Island Golf Holidays – Offering the best island golfbreaks and golf holiday Packages

My name is David Sledmere, founder of
Island Golf Holidays. I’m here at the iconic ninth hole, the
Ailsa course at Turnberry to introduce you to our new company. Why don’t you
join me for a round? Island Golf Holidays is a small niche specialist tour
operator specializing Island destinations. Where volume is not important, it’s all about quality not quantity. We want to specialize in expert
advice to all the destinations that we’ve been to personally over the last
33 years. I give you my word that every holiday we sell will be an exceptional
one and is affordable luxury. I look forward to sharing my passion of those
destinations with you the customer. My own personal favorite destinations are
on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, where the green fees are included
in the hotel rates. Such good value and such good variety. The Caribbean, which is
great all year round. And I love the Canary Islands during the winter season
particularly, such good, such good golf courses. Great great weather. The best long-haul destinations, for me,
are Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean particularly the Dominican
Republic where the golf courses are the most exhilarating in the world. Just
fantastic beachfront golf courses. Most of the
destinations on the Island Golf Holidays portfolio are attractive all year round
particularly the Caribbean the Indian Ocean and the Canary Islands as a member
of the Travel trust Association we have unique partnerships with leading tour
operators around the UK including the ITC Travel Group and If Only. This gives us the chance to sell holidays destinations all over the world at great
value prices. These holidays are all financially protected by our membership
of the Travel trust Association whereby all our clients money is protected
through to the date of travel. You can contact Island golf holidays by giving
me a call personally on oh one six five five double eight seven zero eight seven
by emailing us at sales at Island Golf Holidays dot com. Or just filling in one of our inquiry forms on our website

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