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sat sri akal The 9 days that I stayed in Iceland, car rental, hotel and food costed around ₹40,000 Everything included, it was around ₹40,000 Flight Tickets costed around ₹38,000 Visa was around ₹6000 So within ₹84, 000 I rounded the whole trip Whole trip! Iceland is kind of a dream destination People are usually very interested in the place It’s beautiful ***Shitty Posts on YouTube*** ***Loads of Shit*** People have this notion that it is costly. I mean it can be costly, but not excessively. So I saw this video on YouTube, According to this kind lady, the flight tickets themselves costed ₹95, 000 and the whole 2 weeks costed her ₹ 3.5 Lac per head… So… in this video we will find out how can people like you and me can do a trip to Iceland in just ₹80, 00 So if you plan on visiting the place, keep watching this video. I will distribute this video in 7 parts. Visa, Air Tickets, Rental Car, Hotel Bookings, Food, Sim Card and Money Exchange. So normal Schengen visa, which I have already covered and you can watch it by clicking on the ‘i’ button. So if you want to go to just Iceland then you will have to apply in the Denmark Embassy And if you plan on visiting multiple countries, then there is a different criteria where depending the countries you are visiting and the time that you intend to spend there, you can apply in relevant embassies. As far as the fee is concerned, embassy charges 60 euros Plus if you apply in VFS then they charge around 1700 So you can wrap it in ₹6500 So i faced a visa related issue issue in Greenland since it lies outside Schengen. You can similar issues if you visit through Croatia. So I recommend you to apply for ‘multiple entries’ in the visa form because there are no extra charges for that to avoid such issues if you are planning a Euro-trip Now flight tickets. I booked a roundtrip Finnair from Delhi to Reykjavik in ₹38,000 From Delhi to Reykjavik it was 20 hours and back was 16 hours With 2-3 hours of layovers But the Finanir flights are very cheap While going I had 2 layovers one in Copenhagen and the other in Helsinki on way back it was just in Helsinki So they weren’t long layovers so it wasn’t much of an issue But I did face an issue when my baggage got MISPLACED by Finnair and Icelandair. You can watch the whole episode here or from the card above So the major trick with Flight tickets is go to google flights and put your tentative dates and destination and search when you put your tentative dates then google flights show you a graph (date grid) where you can select dates that have the prices marked against them It tells you when and where you can get the cheapest flights if the dates aren’t a big issue for you then select the cheaper flights Generally flights are cheaper on weekdays as compared to the weekends The difference isn’t much actually
Just 4-5k Now after checking the dates on Google flights you can go to other websites like Yatra, Paytm, MMT, etc. you can check for offers and credit card discounts. Then the book the tickets through the best deal that you can find. Book your flights at least a month in advance like I did Now let’s come to hotels. So I booked the hostels instead of hotels. Hotels are generally expensive in Iceland. So if you are traveling solo like me or even if you have your family traveling with you, you can get decent hostel rooms, which are generally cheaper than hotels. So I did all my booking through for all the hostels and AirBnB, so the average cost of the stay was ₹1700 per night. So in 9 days you can expect it to be around ₹17, 000. So sometimes they could be more expensive in Vik In Reykjavik they are cheaper So the cost I am telling you is an average cost. I have shown the hostels in all my vlogs The cost and the names as well You can check out my vlogs For hostels and AirBnBs, the best place is There are some other websites as well MakeMyTrip etc. But the one with max options is So just go to and book the cheapest hostel Not cheapest.. Do check the ratings. You can get a feel in my vlogs with my reviews. Next thing is food. If you a vegetarian, you can have issues Just carry your packed (ready to eat) food (forgot the name of the brand) (Thinking hard :P) You just carry your packed food. I carried some stuff like Paneer Butter Masala and Pav bhaji We never ate in any restaurants. There are kitchens in the hostels So you can but stuff from super market and cook at your hostel or AirBnB. The prices in SuperMarket are a bit on the higher side In Reykjavik I saw ‘Bonus’ In other cities I could not find it. So if you can spot it when you are there, Its having a yellow board with a Pig on it So Bonus is a bit economical. Although it doesn’t make much of a difference. So a box of milk will cost around 100 INR a box of juice is also 100 INR Bread is 110-120 Frozen is Pizza around 250 INR And like this you can have your 3 meals In 1000 INR you can have all your meals Even some booze Vodka bottle is around 3000-3500 there is a lot of variety the one which is mid range is 3000 INR Corona and beer you can get for 300 – 400 so for 9 days you can have your food covered in 10000 INR Now we come to rental cars You can also go for other tours, guided tours, with buses having 10-12 people that take you to various places and show you around and then drop you back But then again it doesn’t have the ‘feel’ So you should go for rental cars so that it gives you the freedom to roam around as per your wish Because Iceland is a beautiful place and you might not always want to stop at the tourist spots only You would want to make random stops So where can you get it and for how much? Both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drives are available there. I’ll recommend 4-wheel drive Because you might have to go off-road because of snow in winters So when we got there in Feb, it wasn’t snowing but there was residual snow from before So a 4by4 rental car will help you in such cases which is a personal choice The one that we got was mannual because it’s cheaper Third thing is that it’s right hand side driving So it’s gets a little tricky for Indians I faced some difficulty with it. But if you keep track of white lines through your car’s mirrors, then you are good to go. So it’s not all that difficult. Now the cost If you check online, you can get it for Rs. 50K to 60K for 1 week But I got it for Rs. 18K So you can find these offers online too. so… what’s the catch here now… why the huge price difference Car insurance in Iceland is like a Pandora’s Box A lot of shit goes into it – categories, subcategories and all… So