Indonesian STREET FOOD Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia! BEST + CHEAPEST Street Food Around The World!

– Coming up for all you food
rangers, we’re trying out a ton of unique street
food in Jakarta, Indonesia. You can discover along
with us a huge variety of amazingly flavorful
Indonesian street food, from exotic specialties like
fish head curry and cow brain, to more classic delicacies. Your mouth is gonna water. Get ready. (upbeat music) All right, so check it out. It’s Trevor James. I just got into Jakarta,
Indonesia, and I’m so pumped. This is my first time here. We’re gonna go for a
full on street food tour. I just wanna remind you,
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and the little bell button down below because there’s gonna be a ton of street food
videos coming up for you. Let’s go eat. Jakarta is packed with street food that you’re gonna love on your first try. You can literally never run
out of new street food to try as you explore the city. Everywhere you look, there’s
something new to be found. We came here specifically
to eat street food, and in one day, ate a huge
variety of incredibly good food. This part one Jakarta street food video is packed with street
food that you’re gonna wanna buy a one-way ticket for. So make sure to watch until
the end because these seven Jakarta street foods
are insanely delicious. Let’s eat. We’re in a morning market here, and we’re gonna explore around. We’re gonna get a ton
of street food today. It is gonna be full on. Let’s go eat. Ooh, what’s this? Bubur ayam. Oh. To start the day off right, we stumbled into a classic
bubur ayam street food stall. This is a famous Indonesian chicken congee that’s packed with flavor
and shredded chicken. First, it’s topped with a delicious combo of yellow chicken broth and
salty and sweet soy sauces. Then it’s covered in crackers,
fried (mumbles) crackers, fried soybeans, and shredded chicken. It’s the ultimate texture
combo that you’re gonna love. Oh, yeah, he’s just loading
the ingredients on here. Wow. Yeah, a little, please. Oh, thank you. (Trevor speaks in foreign language) Whoa. This is the bubur ayam. We just got the bubur ayam here. Look at this. This is like an ultra
packed chicken congee here. Oh, you can see all that shredded chicken. There’s like sliced, fried tofu in there. There’s crispy crackers. There’s peanuts. There’s shallots, fried
shallots, cilantro. Oh, we gotta get to the bottom of this. Oh, yeah, look at that. Mmm. It is like an ultra
flavorful chicken congee. That chicken broth flavor
and that fried shallot flavor mixed with all of the crunchy peanuts, the tofu, the scallions,
the shallots, oh, wow. That’s the secret right
there, the chicken broth. It is so flavorful when he puts
that on top of that congee. Oh, bubur ayam. Next up, just down the street,
we found a colorful display of tons of different spiced
dishes known as nasi rames. Here, you can get a huge variety of dishes ranging from seafood like squid
and mussels, to chicken feet and tempe soybean, and
even stinky jengkol beans. Here, you get a real feel for the varieties of spice
in Indonesian cuisine. This was just a warmup for
the insane nasi Padang feast we had later in the day. And just walking down the
street and seeing these colors, you can’t help but to stop and order. Oh. Wow. What is this? Nasi? – [Woman] All nasi. – Wow, look at all these different curries and spiced seafoods. Wow. – [Man] Hello. – [Trevor] Hello. – [Man] Good. – [Trevor] Good? – Very nice. – Very nice? – Nasi. – Nasi. – You want this– – Is it squid? – This one. – Chicken feet, oh, wow. Okay. Oh, look at that. – [Man] This one you want? You want this one? – Yes, the squid here. Wow, she’s just covering
that sauce on there. And some chicken feet. Whoa, starting the day off right here. Oh, that looks so potent. And just look at all
these different dishes that you can choose from. I’m just going with two. They both look really spicy,
but there’s so much here. (Trevor speaks in foreign language) Right here? – [Woman] Yeah. – Okay. Nice. (Trevor laughs) (women speak in foreign language) Chicken feet. Chicken feet and squid. (Trevor speaks in foreign language) (woman speaks in foreign language) – Good. (laughs) – I just chose two of those dishes. They look so flavorful and spicy. I’m just gonna, oh, yeah, she just loaded up the sauce. I’m just gonna go right
