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Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 🇧🇷 This is the Tom Jobim’s Statue
He was a world famous Brazilian musician He is considered one of the fathers of the Bossa Nova
I suggest you to check his work, you’ll love it 🎵 Today we’ll walk from Tom Jobim’s statue in Ipanema
to the Dorival Caymmi’s statue in Copacabana Right now we are in a beautiful area called Arpoador it’s located on the southern zone of the city Arpoador means ‘the harpoon thrower’ It’s a small peninsula between Ipanema and Copacabana, very popular among surfers The name of Arpoador comes from times when it was common to see whales approaching the coasts Apparently, it was possible to hunt these
whales with harpoons from this zone 🐳 it has been raining constantly for a week
and today is the first day with some sun Arpoador is considered one of the best surf
spots in metropolitan Rio de Janeiro During some time around midsummer it is possible to see the sun setting over the sea from Arpoador On these occasions crowds gather around the
place and cheer when the sun disappears ☀️ the beach is empty because it’s windy Arpoador is a very popular place for tourists
and locals to walk because it’s cozy and safe This is the Posto 7 Posto means Post in Portuguese The beaches are further separated by postos
which are numbered lifeguard stations You can use these numbers as markers because
they indicate which crowds go where and why Some Rio’s most famous beaches are: Leme, Copacabana, Arpoador, Ipanema and Leblon Dotted along the shorefront are 12 postos that are used as markers to give directions and meet up with people That’s a wild Brazilian cat 🐈 Postos offer useful amenities such as showers,
toilets and changing rooms, for a small fee Leme and Copacabana are contained within posto 1 and posto 6, great spots to catch an early morning sunrise Posto 1 is the beginning of Leme and is a quieter part of the beach that attracts families and older residents Walking here it’s not that easy as it looks like 😓 Posto 5 and posto 6 line up along the Copacabana beach. This area is popular for stand up surf paddle Is that a guy or a statue? 🤔 Between posto 1 and 6 are several kiosks that serve selections of Brazilian dishes, seafood and drinks They are popular as hangout spots post-beach and offer refreshments during the day, especially caipirinhas Quiosque Praia Skol 360º is one of the most
crowded and lively kiosks with live music Posto 7 is known as Arpoador, this
is the beginning of Ipanema In the 1960s, Copacabana was the tourist
hotspot associated with luxury and glamour Now the shine is beginning to fade as Ipanema
becomes the trendy place to be in Rio From Posto 8 and Posto 9 you’ll see many LGBT flags.
This are is popular among the gay community Posto 10 is the beginning of Leblon, one of the richest and most glamorous neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro Although anyone is welcome there, this section
of the beach has a more exclusive feel Some Cariocas will head to Rio’s natural areas and do hikes on a sunny day, a favorite pastime in Rio The most popular hikes are Dois Irmãos,
Pedra Bonita, Morro da Urca or Pedra da Gavea There are many free public places to exercise in Rio You can buy some exotic fruits and come to this wonderful place to relax and enjoy after the beach Arpoador it’s usually a very safe area during the daytime This lady came to feed a stray cat You can rent one of these public bikes in Rio
All you need is 4G, the App and a credit card Have you seen how beautiful the sidewalk’s design is? It was created by a great Brazilian
landscape architect called Burle Marx He redesigned Copacabana’s calçadão,
loosely translated as “big sidewalk’. I totally suggest you to find information about his work He created tropical landscaping as we know it today These sidewalks are covered with geometric
mosaics made of “Portuguese stones’ These stones are similar to the
ones found in Lisbon, Portugal The wavy pattern is said to be a modern abstract interpretation of the traditional Portuguese paving On the horizon we can see the Morro
Dois Irmãos and the Favela do Vidigal ‘Morro’ means Hill and ‘Favela’
could be translated as Slum This park it’s called ‘Garota de Ipanema’ In 2009, Brazilian government passed
law which decriminalizes street art So now street art is legal if done with
the consent of the wall’s owner Doesn’t she looks like Sophia Loren? Can you pick fruits from trees in public parks in Rio? Have you ever been in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil? Please comment your experience and
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cities in the world, a lot to see and do here Não, obrigado! That’s how you say ‘No, thanks’ in Brazil This street it’s called ‘Rua Francisco Otaviano’ We are now officially walking in Copacabana This guy is drinking ‘Água de Côco’ (coconut water) This church it’s called ‘Igreja da Ressurreição’ These are some nice places to eat after the beach This street it’s called ‘Rua Raul Pompéia’ the name of the official currency of Brazil is ‘Real’ Although It’s pretty easy to exchange
money I suggest you to use an ATM This huge building is the ‘Shopping Cassino Atlântico’ It’s a retail complex featuring shops & stalls selling antique furniture, housewares, jewelry, etc If you like home design, I recommend you to visit a
store called ‘Tok & Stok’ which it’s right on the corner It’s like the Brazilian version of IKEA
but without the meatballs 🥺 Have you ever heard the song ‘Copacabana’? It was recorded by Barry Manilow in 1978 The song was inspired by a conversation
at the Copacabana Hotel, in Rio de Janeiro Olá, tudo bom? is how locals say: Hi, how are you? On the right of the screen, we see the Museu
Histórico do Exército e Forte de Copacabana It’s a Military museum and a old Fort Copacabana Fort gives you also a great view of
Rio along with learning about Brazilian history Entrance is inexpensive and you can spend couple
of hours learning about the military history of Brazil There is also a great panoramic view of Copacabana Beach overseeing the Sugar Loaf in the background Let me know if you would like to see
a Copacabana’s Fort walking tour We are now walking on Avenida Atlântica Here you can hire a guide tour around Rio
Anyway, I recommend to explore by yourself This place it’s called: ‘Colônia de Pescadores’
or ‘Fishermen’s Colony’ You can buy fresh fish 🐠 The boats when they return from the sea are in the sand, and you can also see the fishing nets extended For those who are looking for fresh seafood
and fish, it is possible to find a great variety here On the horizon we see the wonderful
‘Pão de Açúcar’ or ‘Sugarloaf Mountain’ Please comment, like and share this walking tour! Be sure to subscribe to Wanna Walk
New video walks every week in 4K 😉 This is the Dorival Caymmi Statue
He contributed to the birth of Bossa Nova


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