Japanese Street Food Tour Top 10 in Kyoto Japan | Nishiki Market Food Guide

in this video I’m gonna show you guys my top 10 street food in Kyoto so I’ve been going around Kyoto for a few days now and there’s just a so much street food to that I want to introduce you guys right now are in each key market but there’s just so much more so we’re gonna include this place and the surrounding area I can’t wait to show you guys all of this if you guys want to know what videos I’m producing before these videos come out definitely check out my Instagram page because I’m always uploading to my stories all right let’s get our food on what better place to start this food to than where we are right now the shaky market the shaky market is known as Kyoto’s kitchen and it’s been around for 400 years and one of the main reasons why Nitschke market opened up here in kyoto is because this very spot runs clean and cold groundwater which was used as a refrigeration system by shop owners back in the day now there are about a hundred and twenty nine source crammed in this narrow 400 meter market and it’s equally crowded with locals and tourists alike number one taco tamago at chi sao you can find this octopus and egg combo everywhere in each key market but I’m throwing down this popular foodie cocktail and specialty side dish shop Kai I guess when they have it [Music] inside of this head they’ve stuffed a quail egg in there I think they’ve something right there it just looks so creepy a little bit it smells a little bit sweet definitely have like the octopus metal let me just take a bite of the head it’s slightly sweet I would have imagined it to be sweeter the way like it’s colored but what’s nice is that the octopus it’s tender I thought was gonna be a lot more chewy you generally don’t see this in Tokyo family’s I haven’t seen it in Tokyo I just love how they put the quail egg in there whoever thought to put a quail egg in an octopus what her brilliant idea right number two tamagoyaki at Tanaka Caterham this shop is known for its ultra fluffly an elegant tasting – t-midi talaga made only with their high-end kyoto eggs and she-monkey tamago is a type of tamagoyaki but it uses a special dashi soup and is usually not sweet their baby omelette is also quite popular but today I’m gonna show you their signature dashi monkey tamago look it’s so so this is a cute little special called Quixote Maki the eggs are from Kyoto itself and they’ve just made it fresh just now it’s just a so soft and fluffy you can see it just like bouncing right now let’s take a friend spike that’s amazing it’s seasoned perfectly it’s like a hint of salt sometimes the tamagoyaki is like a little too sweet for my liking this is perfectly seasoned and it’s so light like you could eat this all by yourself no problem but it’s always better to share with someone so Michael Tom meow [Music] it’s like the seasoning is perfect as paolo said it’s rude pop you know what the one is that you get it sweetie it’s like really hard I mean like that but that one’s as good as this but this is super soft and nice number three soy milk cream kuroky at Kona mangia so this shop specializes in tofu and they have to so many different like tofu renditions they have soy milk doughnuts nuba sashimi and they even have soy milk South Korea but as you guys know I love fried food and I had to go with their soy milk cream core okay they’re usually but cookies and just fried mashed potatoes look at this what they’ve done just breathe dream in there that’s like a nice variety shell and it’s still warm at the touch oh you can still to see the steam coming off that is a taste of heaven nice and crispy outside shell I don’t know if you can see there’s like a little brown a little chunked in there they’ve actually have some at engi so mushroom is in there which is nice it gives it kind of like a mushroom soup kind of taste and it’s delicious it’s so soft I can barely hold it like smashing [Music] it’s so creamy knowing that it’s healthy any fried food [Music] check it out there’s even a fire here number four boys errs at what time what Don is one of the few shops where you can eat giant fresh oysters and other sashimi it’s always full so when you find an open seat just grab it bigger is bigger are you sure look how big these oysters are it’s bigger than my head feels like it’s bigger than my head we’ve been walking up and down in front of pine the place has the biggest oysters in this place does and there’s actually a nice seat here which is pretty cool as well so you can eat just right in front of the store wow that is thick that is insanely creamy that’s one of the creamiest oysters I’ve had look at the juices in there look at that it’s amazing you don’t get regular likes like I’ve been in the States and about oysters but they’re never this big these are just huge I was like a meal in itself what I love about this place is that you can just order all this actually meet just right here number five fish get get but it’s innate a lot vocal medicine is known for their amazing handmade fried fish cakes I just get so Marge Simpson crunk just looking at the items on their menu it’s still hot this is very you the skin which is made out of tofu but also supposed to have it maybe in it which is shrimp they just served it right now so it’s like still hot it’s like almost burning my hand suppose that you didn’t a in it which is supposed to be a root opened up there you go look at that it’s basically it’s a fish cake and it has all these different ingredients that’s good you can see how oily it is my hands you see my fingers are just straight up oil but it’s delicious so the outer skin is a little bit like hard and crispy but not so much and then the inside is chewy like a normal fish cake should be I like it because it’s sweeter and fluffier than a lot of fish cakes that I’ve tried if you can definitely taste the umami in here like there’s a lot of flavor there’s like it’s amazing how much flavor that they’ve packed into this number six world fish at No Deal no tio is a river fish specialty