JiaJie Big Cao Tour Part.1[Battle Trip/2019.03.31]

(Numerous great tips on trips) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hwijae) (Special host, Jeong Yein) Travel is war. Battle Trip. (Battle Trip) This is like an army morale-boosting concert. – Today’s vibe… / – It’s like we’re in a military camp. – For sure. / – It brings back memories. It’s all because of Yein. – I know. / – That’s right. So that’s why… To celebrate March, we are having the world is a school special. For the past 2 weeks, we had domestic trips for the world is a school special to Seoul and Busan planned by Seol Minseok. – That’s right. / – We did. Watching the trips, I realized that I didn’t know Seoul had so many historic places. So, Yein went to those… – Places herself. / – What? – I did. / – She posted the photos. – Right? / – That’s right. I could see more things after learning the history. I didn’t want to miss it, so I went there myself. Well done. – Who did you go with? / – Give her a big hand. – I went alone. / – Alone? – Alone? / – Yes. Alright, now we are going abroad to learn. It’s the world is a school special part 2. I was worried if there’s a trip planner as good as Seol Minseok. But I’m telling you there are. – It exists. / – It turns out there are. – That’s right. / – They do exist. Let’s bring out the trip planners for this week. Please come on out. Please come on out. – Nice to meet you. / – My goodness. Hello. Taehoon has been here many times. This is his third time already. – Right. / – He knows… A lot of things. I’m sure you all know Dr. Yang Jewoong. He’s a psychiatrist. The best part about a psychiatrist is that they are good listeners. – They really are. / – They listen. They make me want to talk. – That’s true. / – So a good listener teamed up… With a good talker. They are a perfect match. If that’s the case, our team is amazing too. – They’re hard to beat. / – We have Lee Hyejung. Once you find out where she went, I’ll feel sorry for you. I’m sorry. I’ve seen a bit of it. – I’m sorry. / – It’s so… How do you know each other? I’m very interested in cooking, so I wanted to be friends with her. Before we went on a trip, I didn’t even know Cao Lu was Chinese. But when we got there, I realized she was Chinese. – When you arrived. / – Yes. Did you think she was a Korean with an accent? I just thought she was a bit cheeky. If Cao Lu went to her hometown… – Isn’t it against the rules? / – It’s not fair for us. – But you have Kim Taehoon. / – Of course. I wonder where they went for their trips. Let’s find out now. Cao Lu, did you go to your hometown? Where did you go? That’s right, we went to my hometown. But… So we went to China. Which part of China? – We went to Zhangjiajie. / – Zhangjiajie. – Zhangjiajie? / – Yes. – We went there. / – Are you from Zhangjiajie? – Yes, I am. / – She is. Since I’m a local, I didn’t want to go to the obvious places. Then you wouldn’t even need me. So I’m going to introduce hidden places that haven’t been revealed in Korea yet. Hidden places? When you try to book flight tickets, you should know the exact name of the place. Tell us how it’s pronounced. – Zhangjiajie. / – That’s right. Zhangjiajie. That’s how you should search for the tickets. or search on the Internet. That’s a good tip. Hyejung is a gourmet. So she will give honest reviews on the dishes she eats. That’s what you do. You don’t like Chinese food. If you come with me, you’ll get to taste a lot of good dishes. – You will be amazed. / – I believe you. Is there a reason you decided to go to Zhangjiajie? It’s a great place to go with your parents. – With your parents? / – Yes. – It has beautiful scenery… / – True. – And the air is so fresh. / – You’re right. There are good facilities there… – So you can move around easily. / – Right. – We can’t let them win. / – That’s right. There are two kinds of countries and cities in the world. – My goodness. / – That sounds great. There are countries you can actually visit. And there are ones you can only see on a map. – Only on a map? / – Will I ever go there? Right. I usually go to places like that. I can prove it to you right here in front of the audience. People who have been to China, raise your hands. – There are a lot. / – A lot of them have. Let me ask you this. Have you been to Angkor Wat, Cambodia? Me. That’s more than I expected. A lot of people