in for the squid here. (woman speaks in foreign language) (Trevor speaks in foreign language) (women speak in foreign language) (Trevor speaks in foreign language) – Seafood. – Seafood. (woman speaks in foreign language) Let’s try it out. Mmm. (women speak in foreign language) Oh, wow. Oh, it’s really spicy. I feel like I should have got a little more sauce from
that huge selection. We’ve also got some chicken feet here. Mmm, now that looks covered in chilies. All that flavor and so spicy as well. This one’s also a little sweet. That chicken foot is super sweet. It’s like a sweet chili sauce. Mixed with the squid, super
spicy, on top of that rice, that’s a perfect start to the day. (Trevor speaks in foreign language) Mmm. Next up, we try an amazingly
flavorful and powerful nasi goreng, aka fried rice. This isn’t just any fried rice though. This is the king of
nasi goreng in Jakarta. As soon as you walk up, you’ll know why. It’s stacked up high and
flavored strong with lamb, a ton of curry powders, sweet manis sauce, and a ton of butter. When the plate arrives to
your table and you take your first bite, you’ll wish
you could eat this everyday. We’re gonna get a dish
I’ve been dying to try, my first nasi goreng street food. Oh, here it is. Whoa. Wow, look at this. Nasi goreng. Oh, wow. This is gonna be a flavorful nasi goreng. (Trevor speaks in foreign language) – [Man] Yes. (Trevor speaks in foreign language) – Wow, that is, oh, that curry smells so aromatic, that curry powder, just
mixing it in there. Whoa, this looks unbelievably fragrant. We’ve go the nasi goreng lamb meat here with all those chilies and curry powder. And then this is the fried
rice that they mix it with. He’s just putting the rice
into that huge mutton fry. Whoa. And look at the guy in the back there. He’s got all the mutton. Oh, yeah, and he’s just
putting more curry powder over top of that. Oh, whoa. That’s amazing. What a beautiful concoction this is. I can’t believe that I’m
witnessing this right now. If you come to Jakarta,
put this on your list. That just looks to die for,
all those mutton chunks he’s bringing up from the bottom. Wow. I can’t believe it. Wow, he’s just loading up the butter. Thank you. Awesome. Let’s go try it out. So we just got the nasi goreng. Oh, yeah, huge chunks of
mutton in a fried rice, crispy crackers, and then they also serve, I believe these are pickled
veg with some sambal. Mmm, oh. Wow. That lamb meat is so soft. It is so tender. It is so soft and juicy. It’s not very spicy. It just has a light curry
flavor to it, very light, very soft, very smooth, really enjoyable. Wow. (Trevor speaks in foreign language) (man speaks in foreign language) Nasi goreng (speaks in foreign language). Next up, we went to try one
of the most famous meals in all of Indonesia, the nasi Padang. This is a meal that’ll make
you change your life plans for. It sure did for us as we
changed our entire Indonesia itinerary and flew directly
to Padang city afterwards to get the real thing
right from the source. This here is life-changing food. We’re going for a meal
I’ve been looking forward to eating for years, nasi Padang. This is gonna be good. Look at this, guys. Look at all this nasi Padang. There’s so many dishes. It’s insane! Look at the amount of different curries, and meats, and fried fish. Wow, nasi Padang. – [Man] Okay. – [Trevor] Beef rendang. (Trevor speaks in foreign language) Awesome. We’re gonna get a big– – Do you like satay? – [Trevor] I love satay. – Okay. – Can we get satay too? Okay. Wow, look at all these dishes. Unbelievable. So the deal is they bring
you a ton of dishes like this and bring it to your
table, and you can just eat whatever you like and
pay for whatever you ate. Oh, there’s just so much here. Wow, look at that. This is– – [Man] Hot, very hot. – [Trevor] Very spicy? – [Man] Yeah. – [Trevor] Indonesia sambal, wow. And we can have that with the nasi Padang. – [Man] Yeah. – [Trevor] And then what is this here? – [Man] Just rendang. – [Trevor] Beef rendang. – Yeah. – [Trevor] Wow, unbelievable. That is thick! Indonesia, nasi Padang specialty. – Yeah, from West Sumatra. – From West Sumatra. – Yes. – Unbelievable. Look at this, guys. This is the sambal here, and
then here is the beef rendang. So many spices in here, lots of spices. You can just smell that is
potent, so potent and rich. Okay, I’m gonna go try it out. Thank you. This is the moment right here. This is the moment that changed
our whole Indonesia trip. As soon as we walked in
and saw the selection as the manager told us about West Sumatra and these Padang city
specialties, we knew we had to go. You’re gonna want to watch
