Japanese Supermarket Tour with Food Prices | Buying Groceries in Japan

so if there’s something you need to know
about Sam it’s that he loves supermarkets wherever he goes anytime
we’re visiting in new country or even in new city for it uh-huh I have to go in
and check out the supermarket yeah not just to get the essentials I need to go
through every aisle he does hey guys now that we’re in Nikko, Japan take a look at
this this is probably one of the most scenic backdrops I’ve ever seen for a
supermarket there is a mountain behind it but yeah so we’re gonna be going
inside and showing you guys what a Japanese supermarket is like this is our
first supermarket here in Japan so let’s go let’s go lead the way my friend this
is all you he’s doing it with pep in his step
oh yeah supermarket or oh yeah he’s got his little basket all right let’s go
this is somewhere in between a basket in a cart I mean it is a cart but look how
small it is you’re gonna put your basket in there that’s how it’s done so let’s
go in I’ll probably have to open the door for you no I’ve got it he’s got it he’s
got it okay he’s got it fresh produce yes you I’ve been eating a
lot of these cucumbers these are actually one of the most affordable
fruits and vegetables in in Japan I’m telling you fruits and vegetable
time to be really expensive but look at this I get three for 158 Yen if you just
chomps on them like that just like that I need to get some greens in my body
really okay and today – Wow it’s like a rabbit and some of the most expensive
fruit you can find is watermelon just a half of watermelon
780 Yen you’re talking seven US dollars at the last place we stayed
there’s Olympic grocery store in Tokyo there’s a whole one that costs I think
it is 20 no 2000 Yen which is about 19 US dollars and fruit usually comes wrapped dude like
gold 498 Yen that’s like about five dollars less than five dollars less than one
half all but one thing I’ll say about the quality of Japanese Cruiser produces
its next yeah so I mean you pay a fortune but it
does taste really good that being said I’m not sure I’m willing
to pay five dollars for a single Apple whoa
leaks whoa well leaks are cheap we’re not gonna be making any soup or anything
as a sword or like a baseball bat okay Audrey hear is something that’s affordable carrot carrots for 125 Yen. That is just about over US buck. are you gonna pull a Bugs Bunny no cucumbers are
enough cucumbers are enough ooh look at those Mandarin yeah again pricey
$9.00 980 Yen so you’re talking about nine US dollars for six little mandarins they are out of season though you buy them in the winter. It is summer now.
not yeah so I’m still carrying around my peanut butter and jelly so I’m gonna
need some but bananas are probably the cheapest food how much these I think
it’s either to get to 98 for the package I could be wrong or it might be that might
be four per unit or a banana or per 100 grams either way these tend to be
relatively affordable so we’re getting some bananas for me and it’s lots of
three options Kiwis pamplemousse what it was called Oh
grapefruits are those turnips I think these are white radish
the size of it you like I have a good what do you call this a saber something
I see man it’s heavy too again that’s a good price I’m not sure if that is for the
whole thing or just per unit I think it might be per unit it says one I have a feeling that could be a unit
but I do not read a Japanese nor do I speak it so we also have some pickled
items these would be like little side dishes ooh
remember when we almost had that on ice cream yes yeah where were we we took a
day trip Kamakura yes where they had fish flavored ice cream it no thank
you this is a deal guys only 464 Yen no that’s
not the price it’s five eight oh no it’s on sale twenty five twenty percent off
for sashimi that looks good that looks like salmon and tuna could be a
frontrunner for dinner yeah we are shopping for dinner by the way more
sashimi options this one’s amazing 980 now Sam has found snails or are those
many clams those are many classes not 239 Yen that’s it that’s a good deal but
again how are we gonna eat those how are you we are eventually going to reach the the
pre-made meal suction I think that’s where dinners going to be coming from
I’m thinking of getting the seaweed look at that 187 Yen you go wrong at that price good
doesn’t even look like a salad that’s just seaweed. The Sushi section.