went there. Don’t raise your hands. So, where did you go? It’s a city of ancient civilizations with a 1000-year-old mystery. – We went to Siem Reap, Cambodia. / – Siem Reap. I’ve heard it before. I really want to go to Angkor Wat. I watched the movie, “Tomb Raider,” and thought the movie was filmed in a movie set. I thought places like that don’t exist. We didn’t meet Angelina Jolie during the trip, but we heard she was there recently… – So we got a whiff of her air. / – Right. – Angelina Jolie? / – Yes. – She was there? / – You got to smell her trail? Angkor Wat smells of her all the time. The smell of Angelina Jolie? Since the last time we met, you’ve gotten better at lying. I’m excited. Zhangjiajie and Siem Reap both have a lot to see. And we will introduce many historic places too. Let’s begin the world is a school special. Please welcome our 100 judges in the audience. Nice to meet you. (100 judges in the audience) First, we will go to Zhangjiajie, China. Let’s find out where it is. – I don’t know where it is. / – Let’s look at the map. – Where is it? / – Is that where it is? It’s below Beijing and Shanghai. It’s in between Chongqing and Guangzhou. – Between Chongqing and Guangzhou. / – It’s south. We saw a lot of photos and videos Zhangjiajie in the summer. But I don’t know what it looks like in winter. – How is it? / – It must be cold. – It’s very cold. / – If it’s located inland, it’s cold, right? Actually, I was very surprised when I got there. Before I left, I checked the weather. And it said it’s about 5 to 7°C. So I thought I would dress lightly to look slim. – So I took light clothing. / – Right. It felt like it was below freezing with the windchill factor. – It’s really cold. / – I bet. If you go there in February or March, make sure to bring warm clothes. If you’re sensitive to cold weather, you should go there from April to November. That’s the best time to go. – After watching this show… / – April to November. – You should book your tickets. / – That’s right. I heard you need a raincoat… – In Zhangjiajie. / – It rains a lot. – That’s right, People say… / – Right. Zhangjiajie feels colder because it’s humid. It rains about 200 days a year in Zhangjiajie. – It rains more than half the year. / – So… You always need an umbrella there. I heard it’s good to go there with parents because they accept Korean currency. – Is that true? / – Yes. That’s true. There are a lot of Korean tourists, so they accept both Korean and Chinese money. So you went to places that have never been introduced in Korean shows. That’s right. Once you watch it, you will be very surprised. Do you have a team name? Yes, we do. – It’s Jiajie Big Cao Tour. / – Jiajie Big Cao Tour. Let’s watch it. (Jiajie Big Cao Tour starts) Do you know where I am now? If there’s a paradise in this world… – This must be it. / – I’ve seen a doll like that before. – She’s cute. / – As a World Natural Heritage Site. – Isn’t it cool? / – The scenery is unbeatable. The first forest park in China, Zhangjiajie. I’m Cao Lu, born in the most beautiful place in the world. Then let’s begin the trip in Zhangjiajie. – Shall we go? / – Shall we? – Shall we? / – Let’s go. Jiajie Big Cao Tour. It really feels like a home shopping channel. This is a mysterious place. I love this place. – Did you go there? / – So scary. Yes. They’re walking on the side. A lot of people go to Zhangjiajie. Jiajie Big Cao Tour. Is Zhangjiajie a warm city? It’s near Guangzhou. Sichuan is beside Zhangjiajie. – Really? / – Hubei is above Zhangjiajie. – Zhangjiajie is in Hunan Province. / – I see. Zhangjiajie is warmer than Korea. It’s about 5 to 10°C in winter. But it’s humid, so it feels colder than Korea. Snow recently fell. Snow fell. Does it not snow often? Cao Lu is saying that because she’s polite. She formally addressed the snow. (Polite) Snow recently fell. – In Zhangjiajie? / – Yes. It rarely snows in the south. It hasn’t snowed for years. But it snowed a month ago. People think we should go to Zhangjiajie in summer. It’s magnificent. It must look amazing with snow. – You’ll see. / – We got to see it with snow. – It’s snow and ice. / – It must’ve been cool. So I’ll be the trip planner. – Because I’m from Zhangjiajie. / – Really? I speak Zhangjiajie dialect. – She’s so reliable. / – Right. I’m envious. Her Korean might be awkward, but when she speaks