Is Going on Vacation Scary? | Disney Princess

(upbeat music) – What is in here? – What do you have in here? – I’ve got books for the plane, my stuffed animal, my
other stuffed animal, and my other stuffed animal, my beach ball, just in case. – Uh, you know this trip
is just for the weekend, two days, right? – Mmhm. (lighthearted music) – [All] Hi, everyone! – Welcome to the Disney Princess club. I’m Sage. – I’m Isabella. – And I’m Caitlin. – And today we’re gonna be talking about the ups and downs of
traveling to new places and how princesses have dealt
with similar situations. – Do you guys remember your
first time away from home? (high energy music) – [Sage] It can just be scary. You don’t know what
it’s gonna bring to you. – I’m Ariel, is this
your first time flying? – Yeah, I’m super scared, actually. – Well, you’re gonna have a great time. It’s so much fun. – Thank you. – Ariel was really, really brave because she gave up her
voice to have human legs and to discover
– Oh, yeah. – the human world – The only way to get what you want is to become a human yourself. – She knew that she had
to give up something to persevere through her issues– – She knew she wanted something, and so she did what she
had to do to get to it. – What I want from you is your voice. – My voice? – She knew that the adventure forward, it was gonna be worth it. – A whole new world.
– Yeah. – Mmhm, and how Moana, she
lived on land for all her life, and she was never able to go out to the ocean where she loved. And once she went out there. (squealing)
(yelling) (screams) It’s a pretty dangerous place, but she knew she had to do it. – Yeah. They’re kind of opposites. ‘Cause Moana’s been on land
– Yeah, Moana, yeah. – and she wants to go to the ocean. Ariel’s been in the ocean and she wants to go to land.
– Mmhm. – Rapunzel here, all she cares about is getting out of that one tower. Land and the ocean are very big places, and her tower is so tiny. (lighthearted music) She hasn’t seen any
other part of the world, and she’s excited to find
out what the world holds, what new adventure she’s gonna find. – Woo-hoo! Best day, ever! (laughs) – Something else about traveling is getting annoyed with family and even friends. – Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet–
– Okay, does it look like we’re there yet?
– Are we there yet, are we there yet
– we are literally in the middle of nowhere. – Those can just get crazy in the car. – Are we there yet? – Hey, I just had the best idea. – What?
– Why don’t we play a game? – That’s a great idea.
– That seems fun. – Okay, now I think we can all agree that going on trips can be super scary. But it can also be super fun. (lighthearted music) – Hey, wait, this actually isn’t that bad. It’s actually kinda relaxing. – Yeah, and the princesses have helped us overcome those challenges and fears. Like Rapunzel, meeting new people. – Like Ariel, trying new things. – And like Moana, going
to a different place. – Thank you so much for watching this time on the Disney Princess Club. – [All] Bye!

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