it is Sam’s we found the pre-made food section Woah! If you were a hungry boy or girl
it’s normally 580 on sale for 464 Yen 24 percent pieces that looks really good let me go
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 by 3 Wow yeah 27 pieces this should be this is your meal
this looks good which one do you think you want? I’m thinking about this one that’s a good price but there’s also another one here so many
options I’m also thinking this one too although it doesn’t have that stuff you
like I do but it doesn’t have any any salmon pieces might be a deal breaker
with you I am going with this one can’t beat that 580 Yen that’s a good
price it’s about five US dollars in the basket it goes gonna be my primary
option for dinner yeah I don’t think you can get the sushi is that cheap in
Canada no way that’s that’s actually a bar over here just give me here gyoza is
good the only thing is we don’t have a microwave how much there is we’re
getting this look how many pieces you get for 398 Yen it’s 10 10 pieces for
like less than 4 US dollars all right we are piecing dinner together her those are good too takoyaki takoyaki as well did you have a
big appetite uh no we’ve we’ve had a lot of takoyaki
so I’m not like particularly craving it right no okay
there’s also yakisoba yakisoba yeah stir fried noodles it’s a good price 298
look at all the three look at all the spring rolls you get for 298 Mapo tofu It looks like mapu tofu yeah like the prepackaged meal options in Japan at both
the supermarkets and convenience stores is legendary like you just be eating
all day long from here and that’s kind of what’s the time with you grab our
meal so we go to supermarket or the convenience store another option
yakitori yakitori croquettes we’re not sure
what’s inside of them there’s probably labels that explain it
but yeah the ones we’ve had have been pork with lots of onion you know what I
think you tempura mmm nice jumbo shrimps 30% off normally for 474 Yen on sale for 331
you know I’m terrified of tempura because of something you bought home you
brought home the other day do you remember Sam thought he was getting me
vegetable tempura and it was fat it was like fatty tendon yeah I couldn’t even
eat it and I’ve been scarred for life ever since
haven’t had tempura are you off of tempura? for a while so here we have some set meals check that
out that Fancy little bento box sets 398 Yen and you get rice with nori
salmon this insane value cat some you can get a little side dishes and omelettes
do you think we should add that to our and you even get a little pasta should we add that to our dinner can we eat that much
that’s the question is there anything we’d put away I don’t know no no this
all looks really good no we still have a few more days left
here we’ll be back and look you can even get some kind of like American style
style pasta spaghetti why should we should say
that’s Italian yeah I don’t know that sauce is its look
again here’s something to keep in mind Hear is something to keep in mind guys is that in the evening that’s when
they start to discount the food yeah you usually get an initial discount of like
20% and then if you come right before it cools this sometimes you get even more
like 30 40 percent off yeah you’ve got some sandwiches happening over it whoa whoa
that’s like a hotdog bun what is that with spaghetti and tomato so it’s only
it’s less than a dollar now 102 Yen 20% off but still I’m not willing to do that no this
is the Japanese sweet section I think these are Mochis these are like little
pancakes stuffed with red bean psate I may be ready in case could be sakura flavored like
Cherry Blossom I think it’s only 178 or strawberry once a week I say we add this
to the dinner dinner basket is this like matcha cake or something green tea cake it is on 113 Yen but this looks beautiful I’m tempted to get this one too we are
now in the drinks section this is pretty special here in Japanese supermarkets you
won’t find a country that offers more iced coffee beverages like look at this
yeah just an entire section and they’re all they all feature copious amounts of
sugar yeah you know what they’re pretty good
I’ve gone hooked I know they are really good it’s almost like having a like a
coffee yeah yeah they’re quite thick quite thick so
it is a bit like a milkshake I’ve never really looked at the frozen section in a Japanese grocery store. You can get frozen berries little pizza type things french fries
interesting it’s mostly it’s even some frozen noodles interesting I’m pretty
excited for what we have going on here I’ve got to say I know it’s it’s looking better all of the time here’s
the ice cream section guys and there’s a whole there’s like three or four
different options for just green tea matcha ice cream and then look there’s
mochi down there as people keep all frozen mochi you know what that’s a good
price we had mochi stuffed with ice cream and we were in Malaysia we went to
Street Market oh so good these are just individual ones you can
buy it yeah I’ve had this one before of course there’s Ben and Jerry’s yeah
yeah the the for the foreign ice cream is more expensive look you’ve got Haagen Daaz over here
here and uh different kinds of haagen-dazs Salty caramel I caught you eating that
on more than one occasion you must be sandwich Hagen does so let’s
talk about snacks and chips because they’ve got some pretty unusual flavors
one of my favorite ones and they also have even created these are just awesome
they you don’t like them no I think they’re great I think they’re absolutely
great oh I just saw those these are seaweed flavored ones shrimp crackers with seaweed flavor is also
more seaweed flavor here but chips with seaweed I just saw them right there
they’re they’re seaweed and salt taste yeah I love those Sam brought those home
the other day and oh my gosh that was so disappointing you do like oh no okay so
when we traveled in Argentina I was fascinated that they had like an entire
wall dedicated to Yerba Mate here here’s green see it’s green tea look at
all the different kinds you can get I can’t I honestly can’t say what’s
