How To Travel On A Tight Budget In College

– You wanna travel, but
you’re on a college budget. So how do you make sure
you’re getting the best deal? Welcome to The College Investor. I’m Stefanie O’Connell
from, here to walk you through
five steps to make sure you get the best price when
booking your next trip. (ethereal music) Step one: check the main travel sites to get a baseline as to where
to start your travel search. These sites include Cheap
Flights,, and Orbitz. It’s important that when
you’re booking your trip you check each of the
following individually: flight, hotel, car, all bundled together, flight and hotel bundled together, flight and car bundled together, and flight, hotel, and
car each individually. In many instances, hotels and airlines offer discounts for bundling. All the necessary travel information can be found online, from
pricing to availability. And if you have a little more to spend, you can still book your entire
trip in one package deal. Sometimes, however, they charge
more, and you won’t know it unless you check each out individually. Also, sometimes these main travel sites offer discounts themselves for using their preferred hotel, rental car chain. This can also vary by the month, depending on any specials being offered. Step two: check Costco
and other travel agencies. After you have a baseline for prices using the main travel sites, go to Costco and see if they have any packages that match where you wanna go. They mainly offer discounts
to major vacation hotspots, such as Hawaii, and Mexico,
and also on cruises. There are also many larger travel agencies that serve specific destinations. They sometimes have great package deals, or even individual deals for vacations. Remember to compare the
rates offered if you bundle your entire vacation together,
or if you book it separately. One of the benefits of booking with Costco or another travel agency is
that you usually get some perks you don’t find on travel
websites, such as room credits, room upgrades, free shuttles, et cetera. This is something you should price out when making a selection. Step three: check with your employer. One of the most unused employer
perks is travel discounts. Many employers offer travel discounts to employees, especially large companies that have partner airlines or hotels. Make sure that you check
with your HR department to see if this is a benefit
offered by your company. If it is, you could see fare reductions by up to 10%, which is a nice savings! Step four: check with your credit card. After checking the other options, one of the last internet
stops you should make is your credit card’s website. For example: American
Express is widely known to offer travel discounts
to their card members. But many other credit card companies offer travel services as well. Step five: call your hotel, car rental agency, or airline directly. After completing steps one through four, you should have a pretty
good idea of the market, where you wanna stay, and
how you wanna get there. The final step in ensuring
that you have the best deal is to call the hotel, car
rental, or airline directly and ask them what it would cost. Sometimes the clerks that you speak to have incentives that can
beat all of the other sites, sometimes they have worse offers. But by completing this
final step, you can ensure that you have the best
deal, and it never hurts to try to negotiate with
them over the phone. If you mention that you were
considering another hotel because they were
offering a specific rate, see if the clerk will match it or beat it. For more ways to save on or
save up for your next trip, visit
and subscribe to the channel! I’m Stefanie O’Connell, and
I’ll catch ya next time. (ethereal music)

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