Inteletravel and How to Use The Cruise Booking Engine | Part 2

Inteletravel all right what’s up everybody
we are back once again and today we’re gonna do part two of how to use it and
Inteletravel booking engine and in today’s video we’re gonna talk
specifically about cruises how to book cruises using the internal travel
booking engine alright we’ll be right back alright guys welcome back welcome back
so let’s talk about cruises cruisers cruises cruiser so I’m gonna show you
how to put together a cruise quote for your class so if you gotta climb this
wanna go on their cruise I’m gonna show you how to do that all inside the until
the travel back office okay so we’re gonna print a book travel I’m inside my
until another back-office and you go Inteletravel down to cruise is now this is my
favorite booking and I like to use for cruises oops let me login romantic
cruises so now you want to go to launch cruise engine now okay I very highly
recommended for you to watch this and tell the tour video on the cruise
booking kitchen I can really help you out if it’s your first time using it but
I’m gonna get you guys some little look quick guidance right now okay so launch
cruise engine now so this is the cruise engine okay so let’s say you got you
just want to put together a quote for a client they don’t have any specifics
we’re just gonna do an example so let’s say we’re gonna select Caribbean cruise
so you come in and select Caribbean let’s say we they we want to pour out
FLETC New Orleans let’s select sea carnival now if you
don’t select any cruise lines all of them will show in your search results
which is a good thing because the good thing I like about them telling travel
cruise but the engine you can search a variety of cruise lines all in one place
okay versus going to each cruise line individually just to see what type of
deals they have the guys this is powerful
you can search across 30 suppliers dealing with the cruise industry to find
out who has the best deal all in one place and that’s why I like about the
intelligent looking it so for the sake of this video we’re gonna talk about
Carnival Inteletravel let’s say one we’re gonna leave that the
carnival cruise line at the type of ships unchecked I want to see what
options they have while of them let’s say we’re gonna do one in September of
this year let’s say it’s looking for four to six night cruise okay
that’s fit search so now you got your all your options for your carnival
different ships different prices to 94 you got your prices for your inside
cabin outside camera back in the suite prices and if you want to get more
information just click on this video out in ireri
it’s gonna show you the itinerary for the cruise and you can’t come in here
and see the selling dates and things of that nature so you want to select
different dates you can cruise in fro Isle therefore on the ship you can share
this with your clients and i’ma show you how to do that in a minute
gratuity information okay you can see all this type of information here the
cruise length cancellation policy and Inteletravel things of that nature
so if you want to come in here and actually share this itinerary with your
clients you can just hit share and be copied to your clipboard and if you
notice if I come here and put this link that I copy to the clipboard it’s gonna
take this person right back to this page here and they can come in here and look
exactly here and look at themselves or you can look it for them I like looking
it’s for my clients to make sure that things get done correctly so they just
meet it’s my preference so if you want to like I said you can always you can
share it in ireri that way I see here or you can come here and just
you can book it oh you can share it up here too you can share it up here to
share this whole entire page and everything is tabled to you guys it’s
tailored to your needs it’s also tailored to your site so somebody come
in here and you send this to Lincoln Lee look for crews you get the Commission
cuz it’s your a link okay here’s your ID attached to it if you are in the telling
travel agent okay if you’re not an intelligent agent become one today
so so if I come in here let’s say I want to book this cruise here for a client
just click on book let’s say you got all your quotes here so you can easily give
your clients the information they need you can write down the quote put it in a
message form message message on your client or email them or you can just
send them this link and they can really Inteletravel the information themselves so for
example if you want to share this entire page here click share if I go to another
link another page you can see this – link I copied because I hit the shirt
button and it’s going to give them all the information about the cruise
everything that inner area if you just want to share that tender area like I
said you can come up here and it is assuring that I’ll generally and all it
is is let me show you if I that tear is nothing but the copy data see that’s the
other thing that I copied okay so you can share this itinerary put it on
Facebook whatever you got to do or city the clients a message whatever you want
to do you can share this information with your clients okay but this button
here to share the whole entire page is to share all the information on the
