I Do Holiday Makeup While In Line To Meet Santa

Hello zombaes today I Want to meet Santa also, I don’t have time to do my makeup before I go see him He’s a very busy, man And he’s not gonna be there long So I figured I’m gonna stand in line to meet Santa cuz it’s gonna be a long line and what better thing to do while I’m waiting in line than to do some Christmas makeup to surprise him with I don’t know why it’s that’s the thing I want to do but That’s what it is. It’s kind of like the five minute makeup challenge But it’ll probably be like five hours and I’ll be standing and I won’t have anywhere to work other than what I can hold at once and I’ll be in the dark and people will probably be staring at me like “god damn youtubers” But I think it’s gonna be fun, and I have one thing I want to ask Santa for So, we need to talk, I have a plan. See that? It’s very descriptive see it says “green” on the eyelids “red” on the lips that’s how you do a face chart here on Glam&Gore, so I’m just gonna put on my holiday attire and Shave off my eyebrows like any normal person would do I’ll be back in a second I’m cheating a little bit, and I’m starting with foundation on because My skin is breaking out, and I don’t want to deal with it all right. Okay? Oh, I’m ready to go. I have a Festive wig the only ugly Christmas sweater I own. “Buzz. Your girlfriend. Woof.” I’m fully equipped with a brush belt that has a lot of makeup on it, and I don’t need a lot of brushes So I’m traveling light. No one’s gonna think twice about me. Just walking around with a brush belt on, it’s fine There’s a Sephora nearby. I’m gonna blame it on that. I’m bringing this camera. I’m shooting with this camera right here. Don’t mind the hair. I’m bringing this amount of makeup This is all I have to work with I have two small mirrors in here all the things I think I need unless I forgot something which I’m sure I did and a Beautiful set of reindeer ears that light up. I like this “try me” sticker. I’d like to think that it’s like “Try me! I’m a f***ing reindeer, b****.” Not like “Try me, I light up.” We should go. Santa’s gonna be leaving if we don’t go soon. There might be copyrighted Christmas music all over the place. And if that’s the case then I’ve just wasted all my time and yours okay. See you there. Do I have lipstick on my teeth? Do I have teeth on my lipstick? So I’m gonna take over from here a little bit because as I suspected there was copyrighted music playing in the background So we went to The Grove in Los Angeles, and I love The Grove, but one of the last places you want to be around this time of year in LA Is at The Grove because it’s packed. Now I was there recently and the line for Santa was long, it went all the way down a little trolley track, street that The Grove is set around. but I wanted as much time as possible in line so that I had, you know, the most time to do this full face of makeup I had planned try to make it look as good as possible So I figured a Saturday night, right before Christmas is the best time to get the longest Santa line possible? Wrong. Well, somewhat wrong the line was extremely long in the sense that it was booked hours in advance, But they had thought this through and the people at The Grove created a digital line so that People didn’t have to wait for hours outside with their kids They would just put their name down in a cloud on the internet essentially and then text them 15 minutes before it was time to meet Santa what I’m trying to say is There was a lot of people there to see Santa very popular man I understand, but the actual time where we wait in line, which is what the whole premise of this video was centered around Was actually a very short line, so I didn’t have a lot of time to work, which was terrifying But the good news was that they said that once you’re in this shorter line they don’t rush anyone They want you to have as much time with Santa as possible, so I say good let him take his time with the children Because I’m a grown-ass adult, and I’m trying to do my makeup before I get up to him. Now to make sure you ‘Sleigh’ for Santa, don’t forget to add mascara. I don’t know if people stared, I felt like every Millisecond I looked up someone was like But I tried not to think about it too much because I was pressed for time It’s very hard to do your makeup when you’re standing and you’re holding the thing and the thing and stuff But I’m glad I had a plan that helps a lot to make things go quicker I’m glad that I had the exact products. I planned on using The challenging parts were of course the green glitter. I’m very stressed. (We know Mikey us too.) Because it made a damn mess as if it wouldn’t already. I mean you want to be careful with that stuff This is by the way, this is the green glitter.