Chinese… She would look cool. – Right. / – They’ll love her. You should share your knowledge of food. – Chinese food varies by region. / – Right. I wonder what Zhangjiajie food will be like. Seafood is expensive in Hunan Province. Because it’s located inland. – It’s an inland area. / – Yes, it is. It’s located inland. So they eat hares, wild boars, and snakes. – Really? / – And… Let’s not eat snakes though. Snakes? If I don’t tell you it’s a snake, you wouldn’t know. Because when it’s fried, it’s like fish. Really? You should tell me. – Why don’t you try it? / – I don’t want to. If you eat snakes, you’ll get good stamina. I don’t need that. – When we go… / – She doesn’t need it. Even if it’s a softshell turtle, a hare or whatever… What about snakes? Not snakes. – Except for the snakes. / – Okay. I’ll try them all. And if it tastes good, let’s try this. I’m a show host on a home shopping network. We can try selling them… – I… / – On a home shopping show. – Okay. / – Let’s sell all the dishes there. (Will they be able to sell all the dishes there?) Shall we leave for Zhangjiajie? A mysterious place. A place even cooler. My dream was going to Zhangjiajie with Cao Lu. I was dressed in layers. It must’ve been great. She looked cute. It was amazing. I’ll never forget it. (Cao Lu, the trip planner of Zhangjiajie) Our target is 70%. 80% in sales. We’re almost sold out, hurry. (Which dishes are chosen by her?) It was unbelievable. (It’s so delicious) It was delicious. – Those noodles… / – It really was. It was so good. (Their trip to Zhangjiajie starts now) (Zhangjiajie) (3-hour plane ride, yuan, visa is mandatory) My gosh, we’re finally here, right? Actually, we’re not there yet. We’re only halfway there. We’re in Changsha. We’re not in Zhangjiajie yet. It’s because there is no direct flight from Seoul to Zhangjiajie. – Really? / – Yes. The direct flights are only in Busan. – Is that so? / – People who live in Busan… Can get there on a direct flight. Since we left from Seoul, we have to pass through Changsha first and take a bus for 3 to 4 hours. – Then, you’ll be in Zhangjiajie. / – 5 hours by bus? It must be really nice to travel to China with a Chinese person who is fluent in Korean. – Exactly. / – It would be fun too. There are 3 ways to get to Zhangjiajie. – What are our options? / – Taking a plane ride. Taking a domestic flight transfer. – We can take the bus or the train. / – The train? Which option will we go with? – We’ll take the bus today. / – We’ll go via bus? We’ll go to the bus terminal. And we just need to hop on a bus to Zhangjiajie. I guess China is really big. China is a large country. Going anywhere in China takes minimum of 2 hours. What’s san xia guo? It’s the most famous local dish. It’s called san xia guo. (It’s the best city to travel to in Hunan Province) (Zhangjiajie, the top national tourist destination) You know what? How can the cable car be here? – We’re in the city center. / – That’s right. How can there be a cable car here? This leads to Tianmen Mountain. Tianmen Mountain. Sun Wukong might be here. – The thing is… / – Right. That goes across the whole city. – The cable cars? / – Yes. That’s the world’s longest cable car. It takes more than 30 minutes. – 30 minutes on that cable car? / – Yes. It’s fun. That’s fun too. It looks like fun. – Today is our first day here. / – Yes. To have fun and enjoy our time here… – We must invigorate ourselves. / – Invigorate? We’ll get to invigorate ourselves here? The dish is called san xia guo. – San xia guo? / – Yes. It has pork, beef, pork innards, beef innards, and chicken innards. Innards. It has head meat too. What are you saying? (I can’t eat things like that) I have a bad feeling. This is the place. (She sits down while feeling anxious) (This is an extra small size) I don’t care anymore. The chair is too small. She’s so cute. (Uncomfortable) Is my bottom big? It’s so tight. I feel like I’m sitting on the edge of my seat. (I hope there won’t be any weird food here) They don’t serve snakes here, right? You can’t read the menu, right? I don’t know what it says here. Don’t worry. Let me tell you why it’s called san xia guo. It has three types of innards inside. – Is that why? / – Yes, san xia guo. We chose three. Three. And “xia” means to lower. Lower three innards in the pot. I see. – It’s number three like one, two, three. / – Right. Pig