Jhatka ka Experiment – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Big brother, you are always working on some experiment day and night. Come let us go outside, the weather is good. My friend, my brother, please leave from here right now. Wherever you go you create trouble. It seems trouble follows you. Big brother, don’t say that, I’m famous for solving people’s problems. Isn’t that right Patlu? Yes, Motu is always helping others. However, it’s a completely different thing. That Motu is the reason for all of my problems. Ghasitaram you tell me, am I that bad? Oh my lord! What do I say? Wherever you go, problems follow. This is a lie, this isn’t true. If you guys prove it, then I will believe it. Where is this smell coming from? Oh, god! What did you do? Run now, before this blasts. Run!! Big Brother, what’s wrong? Why are you running? Now, do you need any more proof? Hey, run away, these fruits are ours. Hush! Hurr! I need to finish my experiment by tomorrow. Thank god Motu and Patlu aren’t here. Oh my lord! We had put up only one tent, where did these two come from? I swear on my patients that we had set only one tent. Who is making all those noise, not letting us sleep? Dr. Jhatka, what are you guys doing here? When did you set this campfire? That’s good that you have come. We will all have a picnic together. You will not stop following us, stay away stay away, this is our campfire, you light your own. No problem, we will light our own campfire. You are eating everything by yourself, won’t you share it with your guests. We don’t have any matchsticks or lighter. How are we going to light this up? Give me our stick back, whatever you want to do, do it yourself and stay away from us. Here, take your stick. Why are you being such a miser? Hey, if that stick falls on my table then there will be a blast. I will not stay here even for a minute. Who’s at the bottom? Nobody, help!! Run away or else I will burn you. Help!! Somebody help!!! I feel sorry for Dr. Jhatka. Yes, its his bad luck, what can we do? Those who have friends like you will have a bad luck. Hey Ghasitey, take this rope and tie it somewhere. Now no one can disturb me. Now I will conduct the experiment in peace. Big brother, if you want any kind of help let us know. We will come up. All the help I need is that you stay down and stay away from me. Please let me come up once, big brother just once. Don’t even try coming up, I shall shoot you down. Ok, I won’t come. Wow! It’s so much fun up here. I wish I could light a campfire up here, that would have been more fun. Thanks a lot friend. Now I can light a campfire up here. And we all will have fun. Big brother, come up and see how much fun we are having. Look how the monkeys dance. You came up here and what are the monkeys doing up here? They are enjoying the campfire. Otherwise when will they ever get this opportunity. What? A campfire on top of the balloon. Oh! No!!!!! Look. Motu, why are you after me? Why is big brother not with us? Why does he keep running away from us? If we are together, we can face any kind of danger together. You are the biggest danger, and that’s what he is trying to run away from. Hey, somebody save me otherwise this crocodile will eat me. Big brother, that’s such a beautiful crocodile. Take a picture quickly. Stand next to it, holding its hands and I will take a picture from here. Ok? I will not be seen next to it but inside it. Quickly throw me the torch and a stick, I will try to scare it away. Hey, stay away. Hush!! Hurr!! No, now I won’t give you a burning stick, you scold me every time I do that. Oh my lord! Motu throw that stick. The crocodile is closing in. My friends, bye. Forgive me for anything I may have done wrong. Motu, hurry up, do something. No, I will do that only if Dr.Jhatka says sorry. OK, sorry my friend. Hush!! Hurr!! Get away from here. It’s not time for dinner yet. Run!! Thank you Motu, thank you very much. Now what’s that smell? Big brother, help!! I don’t think Dr. Jhatka is going to leave Motu today. Today Motu is dead. Sorry big brother. Once again, forgive me please. Not just once, you make mistakes a hundred times, if you want. A friend like you is difficult to find, a friend who would put himself in danger to save you. Dr. Jhatka, today we won’t let Motu go. There is a limit to tolerance. Don’t you dare say anything to Motu. He is the only friend who put himself in danger to save me. You didn’t come. Motu my friend, my dear, lets have a picnic together. Let’s forget about the experiment. Oh my lord! What happened to Jhatka?

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