How To Travel And Still Do Work

– Why the hell would
you travel and do work? It doesn’t make sense to me. Now, if you’re traveling for work, that’s a different story, right? You are going somewhere, meeting a client or have a business meeting
or you have a speaking gig or you’re gonna close a deal,
that’s a different story, then you are traveling for work. However, if you’re traveling for vacation, then, and again as an entrepreneur, we’re all busy, we have
a lot of things to do, a lot of things we need to get done. But sometimes you need to
give yourself that downtime. Now, this is kind of what I do, I’m not saying this is what you should do, I’m just saying that this is what I do. I can only speak from my
own experience, right? So, when I’m traveling,
if I’m traveling for work, usually if I’m going some place, if it is a place that I like to visit, that I would like to
vacation a little bit, I would either stay a few extra days, or go there a few extra days earlier and do all the traveling,
do all the vacation there and then I would do the
work that needs to be done and that’s great, right. Or, if I am actually on vacations, very often I like to unplug
because I need that space. I need that, that mental kinda bandwidth to kinda recharge my battery a bit, right, ’cause when we are working, especially at a very high
level, we go hard, right. We are working very, very hard. So, when I’m traveling,
when I am taking time off, I like to be, like, having the time off, meaning that I’m not checking emails, I’m not doing any of that,
I’m just relaxing, right. And maybe I’ll also like to
catch up on some reading, some reading that I like
to do, I read all the time. But then maybe, I would
do even more reading, I would do some thinking time and I would like to see
things and meet new people, that’s I think what
traveling is all about. It’s experience things that
you may not usually experience in your hometown, right? You go and meet new
people, you try new food, you see new things, that’s
what I’m talking about. If you actually have to
catch up on some work, what I’ll recommend is,
maybe in the daytime, you’re out there sightseeing
and doing different things, but in the nighttime you
can catch up on emails and different things that you have to do or get back to a client
or things like that, which that’s also
something that you can do. Now, also would recommend
to communicate ahead of time to your clients or to
the people around you, if you have a team, that
what to expect, right? Don’t go ghosting on
them, but let them know, hey, you know what, I’m
gonna be gone for five days and, for the middle, like
in the middle of the week, the first day, last day you
should get a hold of me, but, in the between those
three days, maybe you, don’t expect me to get back to you, don’t expect me to take phone call and don’t expect me to check emails. So, you kinda set the expectation
and boundaries, right, that’s also very, very good. Now also when you’re traveling, you have, what I call, a lot of downtime. Maybe when you are waiting
at the airport, right? Maybe when you are flying,
maybe you, it’s a long flight. Those times you could sleep
but that’s also a great time to catch up on some work and
also to get some stuff done. ’cause when you are flying on a plane, no one is bothering you. You can get some work done. There’s no distraction. And you can actually get
a lot accomplished, right? Maybe you don’t even turn on the wifi, you just put your head down and get some work done, that’s great. Or when you are on a Uber
or when you are on a taxi, you’re going somewhere, you can listen to some audio program, you can turn that downtime
into productive time, that’s also another great way to do it. So, I believe, if you’re gonna travel, you’re gonna relax, relax, you’re gonna work, then work. But don’t feel obligated
that you have to work because you have to. So, you work hard, so if you’re traveling, give yourself some time to
relax, recharge your battery and then come back and
you can work harder.


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