head and small intestines. Beef tripe, pork tripe. And lu rou. And chicken giblets. And lamb innards. You know the animal that cries like this? (There’s not much I can eat) – Lamb innards. / – Then we can choose… – Then the pig head… / – The pig head. – And beef tripe. / – Beef tripe. – And you said there’s chicken earlier. / – Yes. And this place is famous for lu rou. Yes, let’s try one of those. Let’s order one. I am scared though. You don’t eat the innards because of the smell? Or… It’s not that, there are other things I’d rather eat. You’ll like lu rou. It’s similar to pork belly. It tastes like smoked pork belly. You’ll be okay. – She looks grim. / – Her expression… Her expression tells all. She’s about to bolt if they serve her snakes. – She looks very uncomfortable. / – I was cautious… In case Cao Lu lies about the snake. (The trip planner exudes the presence of a local) What does that mean? I asked if this was free. (It’s free) When you go to an old traditional restaurant in Korea, there are old murals like that. – That’s right. / – Just like those… I guess these are Chinese folk art, right? Those are people from the old times. (Tujia people’s traditional food from Zhangjiajie) That looks good. That’s a common ingredient we eat. – Like chicken and such. / – I think I can… Finish every drop of it. – That was really good. / – It looks good. – Is this a bucket of rice? / – That’s rice. – That’s amazing. / – That looks good. What’s that? That’s beef tripe. – Beef tripe? / – Yes. Cows have four stomachs. The first stomach is called rumen. And the second one is called reticulum. And the third one is omasum, which looks tattered. And there’s abomasum. – There are 4 in total. / – Omasum is good. Yes, that’s delicious, we eat that raw in Korea. And this one is gizzard. – I love gizzards. / – I only ate those. That looks delicious. – That’s the best in China. / – Exactly. This one is the pig head. Wait, so they cook all the ingredients we ordered… – Together in the pot? / – Yes. That’s why it’s san xia guo. – They add three ingredients. / – Yes. Let’s flip them. Since the pot is deep, there’s a lot in here. (How does the local specialty, san xia guo, taste?) (She tries the gizzard, which she is most familiar with) – How is it? / – It’s tasty. – Is it good? / – It’s better than I expected. At a glance, it looks like stir-fried spicy pork. – It’s like that. / – It has that feeling. But this has vegetables. And it’s not too rich either. You know how we add Sichuan pepper… – When we eat loach soup? / – Yes. – They added that in the dish… / – That’s right. So it was pretty good. It’s an emergency. There was a big lump of cumin in my mouth. Since this is a spicy dish, they added a lot of spices like Sichuan pepper oil. It doesn’t have any gamy smell, right? This has more vegetables than I thought. (The various vegetables make the dish more likable) Sikyung, if you went there, you would have gone through lots of white liquor. White liquor. (How does the beef tripe taste?) Should I try one? It’s a bit tough. It was a bit tough in my mouth. – The tripe? / – Yes. – The texture is chewy. / – Right. Is this the pig head? Yes, it’s the pig head. They just slice it and stir-fry it. (The pig head of Zhangjiajie is simple) (Will the dish be able to redeem itself?) (A beautiful flavor) This is very tender. – It is, right? / – Yes. They must’ve boiled it and seasoned it. It doesn’t smell bad. It’s not chewy. Even elders can eat this, the pig head. It’s great. (She likes the tender texture) They added green onions and tomatoes nicely, so it’s not too rich. Tomatoes and tripe complement each other well. It makes the taste refreshing. This is delicious. It’s delicious. We should definitely introduce this dish to Koreans. – When in Zhangjiajie, try san xia guo. / – San xia guo. It looks like it goes well with alcohol, right? I’m drinking alcohol while watching this. People shouldn’t eat this for lunch. They should eat it with clear wine for dinner. With kaoliang. The cost is very reasonable. The whole pot costs $11. – For the whole pot? / – Yes. – That’s so cheap. / – It’s a very big pot. There’s more food coming. What is it? It’s lu rou. It’s similar to smoked pork belly. (There hasn’t been a pork dish like this before) (Is this pork belly or bacon?) A long time ago, people in Zhangjiajie didn’t have