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Good morning it is our last day in Saigon so of course starting our day off with some breakfast Alright guys, for breakfast we’ve got bánh cuốn here This one here is the Bánh cuốn đặc biệt from Bánh Cuốn Tây Hồ These are rice noodle rolls with Loads of mince pork and mushrooms inside, topped with fried onions, bean sprouts How you eat this is put a bit of fish sauce into it, and then you dig in This looks so good and that fried onion is destroying me right now And we also ordered a side of Chả as well. so Chả is Vietnamese pork meat Look at all that fried onion – So Good! One of them is so heavy Is that a lot of filling? Loads of filling – Look at that! Big chunks of pork So this is the normal bánh cuốn here It’s got less filling, but I think I prefer this one. It keeps its shape a lot better It’s a lot easier to eat, and it doesn’t break apart as easily It’s coffee time So this here is the egg coffee. You can see that foam at the top We also got the matcha egg coffee First time having egg coffee Kinda tastes like tiramisu So this is the matcha egg coffee You got a green moustache It’s like 80% foam and little bit of Like a matcha latte My one actually tastes a lil dilute actually I can’t take you seriously I think I’d like mine a lil sweeter maybe Lunchtime We are just walking to a place called The Lunch Lady Which is quite famous actually because of Anthony Bourdain, Mark Weins And she is famous for her noodles. Straightaway before we sit down, they’ve already put some food on the table Dude, I can just fit into these chairs Alright, so today’s special at The Lunch Lady is their pho. Ok, so we’ve got the Pho Ga – Chicken Pho You got drumstick and another piece of chicken there. Loads of pepper on top Looks really good. Can really smell the broth here and the pho got a few brisket pieces some beef Loads of green onion Smell so good And we’ve got some summer rolls (Gỏi cuốn) and the hoisin sauce accompanied with it And they’ve also given us spring rolls with some sriracha sauce And I got myself a coconut juice Let’s try it! So sweet. So cool and refreshing *Moan* Massive piece of chicken here Look at those noodles That’s what she’s famous for Really tasty broth Add a bit of hoisin Add a bit of sriracha I like mine with a bit of chilli And of course you have to get a piece of lime Squeeze it in And you have a biggg bite This is really good pho Try this chicken Really tender, really moist The pho at the lunch lady was really delicious. There isn’t a price menu, so it’s recommended to enquire before ordering Hey guys, we’re having banh canh cua at the moment. So this is drop noodle soup with crabmeat And it’s also got fish cake and some blood jelly This is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes, okay, let’s give it a taste Start off with the soup It’s tasty soup Let’s try some of the noodles now Really nice, it’s got a little bit of bite to it. The noodles go down really well Let’s try some of that crab Mmm. It’s good YUM Hey guys, we’re gonna have some dinner now We’re at a place called Ốc Đào and they specialize in sea snails We’re gonna have a whole bunch of snails tonight. Come join us. We’re really hungry. Let’s go We’re inside the restaurant Ốc Đào It’s not the nicest place to eat at but if you want to try some local delicacies Like these sea snails then definitely come here I’m going to try it and I’ll let you if it tastes good or not Also, sea snails aren’t for everyone They do have other shellfish here like clams, oysters and prawns There is a bit of everything for everyone here, but they specialize in the sea snails This one here is called OC Huong and we’ve got it with a bit of chilli and salt Got some razor clams And we’ve got some scallops here with spring onion and peanuts Dip it into the fish sauce It’s a little bit chewy taste a bit of spice It’s not a bad taste. They definitely taste a bit of the sea there, like the ocean. yeah, a lil chewy That’s really good They’ve grilled these razor clams in fish sauce` and a bit of chilli Tastes really good. A bit chewy as well Got a really nice taste to it This one is the scallop with a bit of peanuts and onion This has been grilled as well We’ve been sweating all day it was about time for some dessert. We checked out the Vietnamese desserts at Che My in district 1 It’s a dessert quite similar to the Filipino dessert: Halo Halo Hey guys, so we’ve got some Vietnamese Desserts here. This is Che. We’ve got one here. Which is the rainbow jelly that’s got grass jelly, mung bean paste, pomegranate seeds and a bit of coconut cream and This one here is the Combination of different kind of beans and tapioca and coconut cream. So there’s black beans red beans I can see a bit of jelly as well best way to eat it mix it up So once you start to mix it up. It doesn’t look too pretty, but You can trust me that this will taste absolutely delicious. You see the mung beans, red beans You see those tapioca and pieces of jelly Awesome, this is the rainbow jelly again mix it up Just be careful because this place packs it right to the brim. All different kinds of jellies and I see some taro in there too YUM Alright guys so that che was really good so we decided to get another one just for one dollar This one here is the durian che All right, so this monstrosity here. We’ve got some red beans black beans topped with durian fresh durian and then coconut cream and some ice See that there It’s a layer of durian right there Oh, yeah, all right guys, so you guys want to try some authentic Vietnamese desserts check it out at Che My. so we just discovered that a night market is on in Saigon And it’s called the Siagon Central Market I’m not sure what there is is if we just walked past and now so we’re just gonna go and head in We actually just came from dinner and we’re super full, but we just had to check out the night market. It is totally packed Locals , tourists – whole bunch of people here Okay, so this is Bò lá lốt. Which is beef wrapped in betel leaves, topped with crushed peanuts Oh so good! The betel leaves grilled gives it a really good fragrance. You gotta get some sriracha on that Give it a bit of spice Central Market, that’s live music and be quite it’s pulling up on the motorbikes and watching dance Thanks so much for watching guys. It’s been a very long and eventful day So full right now You like the videos don’t forget to like it leave a comment share With your friends, and we’ll see you next time see you guys

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