How to Take a Family Vacation in 15 “Easy” Steps

How to take a family vacation in 15 “easy” steps. Decide on a vacation spot everyone will love. Which is basically impossible. Until Mom figures it out. Pack everything for everyone. “Thanks for your help, guys.” Leave the house. “Time to go.” Leave the house… “It’s time to go!” Leave the house. “I’m trying! Come on guys! We’re going to miss our flight!” “Why didn’t you just say that, Mom?” Finally leave the house… 40 minutes late. Have your kid declare he’s bored Five minutes into a four-hour flight. Finally make it to the hotel. Watch the kids fight over who gets to plug in his or her device. Until you remind them that you didn’t fly all this way so that they can stare at screens. Head to the park. Get in line for your favorite ride. Make sure your kid waits until you reach the front of the line before declaring he has to pee. Have the time of your lives… until the hangries hit. Eat. Apologize to the other guests for your kids’… amazing manners. Vow to record each and every moment so you can show the kids what a great time they had when they complain that your family never does anything fun. Eat way too much sugar, stay at the park way too late, and then suffer the consequences. “Nooo! I don’t want to leave!” Wake up and do it all over again. After all… you’re going for Mom of the Year. Return home. Drag your kids kicking and screaming away from the hotel. Vow never to take the kids on another vacation ever again. You know you’re totally going to break that vow next year. Create memories that last a lifetime and a mountain of laundry.


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