refrigerators. They couldn’t preserve meat. They put tangerine peels on the bottom of the fire and smoke the pork belly with it. That way, they could preserve meat for a long time. We use the same method to boil pork. Dried tangerine peels are called “jinpi.” With it, the pork doesn’t smell gamy. – So we add it when we make boiled pork. / – Right. – You’re saying they smoke the meat with that. / – Yes. – That was so good. / – I bet the texture was great. With rice… – You should put it on top of rice. / – It’s to die for. – Is it to die for? / – Right. It’s slightly salty. It’s really good if you eat it with rice. It’s a side dish for rice. Now that I’ve tried this, I think this was made in a similar way like bacon. Yes, this has that smoky flavor. It’s like jamon, the cured ham, in Spain. That’s how it’s eaten. As for this, it’s saltier than jamon. But it’s smoky and doesn’t have a gamy pork smell. That’s right. It doesn’t. Besides, when you eat this with the garlic leaves, this can neutralize the smell. This is an amazing pairing. You’re right, it’s delicious. The smoky scent must be strong. – That’s why it’s a great pairing. / – Right. It’s not like pork at all. – Right? / – Not at all. Actually, this is snake meat. (Horrified) Snake meat can’t be this fatty. I’m sorry. Let me try it first. If it’s really good, let’s try this. I’m a show host on a home shopping network. So we can pretend like we’re selling it… – I… / – On a home shopping show. Today, I’ll introduce dishes that you haven’t tried yet. It’s like a home shopping show. She’s so charming. Viewers, please don’t call the number. People who started watching just now… – Might call that number. / – Exactly. Viewers, you’re watching Battle Trip. Today, I’ll introduce dishes that you haven’t tried yet. Here are two very special dishes from Zhangjiajie. The first one is san xia guo. The second one is lu ruo. There are two dishes. Three ingredients are stir-fried for the first dish. Cao Lu grew up eating the second dish ever since she was a kid. It’s a smoked pork dish. Since these dishes will invigorate us, they are very pleasant, but I can’t tell you that these taste divine because these don’t suit my palate completely. Today, with these dishes, I would like to suggest that you experience new dishes. I can guarantee that we’ll sell 80% of today’s batch. As for lu rou, my goal is selling 70%. I’ll start today’s show now. I got the urge to buy it. I’ll try it since this is new to me. But the merchandiser will say this will be the last time this airs. Today is the last show. – This is it. / – Yes. But you’re known to sell everything on the show. You can’t do that for this? Not for this. She doesn’t lie. I don’t think I can. But I would like it more if I eat it often and get used to it. – You’ll crave it. / – Sure. – This is where we’ll go next. / – Okay. It’s the longest glass bridge in the world. It’s coming up at last. She gets scared easily. You’ve heard of the glass plank road, right? Yes, I’ve heard of it. The glass plank road there is famous. In 2016, they made a glass bridge. You can see everything below, right? – That’s right. / – I heard that it has a deep drop. It’s 300m in height. And the length of the bridge is 430m. – That’s the length? / – Yes. It’s the world’s longest glass bridge. Let’s not go there. It’s dangerous. My heart will get weak, so let’s not. You all know about the glass plank road, right? It’s an upgraded version of the glass plank. They made a glass bridge. We’re at Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. – Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon? / – Yes. It means a deep valley, right? That’s right, it was open to the public in 2011. – In 2011? / – Yes. And this is where the glass bridge is. The glass bridge. You have to take good care of me. Or you can close your eyes. I’m not sure. – It’s over there. / – I might ask you to carry me. – Hyejung, this is a hat. / – A hat? Is that a Chinese hat? She kept trying to fool me like that. That was for their feet. – She said it was a hat. / – I thought it was a hat. – You’re so mean. / – I’m sorry. I’m a bit nervous. – It looks cool. / – It does. – It’s so cool. / – Look at the glass bridge. Gosh, look at the mountain. – It looks so cool, right? / – My goodness. It looks amazing. – This is incredible. / – That was something… You must go