one insurance doesn’t cover everything The basic insurance in a car 18 years old is free of cost and called CDW So the maximum money that you might have to pay is around 1.5 to 2 Lakh Rest they can claim on their own. So that gets a little risky… So we went for SCDW insurance Also, it costed us Rs. 7K, as in 1000 bucks for every day So we paid 18k before and then 7K for the insurance But even this doesn’t include gravel, sand and ash insurance windshield is not covered Iceland has a lot of gravel and strong winds so you easily get the gravel on your windshield it can cause a crack and the car rental companies will charge for the whole windshield which can be upto 1000 $ if you want to play safe then get the car with all of the insurances it will cost you around 50-60k INR so you can add another 25k to your budget In case of the car, the cost per head depends on how many people are there we were 3 so it costed us less If you are 4 then it can be even less 4 is the ideal number there is another catch the travel insurance you buy that can also have you covered for the extra costs of your rental car so if you had a mishap the travel insurance can cover that as well you can just go with the basic insurance of car and if something happens, you can claim it with your travel insurance company once you are back. so have to decide what to do I have told you all the scenarios and it is very likely that windshield gets a crack or something like it happened to us we had a small nick on our windshield so if that crack is smaller than a coin it is repairable we went to get it repaired in Reykjavik But these rental companies have agreements with all the repair shops that they will not repair rental cars Because they don’t want us to get it repaired The company will get it repaired at their end But will charge us for the whole windshield we went to 2-3 shops but they denied saying that they dont repair rental cars But then we found a guy He repaired it but not 100 % He didnt charge us anything He offered us to repair it in 18000 ISK But if he is not able to repair it fully He will not charge us anything The crack was almost invisible and after the repair it almost vanished. The car rental company didn’t find it out so they also didn’t charge us anything So if you want to play it safe Just buy all of the insurances Foreign Exchange I did not need any cash in Iceland I was using my card everywhere You can buy a travel card You can use Indian Credit Cards You can use cards everywhere I was using Thomas Cook’s One currency card because I was going to Greenland as well It has a different currency In Iceland the currency is ISK Icelandic Krona conversion is very simple Just half the amount in ISK and you will get it in INR Now SIM card I didn’t take any because you get WiFi everywhere But if you want a SIM card, you can get it at the airport for 2000-3000 INR you can get it at the Indian Airport as well, but its better if you buy it in Keflavik Airport there are a lot of booths at the airport If your car doesnt have a GPS then you will need the internet for navigation so you will need a SIM card. One really important thing is water The tap water here is really good You dont need to buy bottled water You can just use the tap water from anywhere Another important thing When you fly to Iceland, you land at Keflavik airport Reykjavik does have an airport but only domestic Keflavik airport is around 40 mins away from the city So how to come to the city ? There are a lot of services like Airport Direct You will find many at the airport There are two kinds of packages One is To n Fro Ticket There is no discount, so no need to buy it. Second thing.. The tickets are of two types One is from Airport to the main bus station That costs around 2500 ISK i.e. 1300 INR The other is they give you a drop to your hotel for additional 500 INR So check the location of your hotel and then buy the ticket If it is far from the main bus station, then you go for the hotel drop off What is the best time to visit Iceland it depends on what do you want to see if you want to see northern lights then the time is from December to Feb And if you want to see Green Iceland then the time is around June to August for northern lights Iceland’s weather is very unpredictable it becomes stormy or rainy any time. like we could not see the northern lights in our 8 days in Iceland but then it’s all based on luck I saw them in Greenland so not a big deal for me that I didnt see them in Iceland But if you are going to Iceland just for the lights and then you dont see them, then its a big deal Now coming to the Itinerary Generally people see the waterfalls and then they go to Vik to see the black sand beach , diamond beach and some glaciers some people go around the whole island starting from south and then going all the way up as we were travelling in winters all roads were not open we went to see the Golden Circle there are some waterfalls and Geysirs. after that we went to Selfoss then we saw a couple of waterfalls like Skogafoss and a really difficult name which I cant pronounce after that we went to see the plane wreck then we went to Vik In Vik it was stormy so we could not go to the diamond beach but you can go to the Diamond Beach which is really nice then you can go to the glaciers and then you can come back to Reykjavik. and then we went to West Iceland the beaches there are a bit different then there is this mountain which is called.. Kirk..ju..fell I will just write the name here Basically all the tourist destinations are in the south Then there is very famous spot in Reykjavik which is called the Blue Lagoon Just like Taj Mahal is a must when you come to India, Blue lagoon is for Iceland But its very expensive around 9000 INR In blue lagoon its like you enter once and then you can spend as much time as you want It gets water from a natural hot spring It is cooled down to a bearable temperature and it is fed into a pool it looks extra blue you just go and relax in the water they give you this face pack as well which is complimentary They have already charged you 9K So if don’t want to spend this extra 9K and you dont want to see so many semi nude people there are a lot of local pools if you google in Reykjavik local thermal pools near me you fill find a few which are neither crowded nor expensive. may be around 10$ you can have a similar experience but then you know Humanyu Tomb is just like Taj Mahal but everybody goes to the Taj so it’s more of a checklist thing I didn’t go bcz I can do a lot of other things in 10K.


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