this whole series as well as we venture to Padang
afterwards to taste the real deal. Wow! I can’t believe this. Wow. – This is satay Padang. – Wow! (man mumbles) It just looks amazing. Thank you. This just looks incredibly delicious, all of these different curries. We’ve got a beef rendang. I’m really looking forward to this dish. That must be extremely spicy. We’ve got chicken liver
with petai stink beans. We’ve got fried fish. We’ve got beef lung. We’ve got so many different fish dishes. Oh, it’s just overwhelming. And we’ve got satay here as well. They bring all of the food to you here, and whatever you touch, you pay for. What you don’t touch, you don’t pay for. And I am just so excited to go right in for this beef rendang here first. This is a classic nasi Padang dish. Oh, that’s very, very soft and juicy. Just gonna mix it, get some sauce, just gonna mix that with my rice. Oh, yeah, that is gonna be, oh, that smells fantastic. Let’s try it out. Mmm. Oh. That beef rendang is so
thick and spicy and bold, unbelievably flavorful,
thick, rich, and spicy. And when you mix it with
that rice, this is just one of the many dishes that
you can try with nasi Padang. This is definitely an
extremely spicy meal. Mmm, oh. Wow! These are super spicy and
so rich and flavorful. Every bite you take is like taking a new hit of flavor
you never knew existed. From the rich sambals to the
life-changing beef rendang cooked in spices and coconut
milk until it evaporates and becomes thick and
rich, to the gravy-topped satay skewers, the baby
chicken with signature sambal, and the whole array of
delicacies, the variety of different curries and
flavors will blow you away. That is so spicy and powerful. My mouth is just on fire,
but it’s not a painful spice. It’s like a smooth spice. Mmm. (coughs) It’s so good. The final plate just
came after all of these delicious spicy dishes,
the cow brain curry. Oh, it’s hot. Oh, yeah, look at that. Oh, yeah, that is soft. Oh, it’s so soft. I think it’s just gonna be saturated with the juices of this curry. Mmm. Oh, yeah. Oh, wow! That curry is so smooth,
just a little spicy. And the brain is so soft. It really melts into your
mouth, almost like butter. Oh, yeah, look at that. Oh, it’s just almost like butter. It just dissolves into your
mouth when you bite it. After that massive nasi Padang feast, there was one dish missing
from the food we tried at Sari Bundo, the fish head curry. I heard all about how incredibly delicious the fish head curry was
at Medan Baru restaurant, so we made our way over to try it out. So I’m a little full right
now, but we have room to try fish head curry
right here at Medan Baru. Massive fish head, let’s go try it out. Hello. Fish head curry? Wow! Massive fish heads in these
huge, huge bowls of curry. Wow! And they just boil them right in here. Oh, yeah, there they are. They’re just full of big fish heads. Oh, wow! I think that’s a snapper head. It just looks saturated with juice. All right, this is what we came for. We’re gonna sit down and order one. More, Padang. Whoa, it’s just, I just want the fish head, fish head, big, big, big fish head, please. He’s gonna boil it. That is like a universe
of flavor right there. You can just see all
of the curry particles. It’s like a world of flavor. And he’s gonna heat up that
fish head, that snapper. Wow! Wow, look at all that sauce
he’s putting on there. (chuckles) Oh, my! That is insane! Oh, my. Oh, my. We have another Padang feast here today. But I didn’t come here for this. I just came for this insanely succulent and juicy looking snapper head curry. Luckily, if I don’t touch any
of these dishes, they won’t charge me, so I’m just gonna
devour this big fish head here. Oh, it’s just soaked in that. Oh, it’s so tender. Oh, it’s burning. It’s actually way too
hot, but I’m just gonna, oh, wow, that is succulent. It just falls off. Wow, look at that snapper head meat just soaked in that curry. It just falls off. That’s the cheek right there. Mmm, wow. Oh, wow! That is just so melt in
your mouth delicious. The curry is so creamy. Oh! Oh, it’s barely spicy. It’s just so smooth and creamy. It’s like, mmm. Now that is amazing. It’s probably the
creamiest, most smooth curry that I have ever tasted. That is pure pleasure. After that incredibly
creamy snapper head curry, we made our way to have
a pre-dinner dessert, one of the sweetest
things you’ll ever eat, Indonesian martabak, stuffed pancake. You can either order
savory egg and ground meat with onions or herbs, or
