HUGE Vietnamese Street Food Tour | BEST Street food in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

today we are in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
and we’re going to be taking you on the ultimate Street food tour through Ho Chi
Minh City and we’re starting today getting banned
me and we’ve been walking past his place the last few days and has always aligned
people queuing up on the street to be fun
crying right now so we’re gonna try this to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be and it’s all locals you know it’s gonna be good physically be there put Spada i like
with the butter and it’s a selection of different mates I’m not sure what that one is up there at the moment of truth look at the line the line is Jewish so I
oughta want spicy and want it’s not spicy this one cameraman thank you then have a look inside first wow so
many start so we’ve got we were I don’t know it’s like butter chili cucumber
pork ham and green onion oh my god how much to eat it mmm the first bite the
rolls crunchy I think you got old bread take two
you grab in my mouth but one head of smoked ham already the ham and onion and green onion very
quick the further together I don’t know how to explain was yummy it’s a perfect combination of mate to
vegetable and the Levi’s without the liver it’s not good
so tasty the second bot was gonna be even bigger we would not know how to order it we’re
gonna eat one of these drinks I know what it is but like this thank you
I think he just stopped to help get in actually an awful nice okay so it’s pretty green viable buy a
Volvo please used to hope that you drink when you have the surgery when you like
hurt like Bruce what’s wrong I remember that is horrible
can it be good bidding in a style could be delicious oh the last thing was not
good good asleep
we do tests to the goodies greens good it’s good it just tastes very green
it’s like celery okay we’re gonna have to try this okay I think I’ll have pork
well make fool of me little pork wrap oh yes
okay thank you we’re gonna sit this really little table yeah
so here they’re cooking over here right behind you okay thank here’s good Eliza
okay sue Wow it’s all happening let’s go sit over there don’t worry that
covered about suck me fight a ball well be today thank you
I’ll just have a look at what your what you do the operation over here okay what possess a week and on the juice I
water water okay orange juice okay you may know I’m okay I just have been so in
love easily I’ll choose a small Navy small Mart we
can okay so I’m actually scared to sit on
this I’m gonna put to strengthen it okay many smells dildo G never try the soup
okay that’s why everything smells fresh yeah
really fresh how many times you go oh thank you all those jewels yeah thank
you pork and this one me thank you so much
thank you you cook very good sweet sweet very sweet let me try the beef ah meet on the table I’m gonna put it in
how you’re doing table and then with this one yes yeah together okay we’re getting the
instructions my way that’s what you want especially now Oh and smell the freshness of hello Wow when you add the lemon in its different
taste yeah I really want to try this pork chop let me try the beef do it oh good
what makes do you pave yeah you got beat how’s the playmates when you put the lemon in it give like a
kick pace of lime a little bit sour and the sauce is like normally the food is
asleep forever Susan is more combination of that a little bit saltines
mostly let me try it is it so hard too we got a knife this Fork is gonna break allow the flavors
it’s so good you’re so tender this rice is very small to the rice slope broken
rice he’s a booking right that’s what your co orange juice hello good I need everything cleaned up everything
and we get to have lunch with the chef’s this is your shop okay very good food
and the orange did you come make sure you have the orange juice I’m just like
really oranges do you think she’s beautiful out of ten maybe five yeah
okay so this is the place it’s a broad on the street with the
market here’s the tower here
makalah expect market here will
five news restaurant I don’t know what’s going on but people
keep telling us to be careful yeah they’re all times to be careful be
careful when you fall she say you’re very beautiful yes I
all right so we’re pretty cool but let’s see what else we can get along here this
trip yeah one day that would be good when an egg all right
come down to the street did you like buy me all right well what are we got here those look like fun for a banana today we need to try one of these that’s right let’s do hop so hot today their fry the
banana with I say that all the banana make it flat
I dip it in some sort of powder like seeds are the product a sus to me seat let’s do hop taystee
and better than fried banana in Thailand oh yeah let’s try this comes like an apple pie
from and taking pride but not at the next
level bananas so sweet Anna so crispy from the dry and usually
me see just get this no suspenseful when a drink can we get drink sweet morkul so it come for the last meal of
the day and the local restaurant we will toss and they like
King on the barbecue at the front porkchops
inside I’m ready to eat do you warm up your topics now because
we’re gonna start a fire wait you know this bad every time you go ease
everything to commit rise they always give access to we haven’t tried to sing yet we insulted the missus like soy sauce and these is my ferret but what I’m really excited I have to
pull 100 Spears one I had for lunch I like Lauren sweet I can smell the smoke I want to see both trophies as good as
the one I had for lunch and one of the lunch is better okay so
that wraps up our day in Ho Chi Minh City our street food tour and
what do you think of the food it’s incredible
so what would you write starting from the first meal we write about the botany
what would you write that out of ten find me yeah the one we had
9 I would give it 9 out of 10 that was amazing yeah I never had one so good in
my whole life that’s my orders by CNA he leaves like the pole and so big the
super-spicy don’t go to spike and what about the
launch from that market what would you write the lugs
I give it a 9 – yeah the pork chop I will give it a
9 that was the Tyson that was like they
like sweet even though that lemonade is still sleep
and what about that dunno we just had in the barbecue 10 really I would give I
would give the dinner at 6 because I had that pork chop at lunch if I had to come
here without going for lunch I probably would have gave it about an 8 and a half
because I had the one at lunch my standards are like up here now
I’m what about the fried banana we had that was cool that was really good I
wasn’t expecting that to be so good so that that wraps up our day in Ho Chi
Minh City hope you enjoyed the street food tour until next time dream bigger
much sooner peace


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