i was on vacation *PART 2*

Den: Jaymark, you’re taking too long Den: What are you doing— Jay: I came from that way Den: Yeah, you went past this Den: Can you see? Never mind. Den: A lot of people crush on CJ Jay: He’s Jin PH
(he’s not) Den: A lot of people like him but he’s only ours. Jay: We’re his babe Jay: CJ, go eat this.. Den: He misses us a lot. Poor kid.. Jay: I’ll eat this well for you Jay: This one… is for Raji Den: For Raji lol Jay: I will also eat this for you Den: CJ and I were being dramatic earlier Den: he said… Jay: Was it soft hours? Den: Yeah! He told me— Den: “Hyung, good thing I met you and Raji..” Jay: We’re your brothers from other mothers Jay: I miss— Den: I was trying to do this then it turned into this Jay: The sign of Adorajis Den: You guys aren’t part of it, only we are Jay: We won’t say who our leader is We’re not gonna say it’s Raji Den: Who’s the leader of Adora anyway? Den: it’s CJ Jay: His [CJ] voice is always so calm even when he’s mad Jay (as CJ): “Can you guys do it right..” “No, it’s like this” Jay: Love you, CJ Jay: Then his face looks pitiful Den: He pouts “Hyung~ :(” Jay: [someone asked] “Is Raji dating anyone?” Den: me Jay: I just said “I don’t think so” Den: I am Tell them it’s Den Den: It’s okay. You already passed— Context: We were talking about his audition for an entertainment company but he thinks I was gonna try to flirt with him Den: I couldn’t think of any— Talent— Company— I don’t know lol Den: Someone told me… they have a crush on CJ but I said he was already dating someone
(Jowa=Tagalog slang for significant other) They said, “Whoa Who?” ME lol They said, “Is it true???” I said “Yeah, that’s why we’re together all the time” Disclaimer: CJ does have a GIRLfriend Den: That’s not Kokey
(local alien character) He said it’s “Monggoman” Why are you naked?! Jay: Why you so rude? Den: Say hi to your channel Den: Idk with him Den: You still had to act Jay: We’re here at the beach now Let me just flex my pores Den: During ARMY Fest— Den: I looked like Shooky Jay: Ohh so that’s why.. Jay: I was wondering why Den looked so tan Jay: How was swimming? Den: It was good! Den: The waves were scary Den: You don’t wanna swim? Jay: You okay there, bro?


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