J’achète une nouvelle moto pour les road trips ! [Rally Adventure Project]

i’m the only one in this truck, we started from Paris this morning, and we go near Nice and we’re going to buy a new motorcycle i’m searching one of these since a long time now. It’s not easy to buy one with a decent price here in France. this one is a bit expansive too but not as much as the others, so let’s see we’re going to buy a new bike, which is going to be used on our next trips. we’re going to prepare this bike to be ready to travel like i really want to travel We are on the road, it’s hot today, we have a lot of kilometers to do, and we need to take Cyrille from Caféine Crew too ! So let’s go ! i took Cyrille from the train station, and because i’m a bit tired, he is driving now okay okay it’s nice but i think you want to know what bike am i going to buy now for this project .. here ”she” is ! Welcome to my new KTM 690 enduro R Cyrille knows perfectly these bikes ! So i told him to test the bike, and if it’s a good one, i take directly it without testing the bike. We need to come back to annoy tonight, so we don’t have enough time to stay here After more than 1000 kilometers from Paris to Nice, we go back to haute savoie where Cyrille is living we’re going to dismount all the bike and checking everything to be sure she is ready to race the perfect bike for this kind of adventure doesn’t exist, you know .. all of them have their own problems and we need to deal with them there is a lot of work before taking this project at the end. I don’t want to make a rally bike just to make one, i want to have a real reflexion about it and building the perfect bike for my adventures After arriving to Annecy and a good night of sleep, we’re working on the 690 Cyrille is going to lead the operation ! He perfectly knows these bikes and these engine let’s disassemble the bike, grease all the different parts, modification of the diameter of lubrication nozzle, checking the rockers, checking the valve clearance, injection of the good maps .. we got a lot of work .. so let’s go ! like i said before, Cyrille is a member of the caffeine crew. If you’re tracking videos like i create on my channel, you must saw there ones ( riding the alps and the others) if you know this dude, you must saw him there chinchon is with us now ! An another member of the Caféine crew. He is here to check his bike, and riding some good roads ! don’t put this on the video… this is your skill video for the next dakar we’re working on the bike since this morning, so we need to eat something now ! After this, we back at it bad surprise of the day, a damaged screw .. we tried everything but it’s complicated 2 solutions. Or i find something to make a new one on this part, or i buy a new one … we weld the screw, and we check this during the next service on the bike we check the valves and the rockers rockers are a bit tired but it’s going to be okay for 5000 more kilometers. We’re going to change them during the next service Do you think i’m in love of a woman and i’m sad because of the situation ? Do i need to answer to this question ? we’re now checking all the clutch part at this moment i’m pretty happy about this bike. There isn’t so much problems on it, if we don’t consider the screw part let’s put some clean oil, we control all the bolts, we clean the bike, we put the air box, chinchon and Cyrille put all the plastics , and Cyrille is going to inject the good maps ! after 15 minutes, the 690 is ready to race , and i’m going to take the road again Let’s take a coffee before taking the road, you know the classics, it is what it is ! i really wanted to stay with chinchon and cyril’s but i need to go back to Paris, i have things to do ! But don’t worry, i’m coming back to this place really soon, and we’re going to ride this place for sure ! okay this is the end of this video as you can see, this is a brand new show on my channel. I’m going to take some times to explain to you what it is as you can see, this is a brand new show on my channel. This is not a “talk” this is not a “road trip” but it’s a mix of all i do here, but this is something different the goal of this, is to take you on the “behind the scene” of the build of this bike we’re going to select the parts, working on the bike, working with people who are able to make crazy things on this bike, meeting them … we’re not going to make a rally bike adventure juste to make one. I want to work on this project to make something that’s going to answer to how i travel this bike is going to be built to travel on road and off roads i’m going to level up about what we’re doing on this channel we’re going to modify this bike to answer at what we need to travel around the world with for example, we’re going to put a bigger tank. We need fuel when we are riding long distances, and this bike as maybe 12 Liters (not more) so it’s not enough to ride on some places We’re going to make something different at the cockpit. People who are racing with these bikes as a lot of things that i don’t need because i’m not racing with this bike. so we need to have a real reflexion about this, what kind of material i’m going to use … etc .. we’re going to work on the design of the bike, working with some people and to see what we can do to make this bike more unique on these episodes, we’re going to have some mechanical parts too. We’re going to see what we have to do on this bike and what to take to go on a trip with. advantages and problems about this bike when you go on a trip … because there is no perfect bikes to go on a trip i think it’s gonna be a good project. Because there is a lot of possibilities. Not so much people are travelling like this it could be interesting to document this like i’m going to do, and showing to you this part of the motorcycle world here in France. around the world a lot of people are working on bike like this but it’s gonna be a nice project because i’m really passionate about this you have to know that it’s not gonna be a show with periodic episodes. I’m going to edit and post episodes about this bike only when we’re working on it it’s going to depending of the building of some parts, or some process … this project is going to evolute with the time, by all these kind of videos don’t worry dude, Morocco is coming on this channel and the others talks and road trips are coming too. This is just a brand new content ! i think i’m going to start to travel with this bike. I need to understand more about it by driving it. And i only can learn about this bike during a trip so … and after it, we’re going to start bigger projects with this bike if you’ve got some questions about this project, tell me in commentary section. I’m going to select them and answer to them during next episodes at the end


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