HOW TO TRAVEL CHEAP IN NORWAY | Norway on a budget

[Music] my number one priority in this trip is and as less money as possible as many of you know Norway is probably the most expensive country in Europe they don’t want to spend all my money on these two weeks three No so I will try to save as much money as possible start to announce I checked on the internet before taking [Music] the cheapest one which is the light rail instead of the shuttle bus solution was like four times expensive let’s see now if I can find something quite cheap to me pretty much starving right now guess what’s the first thing I do when I arrive in a new place supermarkets that’s really the first thing I’m doing because I just jumped off the light rail I walked 50 meters and I found this grocery store and I got inside so now I want to understand the prices I’ve already seen that one sandwich here costs on average 10 euros but I want to see if I can do something better with the grocery store so one avocado these are pretty big and you have to think that we are in the very city center this is two and a half euros so it’s not so bad well cucumber like this it’s 2 euros I don’t even check the tomatoes because they are like Mediterranean stuff you don’t come to Norway to eat tomatoes you know they were so expensive in New York let’s see here it’s 30 per kilogram I think I think it’s something like 3 euros per kilogram 3 and something so it’s not so bad for some good news we have these nectarines which is 1 kilogram per 2 euros not so bad they come from Spain then let’s see we have potatoes potatoes and carrots cost like two and a half years almost three euros per kilo pet salon this box of blueberries is just ten crowns which is one euro and it doesn’t even come from here it comes from Spain why the blueberries are so cheap everywhere except any time Wow look at this a pack of cashew nuts is just three and a five euros not bad in Italy they cost a lot this huge pack of cornflake it’s just less than one euro is it possible almost 1 kilo contracts look it’s 9 crores which means less than 1 euro should I eat conflicts for the rest of my trip here we had yoghurt like natural yoghurt half a kilo is well just one and a half years that’s convenient I will eat a lot of yogurt Neal I don’t understand they have a lot of Freddie reduced and black toast fried milk but I want the normal make the problem in habits I don’t know eggs a box of six eggs which seems even organic eggs cost good okay the seas are even less expensive than in Italian as always anyhow this is are crazy expensive so it’s like for example for me this is the basic kind of seed sunflower seed this is 300 grams of 2 euros that’s nothing and 350 grams of lime seeds even less than 2 euros let’s go to the PLC it costs less than 4 euros for 350 grams not bad at all let’s go to the bread now we have these beautiful loaves which seemed even very full of police a different series start between three and four years not healthy stuff but I’m very hungry so I need to fill my stomach right now cool they don’t have the plastic gloves but they have hand sanitizer something I don’t like is that they just have plastic bags okay enough research for now now I’m gonna pick up my stuff and then I will show you what I purchased when I get out of here [Music] [Music] [Music] so today I ended up buying two of those bakery things it was Fred and she’s basically it was 1 euro per piece and then I bought 4 apples and I spent 50 cents per Apple there are small but they are very good and feel it’s very good price and then I peanut which is quite big and it was just 1 euro and a half so in total I spent something like six euros by six euros so I bought a lot of stuff with five euros if I had bought a sandwich for lunch I would have spent 10 euros and I just had a sandwich oh and by the way look at my office for today not bad so my workday is finished is 7 o clock now it’s time to go home and I found a home this afternoon actually I sent the last minute couch request which was accepted so I found this new host his name is teak and now I’m gonna meet him at his apartment [Music] and cuts their first apartment I didn’t want to film in there I’m already out at the grocery store again because he’s already had dinner so I’m taking something for me because I’m hungry now and for dinner I decided to go with an avocado and then I took this bread which is like when you roll Warner or something then a banana for I think I will eat it for breakfast tomorrow or for dessert today and I also found some chocolate the chocolate bar very regular which is just 11 crumbs so one Europe and something very good price so I’m taking it with me and whenever I want something sweet I have something not to bite on got the receipt I paid 55 crowns which is it’s almost six euros yeah almost six years [Music] hey guys in this video I showed you how I concretely apply some of the advices I gave you email us to videos on how to travel cheap I showed you what I meant by doing your research in this case regarding food and transportation and find some staple food right when you arrive at this nation first thing if you haven’t watched them yet go click this link here now there are plenty of other advices I gave you in this videos about what you’ve seen in this vlog I can guarantee you that I didn’t starve at all I felt full and happy all the time you also saw that the message shows were very balanced regarding the macronutrients and I always spent 11 euros like one of the sandwiches they were selling at the tourist market at the Harbor and I didn’t even use a kitchen I just made a quick research from Google to see how nowhere ranks in the worst most expensive countries and in all the lists I’ve seen it was ranked in the top 5 so guys if I just showed you that even in one of the five most expensive countries in the whole world it is possible to eat good healthy and abundant for 10 euros a day and you could go even cheaper if you had a kitchen you have no excuses even if you’re broke you can travel wherever you want just as I do by the way follow me on Instagram if you haven’t yet because I post almost every day there so you will be able to keep track of all my trips so go watch my other two videos on how to travel cheap take some notes and that go book a flight to your dream destination by the way what is your dream destination what is the place you want to visit that you haven’t gone there yet comment below and let me know I’m curious I’ll tell you mine I’m traveling there in two weeks it’s York I have a lot of other advices to give you on how to travel extra cheap so if you’re interested you better subscribe to my channel and hit the bell bottoms together notification when I post a new video don’t go go do it now thank you for watching I’ll see you next week [Music]


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