How to travel on a budget | ASB

Kiwis love to travel, but it can sometimes
be a bit easy to overspend, so here are a few tips to help keep your costs down. Start by planning ahead. You can follow travel companies on social media to keep tabs on sales… …or sign up to email alerts to receive special
deals to your chosen destination. To try to scoop up lower prices, you can research
when peak seasons are, then book around them while still enjoying good weather. To help bring down accommodation costs, explore
all options available where you’re heading, not just hotels. Through some travel websites, you can even
bundle together your accommodation, travel and activities to save even more! To help things go smoothly when you’re on
holiday,… …it can be a good idea to consider a prepaid
travel money card, in addition to having some local currency with you. Both of these options
ensure you know exactly how much spending money you have in the local currency, so there
are no surprise exchange rates. And for peace of mind, travel insurance can
help. IF the unexpected happens… could cover surprise costs, so they don’t
break your budget. In the meantime you can relax and enjoy your
holiday. Remember, some credit cards even offer travel
insurance as a benefit if you pay for your travel using your credit card. Ensure you have the right travel cover and
are aware of how to make a claim if you need to. Travelling doesn’t have to break the budget
if you follow a few simple steps: Research your destination early on to find
deals, explore alternative accommodation types, sort your spending money in local currency,
and consider travel insurance to protect against unexpected costs. For other ideas, check out more ASB money
tips. Or get sorted for your travels now.

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