store dating back to 1912 they are for seasonal fish like this sweet fish original but be prepared it may not be for everyone I know come on go hide today government check out this I you so the lady says you can eat everything you can see how salted that tail is mmm I got history it’s stuck in my teeth is that recommendation don’t eat the head unless you want their teeth second mmm look at that but check out all the eggs in there the brown stomach lining or whatever guts is not my favorite so my final take it’s actually worth trying because you know you don’t get this a lot the eggs actually tastes pretty good the meat is good the only thing is there’s a lot of bones so if you’re not into bones then maybe like avoid this one it’s worth trying I think you wanna hear a little something different just don’t eat bad now let me take you outside of the market number seven cheese start at bake this one is located in Panama eat kill Boca be honored to the Isaac I wasn’t planning on doing this because they already have a shop in Tokyo but it’s just so good that I had to recommend it if they have the regular cheese tart but right now they have again pay which means limited time only and they’re doing a blueberry version of it let me just show you what it looks inside oh the same old cheesecake look at that creamy filling involved it has a blueberry in there and has a cheesecake in this nice crusty shell all right so let’s take the first way [Music] so it’ll is just perfect creaminess shell itself is so crusty that’s like a hard cookie kind of crust the soft portion here almost like a pudding inside is that creamy and the blueberry tart is it goes well together and a hard crunchy cookie shell it is a winning combination plus it’s my second one today already number eight karaage from the machine yeah but mission is an award-winning karaage joint with several shops located only in kyoto so this shop behind me has a pride chicken and you guys know I love a fried chicken one thing that’s nice about this place it has all different toppings for the fried chicken and I have all about the toppings as teriyaki mayonnaise and as mayonnaise it even has matcha flavor but if you’re familiar with my videos you know I love spicy food so I had to go over the golden cayenne pepper now let’s see how spicy this is look at that you can see all of the spices that are wrapped in it’s almost like the McDonald and shuck a shuck of chicken this just makes me so happy that spice kicks you right away it is spicy it is spicy it’s salty it’s a fried and it’s good meat is tender hard crispy crispy outside maybe it’s because when we ordered it it was freshly fried that’s probably one of the nice things about this lights is when you order it they fry it right away it might be over season for some people I’m actually okay with the salt I got I like salty foods but people that don’t like salty foods it may be a little bit too much so I suggest asking them to just like go easy on the toppings number nine black ramen at go Gill situated on a side street next to Nitschke market you’ll find this unique ramen shop it’s not your typical ramen shop as it’s been designed more like an izakaya aka drinking restaurant offering various side dishes and hotpot items and this shop is owned by the same company who created the Buddha Roman famous tonkotsu ramen shop so I just got the brunt any sell ramen it’s cool because it has some noodles and that’s mr. Shue look at that no D of course even up cabbage in there this is a special one it’s a little bigger than like an average normal one in this case a soup it’s actually not as thick as I thought it was gonna be pretty soupy the noodles are thin the noodles are like a little bit harder than normal it has its own unique flavor and abroad but you don’t get any of the bitterness that you would think from burning it it’s quite delicious it’s tasteless of chashu that Joss dude hits the spot you can taste the burnt flavor in there cuz like it’s been oven roasted what I like about a soup and it has a lot of chopped onions in there all about that egg like how they just give you one and a half dates it’s like oh not to just one a now I’m digging this and number ten Mellon pond at kofuku dough had to finish off for this newly opened up on bread shop tucked away on the sidewalk of the Main Street Shido Dodie just walking by you’re instantly hit by the sweet smells of the freshly baked goods [Music] all right look we got met Ambani Kyoto they just gave it to us and it’s still warm so it’s nothing the soft cream they had much on vanilla scent with a vanilla because it’s the one that’s sold the most here in here it’s like still hard to the touch you can see that they still have like the sugar crystals the top not a lot like some melon problem that I’ve had before but it still looks like this have some nothing a bite of this oh that is a sugary shot gun to the dome oh it feels like I’m eating like frosted flakes bread itself is so sugary and crunchy this is insanely good I love how crunchy and warm the meta fun is when you bite in you get this a hit of cold vanilla ice cream goes so well together they’re picking it the melon phone just by itself but my recommendation is to get the vanilla ice cream with it oh man I can’t I can’t stop eating this good the bread filling this part is like well nothing to biscuit or something it’s like you eat cookie ice cream with a little bit of puffiness pudding he totally quick internet we just had a ramen but I ain’t no all right so that concludes at my top 10 street food in Kyoto I’m always trying to make these videos better so let me know what you liked about this video as well as tell me what you didn’t like them something that you want me to improve so that I can make these videos better for you guys and if you want to see more of my guides in Tokyo or throughout Japan I would use the video every Saturday morning Japan time and definitely subscribe and hit that Bell button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one


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