a sweet martabak stuffed with butter and a huge
selection of toppings, including Toblerone, Nutella,
crushed peanuts, sugar, chocolate sprinkles,
cheese, and condensed milk. It’s all folded in half before serving so the toppings are all
melted in the middle. Eating this is just like
a joyful heart attack. That looks insanely heavy. This just looks so heavy and filling. Oh, wow, I can’t believe
the amount of stuff he’s putting on here. It looks like a heart attack,
a joyful heart attack. More butter! This looks like a definite heart attack. This looks so heavy and
perfectly symmetrical. Whoa. That pancake looks like it’s saturated with butter and chocolate and cheese. We got a whole martabak here. Thank you. Thank you. It’s heavy. This feels like it’s a couple of kilos. It feels like it’s a brick, or two bricks. Okay, it’s like a brick. Oh! (chuckles) Look at that. And we still have dinner to go after this. Wow, he just loaded it up
with Toblerone and cheese. And you can feel it just saturated
with that condensed milk, all that butter in there, and it is hot. Mmm, whoa! Oh, wow. That is the most sweetest,
heaviest, most buttery, chocolatey, slightly cheesy
dessert I have ever experienced. That is so heavy. Wow! That is a definite heart
attack on a plate right there. After that super heavy martabak,
we went out with our friend Choo-Choo for a big ikan bakar
grilled fish dinner feast. At the end of the day,
there’s nothing like sitting by the street side
and having some grilled fish. All right, so for our final
meal, we are downtown Jakarta. I’m hanging out with Choo-Choo. We’re in a residential area. There’s a bunch of street stalls around, and we’re on the hunt for
delicious street food. I think right up here
is a big grilled fish. (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) Let’s go check it out. We stumbled into just one
of thousands of ikan bakar grilled fish joints throughout the city. Here, a variety of grilled
fish can be ordered, but we ordered one black
pomfret covered in a spicy turmeric sauce and a bunch
of grilled prawns as well. These are smoky, spicy, and juicy, and standing right near
the fire is extremely hot. Just look at these. We’ve got these plump prawns, big prawns with tons of
chili sauce on there. They give you like a sambal,
spicy sambal chili sauce. (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) Yeah. And then another, this
honestly looks like a– (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) This looks like a salsa. This could be an Indonesian
fresh chili with tomato salsa. (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) Yeah. And then we’ve got a
grilled fish over here. Just look at how plump that
meat is, covered in chili sauce, and we ordered some veg to be healthy. Okay, should we go in? (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) (both laugh) Let’s go for the fish first. This looks so delicious. Cheers!
– Yes, cheers. – Mmm, oh, yeah. (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) That is so tender. (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) A little spicy, tender, chary. What a nice finish to the day. Oh, yeah, what a nice finish to the day. You get your hands messy. You get some nice, big prawns
covered in chili sauce, and you can just dip it in
whatever jiang you want. I’ve got the sambal. Choo-Choo you just tried the, this is the salsa, the Indonesian salsa. (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) I guess you could call it that. Cheers. – Cheers. – Mmm, oh. Oh! – Whoa! – That is awesome. (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) Wow! (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) Wow! (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) It’s like a big mouthful of prawn meat. It’s very juicy, very spicy, dipped into that ultra
spicy flavorful sambal. Oh, that is hitting the spot right there, that smoky, spicy, aromatic
mouthful of prawn meat. I want to remind you to
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right away whenever we’ve got these deep street food tours coming out. We have a lot coming up for you, and you’re not gonna want to miss them. Thank you so much for watching. – Thank you. Thank you. – Choo-Choo, it was a great time here. Jakarta is full of street food, and I would love to hear from
you in the comments below. Please let us know what you thought, and thank you so much for watching. (Choo-Choo speaks in foreign language) Amazing. Thanks, guys. Awesome.


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