and see it yourself. It is the longest and the highest glass bridge. It’s so cool. – It’s made of glass, right? / – Yeah. When you look down, it looks magnified. – Since you see it through the glass. / – Right. – It works like a magnifying lens. / – I’d be so scared. You’re supposed to enjoy it. Some might not be able to cross. What is she doing? What happened to her legs? Look at that, Hyejung. Hold on, I’ll walk on this. I’m scared. Hold on, I’ll walk on this. – I’m scared. / – You must walk in the center. Don’t call for me. – Hyejung, look. / – Don’t call for me. (Glancing) My goodness. – My gosh. / – Hyejung. – My goodness. / – It’s beautiful. It’s very… My goodness. – My gosh. / – Hyejung. – My goodness. / – It’s beautiful. No, don’t look down. It’s scary. Don’t do that. Stop it. I’m serious, I’m really scared. There’s always someone who jumps on that bridge. – I was so scared. / – Right? – I don’t know why they do that. / – Right. But you can jump on it because even a car crossed over the bridge. – A car crossed over? / – Really? They ran an experiment? – Wow. / – Look down. – There are houses down there. / – You’re right. They look like matchboxes from here. Look over there. – Why don’t… / – Wow. – You walk in the middle? / – I’m scared. I won’t look down. (She takes the first step on the glass part) – I’m fine. / – She won’t look down. I don’t want to walk here. She walks out. Wait. – She’s so cute. / – How is this a nice trip for her? – That destination is… / – I’ll protect you. A place to take your parents to, but that place also brings families… – That aren’t close together. / – Right. – To reconcile. / – It’s a place to reconcile. – How nice is that? / – To rely on one another. Right. I’m scared. Look at the center. Look over here. It’s beautiful. – Isn’t the mountain beautiful? / – It’s incredible. It’s very beautiful. Look at that. No wonder they call it magnificent rock cliff. (The great scenery unfolds before their eyes) Those are all stairs, right? Over there. – That’s right. / – Over there, right? You can go down the stairs. – That top part is snow, right? / – Right. There’s still snow. (The view of the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon unfolds) Let’s take photos here. My goodness, Cao Lu. What am I going to do with her? You should also do the same pose. But I’m so scared. Whatever. Where are you going? (Crawling) She’s crawling backward. Isn’t that a military crawl? – Crawling backward. / – She’s so cute. – Hyejung. / – She has her eyes closed. One, two, three. You’re adorable. She’s adorable. – I’m leaving now. / – She must live on. I’m scared. You look cute. I look like a lump of sweet potato. I look like a lump of sweet potato. You took the best photo of your life. I have nothing to lose now. I have nothing to lose now. When you stay there for a while… – It gets better. / – No, I’m still scared. Jiajie Big Cao Tour. Let’s rest up today. And I’ll take you to a cooler place tomorrow. – There’s something I must eat. / – What is it? Rice noodles. Rice noodles? Isn’t that a Vietnamese dish? I mean Chinese rice noodles. – Noodles in Yunnan are quite famous. / – Really? Rice noodles in Hunan Province are famous too. There are many types of broth. – There’s a variety of toppings too. / – Really? Let’s try that. Yes, people eat it for breakfast. (Zhangjiajie locals’ go-to breakfast menu) (Chinese rice noodles) – That was in the morning. / – It was around 7 a.m. This must be a good restaurant. (Jiajie Big Cao Tour, day 2) (Chinese rice noodles) I see a lot of taxis. Locals here eat rice noodles. The majority of the people? Yes, the places that are open now are all rice noodle restaurants. – I see. / – That’s right. I used to live on this street too. As soon as I woke up in the morning, I used to eat rice noodles for breakfast and went to school. I was born at the hospital next to the rice noodle restaurant. Really? – Really? / – Are you serious? – This is the place. / – Something smells good. I think I’ll be having a delicious breakfast. There are eggs inside. That’s right, you can choose your noodles too. And you can also choose your own broth. The broth is all different. We can choose any broth for the noodles? Yes, this broth has all the toppings inside. We should try some too. Yes, let’s go inside and sit first. Let’s sit. They’re enjoying the noodles. We