cruise line they can come here and see for their self so you never have to
worry about a client coming in here and booking and you don’t get paid if you
sure there’s this link that you already researched
they can come and look at themselves see the information and go from there okay
so if you hit book your clients are coming here you can put their ages here
we just put some dummy information in for the sake of this video select C
Mississippi cruise Olli alright and he continued fruit Allah
slow today you go you got your all your
information here okay now if you wants to come in here and click on price it’ll
give you the breakdown of everything okay
buy cabinets so for example here it’s gonna show you the breakdown of how much
it is with taxes and everything included how much did the pious it would be per
person no that’s that’s the whole in posit I’m sorry yeah that’s the whole
deposit and the crews final payment so we need the dates and times and
everything you need so don’t get all the information you need now if you want to
change your rooms you can come in here and select a different type of room this
is a interior these are their interiors Inteletravel you can select for a you can select
stateroom you can select let’s see they got all type of so you list goes on and
on they got the porthole window they have okay you get all of that so if you
want to come in here this is all the cabin assignments that are available for
Carnival okay let’s say you want to do balcony click on balcony it’s gonna show
you all the balconies okay sweet click on Suites gonna show you how to suites
it’s gonna give you all the information so you click on price you got no refunds
but he got refundable okay refer honorable always be a little bit higher
the non-refundable rate always cheaper so you can what have option your your
suit your clients the best so you can come here click price and there you go
you got all the information need to give them a quote okay you even got you can
send them this link okay or you can sit down and send them information yourself
you can put together this information if you want to have pictures you can save
image as and pictures to it and put together a quote on your own or you can
just share this entire link so if I wanted to
let’s see here see it’s a book now click continue and see here this is everything
if you want to request a certain cabin you can you can upgrade your stateroom
you can you can select your stateroom so I just wanted to share with you is how
easy it is to look up a cruise so let’s go back I’m gonna show you let’s go back
let’s say I want to look up all cruise lines let’s say we uncheck let’s say we
reset everything and reset the entire thing so let’s go to Caribbean we’re
gonna pour it from let’s try a different port for Carnival
we’re gonna leave this unchecked we want to see all the cruise lines all the
cruise ships and let’s see thanks for September and four to six nights okay
now it’s gonna show you everything for that father cruise lines so now we got
Carnival and you can come here and filter these up you can filter by cruise
lines you got Disney Cruise Line and including it here you got Royal
Caribbean you know Reagan so you got all the major guys you can come here and
play with all of these and the same thing you know you can come in here and
if they want to go on no Reagan or you Inteletravel can sure this whole page and let them
pick and choose what they want for example you sure this it’ll copy it to
your clipboard placed it in and they can review all the information
look through it and they may look at themselves or they may come back say hey
I want systems right here at the five nights Kubler Noriega ensign so are you
gonna do is go here I’ll make a show you what dates and it’s gonna show you
everything I’ll have to miss you need so let’s say you want this day they want
this one just hit book here’s all your information okay and I got to do is hit
book again put it in the number of guests let’s say it’s four people going
you got a fourteen-year-old you got 20 year old you got 35 and you
got a 40 select what state they’re going out of their residency let’s say just
say Vermont cruise only now you do have the options to see cruise where Airlines
someone we do will have allies in there let’s see here country United States
state let’s see they let’s say for as I miss them on Io and departure Airport
Ohio you guys some examples oh there you go Columbus continued so
they got the prices here okay let’s say they want to do the sweet okay
you coming here click price and the automatically calculates the airfare
okay the cruise fare taxes and how much would
it be per person so you got if you know the ages be cheaper so the keys be
cheaper you got your cruise deposit amount which is $200 okay so and their
final payment your song this day so you got all your information here so guys
you can come to here and play with this so god this is how you put together
cruise packages would you your class needs flights or not you can do this
it’s very very easy so guys it’s very very easy to do so guys hope you found
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the sound of golf and happy travel Inteletravel


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