Idina & Taye’s Australian Vacation Video

>>IDINA: Hiii. Taye, look up. [pause] Hi, bud.>>TAYE: He has pretty eyelashes. Is this
a male or a female?>>IDINA: Honey, get this.>>WORKER: It’s a young male, I think. Hard
to tell unless you tip him over.>>TAYE: [laughter]>>IDINA: Hi. We’re in uh, where are we, North
Queensland?>>TAYE: [laughter]>>WORKER: North Queensland.>>IDINA: We’re in North Queensland. And uh,
we’re feeding kangaroos.>>TAYE: [laughter] We’re feeding kangaroos.
And we’re talking like this.>>IDINA: [laughter]>>TAYE: Alright, buddy.


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