different between them some of them are obviously we love like powders and
others are tea bags I actually got these my last apartment I had a bigger box
something like fifty or sixty and we drank them all get a pack of it but you
know what at our hotel we have free tea free green you can get it hot or iced yes you can now
ramen noodles No tour of a Japanese grocery store would
be complete without showing all the ramen and let’s look these are all just
cups of ramen an entire huge aisle like let me show you it goes all the way down
here all ramen all ramen and on the other side are we also looking at ramen
no we’ve got some soups instant miso soups so of them these are like instant miso soup some of
them ah yeah do you have a favorite type of
ramen of like the noodle cup variety right to be honest I’ve mostly just
tried Korean ones yeah the Shin Ramen Shin Ramen is my favorite which would be right here so
we found the cookie cracker aisle and check out the shrimp stuff I’ve never
had these crackers never had these there’s only 158 Yen the only 158 you
get a pretty big pack they’re very light very light we also have peanuts yeah and
wasabi flavor nuts flavor of course where she would of course do you like
thoseyou never them have we I don’t think they have actually here it’s going into this going in the container
okay maybe that’ll be a snack for hiking tomorrow yeah yeah we’ve got quite a bit
of food for tonight I’m not sure we need all of it oh and there’s a soju
not soju there’s a sake sake aisle I’ll check out all these bottles
yep I can’t say I know which is good or yeah never bought one but it’s not
astronomically priced. No some of them you get like for like under ten bucks Under 1000 Yen yeah
seaweed my friends seaweed makes an appearance in so many meals it is for
rolling like sushi yeah like these are more snack size oh sorry these are more
snack sized okay so you can eat them on their own or you can also just take
these little ones and kind of wrap them around some rice that you ar eating for a much more
delicious taste of course there also is an international wine section it’s not
just sake really nice collection of wines here we drink this yeah wine all
that because that and I’ll show you know this is what we have to keep that at
home it’s on sale. Frontera. Frontera from Chile Cab Sav it’s a really
nice table wine I mean it’s not gonna be the best wine you’ve ever had but it’s
really really good for the price yes it’s only 498 Yen so you’re talking
like four something US bucks that is cheaper than what we pay in Canada what is
going on you’re gonna have a Chilean wine with a Japanese dinner. Exactly. wow I guess
at that price though it’s kind of hard to argue because it probably costs
double in Canada. Cool, I’ve never seen this before. Look at this. this is like what would you would even
call this a tin of beer for like a festival or like drinking in your
backyard like this and like chug it if you having a barbecue you wanted to
drink some nice beer. Wow. look there’s a huge beer section here to
So the main beers that I’ve been able to notice here I don’t know if I’m saying this right saying
this right I see Asahi Asahi Kurin is another major brand Sapporo as well
oh you’ve had that one you know I’ve had that a lot those are the three big ones
I think okay I see them in supermarkets
all the time but tonight its wine its wine something this town Nikko is
known for its the tofu skin tofu skin look this is there’s all
different kinds you can get from here you know we’re gonna make an effort to
go out to a restaurant and actually try some dishes made with champion
enrollment form and I think also watch another video someone try to deceive
with sushi instead of nori instead of seaweed it was wrapped in tofu skin I
try that right Sam okay I think I’ve got
everything let’s have a quick to you one more time so we’ve got mochi
we’ve got bananas cucumbers is that the wasabi flavored peanuts tempura tempura
sushi gyoza and wine I think we’re doing well okay I’ll let you know the final
price for that check out so you know scanning out and they
basically transfer the items from one basket to the next to make sure they
haven’t missed anything and then you get the basket and you bring it over to this
bagging section and you put everything in plastic bags so that was amazing
in this tiny little town they spoke to us and in fluent English first time at a grocery store
first time here in Japan yep that is all of our time in Osaka and I know we’ve
been here what like a month and a half was impressive I know very nice lady do
so you can buy things here they have lots of plastic bags and tape and string
so yeah putting Sam to work so I’ll let you guys know the price point as soon as
we get outside yeah it’s a pretty good deal yeah we’ll just finish bagging
everything or they also you should mention they give you sets of chopsticks so they
do yeah and the chopsticks in Japan come with a toothpick so that you can clean your teeth
afterwards I know they think of everything over here customer service to
the max there we go two bags we’ll take out grocery shopping mission
accomplished yep so price point was two thousand five hundred and fifteen yen
which is just under twenty three US dollars I think that’s an absolute steal
look at all the stuff you bags full of wine includes food includes fruit
vegetables snacks so yeah that’s gonna be more than just one meal obviously yes
and the other one to last us a couple nights too so that’s fantastic also I
feel like we need to take a moment to appreciate the beauty right there like
New Year’s the supermarket with the mountains yes they’re so hot when we
first arrived and now the temperature is wonderful so yeah I’m gonna go back and
eat this and maybe go for a walk later anyways hope you guys enjoyed this
Japanese supermarket tour and yeah please let us know what you thought was
the most interesting part if you’ve tried any of these items or you would
like to try some of these items bye for now


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