okay
it’s gonna show you all the different breakdowns for is for a stage inside
your net cruise line amount gross amount things of that nature but I always
change it back to guest view before you send out your quote so now like I said
once you learn this page its automated defenses in guest food so once you land
in space all you have to do is email your client so how you do now is just
pop your class email in there hit Send okay this is how we look all your
clients and okay this is how it looks on their behalf so if you click on print
page you can see how it will look on your clients in their email so it’s
gonna show you the agency name IRA’s isn’t eligible your agent name
which is Larry Porter your agency phone number it’s gonna give you a clients
other information how much money they need how much did the paisa would be
when this needed I wouldn’t find the payments due and everything all this
would be sent to your clients an email so like I said once you lay on this page
just popping their email hits in and that’s it quotes done so I like doing
quotes directly with the supplier especially Carnival because it’s quick
and easy you know specifically what they’re looking for and it’s easy to see
in within a matter of seconds I use in telling travel booking engine for
looking up multiple suppliers the booking agent has a huge database
database of all the cruise lines but if I mainly use Carnival so if I know
specifically I’m using Carnival I just go straight to confer and do
process pluses I sent emails to your client get them to quote instantly so I
like that option okay so guys how to help you found value from this video
just want to share this quick information with you how to send a quick
quote you saying crew carnival so you found value give us a thumbs up make
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happy travelling


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