ordered dongpo pork, beef and three topping soup. But this three topping soup doesn’t include seafood. It has wood ear mushrooms instead. Their yellow bean one is famous too. – There are four. / – Yellow bean? – Yes, yellow bean. / – Let’s try that then. We have vinegar and soy sauce. This is Zhangjiajie’s specialty, Sichuan pepper oil. – Sichuan pepper oil? / – Yes. It’s the spice we add into the loach soup… – That’s right. / – Right? You startled me. I thought you were going to apply it on your face. This is my first time seeing this. – I can smell the Sichuan pepper. / – Right. – I wish they’d serve us quickly. / – Right. I’m hungry. – You can choose your own. / – Right. They have many types of broth. You chose your toppings. – That’s insane. / – The broth… That looks spicy. You can’t beat that. It’s like eating kimchi in Korea. How could you beat Korean kimchi? They ordered 4 bowls for 2 people. – That’s $1.30? / – That looks food. Yes, for 1 bowl. – $1.30? / – Yes. (How does the beef rice noodles taste?) There’s a lot of noodles. I don’t see an end for it. Yeah, they’re long. It doesn’t end. When I put the noodles in this bowl, they go back. This… I’m getting an exercise through this. I can’t get the noodles into the bowl, let’s just eat. – Try it, go ahead. / – I’ll just eat it. Okay then… (She takes a big mouthful) It’s delicious. The noodles are very springy. – Aren’t they chewy? / – Yes. I like this dish because the noodles are chewy. I love it. It keeps escaping to the other side whenever I try to chew. It’s like… – They’re playing hard to get. / – They are. – This is delicious. / – It’s good, right? Yes, it is. Because they boiled it with the beef broth, the broth has that beefy scent. The spiciness is just right, the noodles are very firm. The noodles are so chewy. It makes you wonder if it’s really rice. Rice noodles can be a bit crumbly, but this wasn’t. It’s because it’s made of Annam rice… – Not Korean rice, right? / – That’s right. That’s why. It’s bouncy, it’s different from spicy rice cakes. Is it like chewy noodles? – It’s not too chewy. / – It’s not sticky. Do you know corn noodles, a Chinese noodle dish? It’s like that but more elastic. – It’s more bouncy. / – Corn noodles. I get it now. This is three topping noodles. It’s not made with seafood. It’s made with… – Wood ear mushrooms and pork. / – Pork. How about we add some Sichuan pepper oil? – Sichuan pepper? / – Yes. – You want to add that? / – Just a little bit. Just a bit of it to see how it is. Sichuan pepper has a very strong smell. – Do you smell it? / – Yes. This is a delicacy. Isn’t it a bit more refreshing than the beef one? Yeah. The beef broth has a rich flavor, while this one is… You’re kidding me, Sichuan pepper, pork and wood ear mushroom? – It looks good. / – But that taste was… – That combination. / – Beyond imagination. It looks like a perfect meal. – Yes, it is. / – It has protein from the meat and… – Carbohydrates from the noodles. / – Right. And there are a lot of vegetables in it. (Hyejung struggles with the noodles) (Sucking in) Hyejung’s rice noodle eating show. You’re so cute. It was very delicious. This one is with beans. This is what this place is famous for. Will it smell like fermented soybean paste? I’m so full. It has a very strong bean flavor. It’s savory. Yes, it’s savory. This one is refreshing. – Is it? / – Yeah, this one is. It tastes like fermented soybean paste mixed with… – Lots of water, not too thick. / – Yeah. It has a refreshing taste because it’s watery. – I think I know what you mean. / – But… It’s got a savory flavor from well-fermented beans. I think this one is the best. It tastes very familiar, and it has chewy noodles in it. It tastes savory and interesting. All the dishes in Hunan have pepper in it, so they taste similar to Korean food. I like that the food is not too rich, it’s refreshing. As a Korean, which dish is your favorite? Hello, everyone. If you don’t hurry, you might miss out on today’s food. It’s Zhangjiajie’s specialty, 3 topping rice noodles. This has beef broth, so it’s very refreshing. And the chewy rice noodles have interesting texture in your mouth. It’s the best dish to nourish you this winter. Most importantly, there aren’t many in stock. You must try this if you come all the way here. Order it right now or it will be all sold out. Hurry up. It’s