(As we see in your hair…) Because it’s got a confusing top, and it looks like the top is actually the bottom And I opened it upside down one day and it went everywhere and now it follows me. This stuff for some reason in particular Just doesn’t go away the green glitter that I dumped all over my apartment from the jigsaw video That has actually been kind of easy to get rid of considering this one cosmetic glitter from Kryolan, I see you, Kryolan, is the bane of my existence just there’s something about its like it’s got a adhesive on both sides anyway. This is not cute. It’s snowing, look over there! I thought the lashes were going to be more difficult to do with one hand and luckily they were not they were Morphe lashes. Thank you Morphe. They went on nice and easy sometimes you have to like bend them and you have to really Hold him down for a while so today. These are nice and flexible bands, they were perfect. This is working, somehow. Can I get rhinestones freckles on that’s the final question We’re almost next, we’re not next, but we’re almost next. And I’m almost done. Turn up for Santa. Like, my adrenaline is so amped up, right now that I’m shaking. For no reason. I could see the clock ticking with every person that goes into Santa’s house. Almost done, Almost done, Almost done! I did it. I did it! Yay! Get a close up of this beauty. It probably looks really bad, close up. I did what I could. I did what I could. Standing, adrenaline-pumping, timed, Tiny mirror, bad light, Santa challenge. It’s a catchy name, I know. I’ve been told we can’t film in there. We’re next! We’re next! We’re gonna meet Santa! He’s real! And then it was time to meet Santa! Why am I doing this? What is this? It reminds me of superstar. No everyone’s too young for that reference, probably. Nice to see you! You can set there or right there I’ll sit half and half! Half and half! I like your eyebrows! Thank you! Candy cane eyebrows. Thank you, I did them just for you! They look terrific. Do you dye your hair like that? Or is it just natural? Just natural. I’d like to ask you for one thing this Christmas. I have one wish. Yes? I would like it for my youtube channel to stop getting demonitized. Can you make it happen? I’ve never heard of that, but I’ll work on it. I’m not sure it’s something I can do but I’ll do all I can do. Okay, That’s all I ask for. Just be careful who you let in to your YouTube channel. I am very careful There’s a lot of shady characters. I know. Could you say hello to the Zombaes? To the Zombaes? Is that a group? That’s what my people are called. Ohm so you’re a zombie and they are Zombaes? Something like that. Are you a singer? I can only imagine what the Zombaes look like! I spent $75 and all I got was this… Amazing flash drive Of my experience. Alright, we did it! What do we do now? Yeah, it was a magical time I think the most magical highlight of the night was when I broke my phone immediately after leaving Santa’s house So this fell off my head… Fell off my head, and then I fumbled again that I dropped my phone and now it’s broken But it used to be brand new very exciting so merry Christmas to me Luckily the Apple store is right there, so let’s go and see if they can help me And as I was cursing about my phone being shattered of course That’s when a Zombae walked up to me a very young Zombae and asked if I was Mykie. It’s a great time great time to be asked that. I think her dad was already filming me when I was like, f*** I’m so excited about my phone So that’s great if you guys are watching, Hi Milly, Hi Milly’s dad. I’m really sorry about that. I don’t like being in places that crowded for that long It’s not fun But there were a lot of dogs there cute dog montage Dog smallest Doge found dog butts doge 10 o’clock Now it’s at 10 o’clock that adorable dog in the corner There are a lot of people walking around the Grove looking like a ho ho ho, If you know what I’m saying. By that I mean the dogs none of them were wearing clothes. Santa’s cool, man. I highly recommend Santa Like in general he’s a nice guy I hope next year like inflation chills a little bit and the prices are a little less crazy, but Santa’s got to make a living too. You know But that’s what I have for you this week. I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas or Jolly holidays or Chris Mahana Kwanzaa or winter solstice or whatever you celebrate and I will see you Next year no that’s not true. We have another video next week before the new year. Okay Zombaes, “sleigh”. That jokes in me way too many times, I’m sorry okay, Bye!

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