How To Sponsor Other Travel Agents as a ITA with Inteletravel

Inteletravel what’s up everybody Larry Porter here
and I’m back once again so today I want to talk about how to sponsor other
travel agents as a ITA and with Inteletravel so if you’re indeed and telling
travel business and you have people asking you about how they can become
travel agents let me show you how to do that because you can’t do it directly
through Inteletravel but there is a way so we’ll be right back so welcome back welcome back welcome
back so you were in teletraffic and you’re trying to figure out how can you
incorporate getting other people involved so you do have the flexibility
to share the opportunity with other people because people can see that
you’re booking travel and they don’t want to become travel agents as well so
but you can’t do it directly through intelligence because in tablet rubber
has now partnered with plan that marketing so if you will go to this site
or trying to send people to this side this one most likely will pop up so if
you try to register directly with Intel and travel as a travel agent and
purchase the ITA package you can’t do that directly with them because they
have partnered with Plannet marketing now in order to get someone enrolled as a
travel agent to work on your team you have to go through a plan that marketing
rep or becoming plannet marketing around okay
so if you’re already with Inteletravel I’m going to show you how you can become
a plannet marketing rep okay and do both sides of the business because you’re
gonna run into people that want to become travel agents as well and they’re
gonna want to join your team so you do have to have to have that option so let
me show you what to do because you can’t go down rigging through this site so let
me show you let me show you this is my site imma leave both links in the
description you can sign up become a marketing rep putting that marketing rep
with either me or you mica so plan that marketing plan that mocking comm slash
larry porter or plannet marketing slash you mica evidence and i’ma leave
both of those links in the description and this is what you do to become a
plannet marketing rep where you can offer the intelligible travel agency business
to other people that inquire about it so let’s go to the site it’s my site
here so I’m going to show you how to become a planet marketing rep if you
notice if a person coming direct to this site planet marketing offers the
independency independent travel agency business okay see plannet marketing has
partnered with Inteletravel ok planet marketing reps market and said the
intelligent product to individuals who wants to turn a passion for travel into
a flexible source of income and reward okay you can’t go directly through in
teletraffic you must go through their partner which is fine at marketing and
you can either come to the planet marketing site or go through a your rep
okay mo and it’s gonna ask you for a rep number a rep ID so you have to go
through a rep so anyway click on a row now okay and you can join as a planet
marketing rep by clicking on a row now now you first come here let me see here
let’s see here the Larry Porter I think it has to okay you can come here and
click on either I think learn more take your directly to it as well enroll now yeah
so you can go through it either way you can come to the click on the this tab
that I just clicked on or you come right up here and click on a row now it’s
gonna take you directly to the opportunity page this page here okay so
once you click enroll now you click enroll now and you select the rep you
know fee so to actually become a marketing rep is only 25 $20 and $20 a
month so if you do just rep only $19.95 now if you cooperate the mobile app it’s
only a dollar more a month I recommend the app because you can
follow up with leads you could have insider access to the credit marketing
site Oh your mobile device so the app has more flexibility and it’s way way
more easier to navigate through than the actual desktop site so I recommend
giving the app certainly a dollar more whereas the first one is a dollar more
there then from there it’s four ninety-five a month so five dollars a
month for the app so it’s totally up to you whatever you want to do so once you
click on a roll now and you click on the other road now you your lender this peso
you click on this here and you just fill out the information and once you fill
out all this information you will become a planet marketing rep so you submit and
create your account once your account is created they can email you your username
and password and you are not a planet marketing rep okay and you also have a
plenty of marketing site attached to your name whatever your name it will be
and you test it to you it’s gonna be attached to you so anybody come to your
site and they come to this link here they’re gonna land on the first home
page okay they’re gonna land on the home page with this welcome to the website of
Larry portal or whatever your name would be so on a person that will have to do
is click on the road now click on the road now for the plain air marketing rep
and row now and you’re good to go now let’s say you want to offer the I see a
package after you have became a planet marketing rep let’s say you want to send
people to your site and say let me show you exactly where to go so you can lead
them in this direction so let’s say they want to become a rep well let’s say they
don’t want to become a real they just want to go straight into the travel
business and become an ITA independent travel agent off the jump so what you do
is let’s go back to the homepage see Larry
Porter so now you go to road now so instead of clicking this to join as a
plannet marketing rep this how you roll somebody straight into the travel
business you click on the travel business ok purchase now this is the
product they plan on marketing and certainly the independence independent
travel agency and you click on purchase now so as long as they land on your site
it’s gonna be tied to you see it’s gonna be your name here this is your sponsor
name if nothing was here you would have to enter it they would have to enter any
sponsor name so you do have it in your user name but they re on your site and
land on this page it’s quite a Mac we populate for them so they guy do is fill
out this information hit submit go to the next page and their
details and they now have be came a independent travel agents and they have
a lot of training that they can go through and they automatically have
their login information for Intelli travel ok so you must go through the
plan that marketing rep okay and this is a rep site this is our site so just hope
I just just want to share some value with you hope I didn’t ramble too long
let’s see how long I rambled well eight minutes that’s cool but just want to
give you guys some value so if you’re looking to get involved become a travel
agent or a plannet marketing rep whatever the case may be or do both sides of the
business click that link below watch presentations and I’m also leaving two
links me and you make us play their marketing links for those of you who
want to add the rep side to your business or should I say one start we’re
doing both sides of the business so you can could be coming as a rep then you
can automatically upgrade its ad on the IGA package as well so
just want to show you guys how you can do that so if you already involved and
you want to add the rep side just go to your planet marketing sponsor go to go
through them and upgrade through the plannet marketing rep okay so I hope this
makes sense guys alright but other than that I will see you guys on the next
video happy traveling Inteletravel

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