about to be sold out. – It’s about to be sold out. / – It’s like your own brand. I am thinking of launching this. It is really delicious. Next, we’re going to Ten-mile Natural Gallery. Ten-mile Natural Gallery. – What a tremendous view. / – It’s so picturesque. It looks like the Zhangjiajie I’ve seen on postcards. – It is. / – Zhangjiajie. We’ll go in and take the monorail to get there. I see. – Let’s go in. / – Is this the way in? – Yes. / – Let’s go in. – Let’s take the monorail. / – Really? World Heritage Site. There are five A’s. A, A, A, A, A. – So this is a very special place. / – Yes. In China, tourist attractions are rated with A’s, like hotels. There aren’t many places that are rated with 5 A’s. I thought it was like how we rate the quality of beef in Korea. 2 plus grade Korean beef. – Five plus. / – It would be five plus beef. Hyejung… Thank you. My goodness. – Thank you. / – Zhangjiajie… Looks like it has convenient transportation. – They have a monorail. / – There’s a lot to see. That’s right. Here we go. – Let’s go. / – Here we go. – Let’s go. / – Here we go. I see why people bring their parents here. – It’s perfect to go with parents. / – Right. (It’s like a landscape painting created by nature) Look at that peak. The view is spectacular. – Goodness. / – Wow. – How can it be so amazing? / – It’s so cool here. Aren’t you cold? I’m cold, but it’s nice to see these things. – This will exist even after 1,000 years. / – Yeah. This mountain is 380 million years old. – 380 million years old? / – Yes. – And those mountains are picturesque. / – Right. That’s why it’s called a gallery. If you open up your imagination, it’ll look like a painting. It really does. Look at that, doesn’t that look like a carved… – Wood face with its eyes closed? / – You’re right. It looks like an old man whose eyes are closed. It does. Where is the old man? Where? It looked like that from there. It depends on the angle. You have to use your imagination. Imagination derives from something. People who have seen such things can imagine things like that. Thank you, Taehoon. I know years of weathering carved them… – It’s amazing how they are all different. / – Right? Nature is amazing. It seems like people can walk here. There’s a path. You can take a monorail to get there… – But there’s a path next to the rail. / – Yes. You can walk there too. It would be nice to sightsee and walk… – When the weather is nice. / – Exactly. There’s a monkey. – A monkey. / – There’s a monkey. – Where? / – Over there. – Next to the rail. / – You’re right. – There was a monkey. / – What? Hello. – Oh, my. / – It’s so cute. I should’ve brought some peanuts. I didn’t know about this. Me neither. I was so busy looking at the scenery, I didn’t notice. All the peaks are different in shape and characteristics. – They all have different names too. / – How fascinating. – It is. / – It’s pretty, right? Don’t you just want to jump from a peak to another? – It looks amazing. / – It looks surreal. It was the best. You’ll feel it if you see it in real life. With the clouds underneath, it definitely looks surreal. My goodness. Look at that. Three Sisters Peak. I wonder why they thought they look like women. Because they look like pregnant women. Every rock seems to be telling its own story. – You’re right. / – Goodness. This is incredible. This is what we call a magnificent rock cliff. – You’re right. / – Right? – Three Sisters Peak. / – Yeah. It’s so beautiful. – And the air is so fresh here. / – Right. The tip of my nose is so cold. We’re going to another place now. We’re leaving this beautiful place? I want to live here. I don’t want to leave. Wow. – Wow. / – It looks amazing. – That’s how it looks when it snows. / – Yes. Near Ten-mile Nature Gallery, there’s a place called Huanglong Cave. Huanglong Cave. It looks like an amusement park. Here, you realize how amazing nature is. She’s right. It’s the longest limestone cave in Asia. It’s 7,640m in total. That’s over 7km. (Huanglong Cave) Here we are. – This must be the entrance. / – Yes. It’s a cave. (Entrance fee, $16) – This is where it begins? / – Yes, it is. She must be our guide. Hello. (Cave guide is included in the entrance fee) This place was discovered by eight soldiers in 1983. – This cave? / – Yes. It was opened to the public in 1984. – It has been 35 years now. / – I see. – So it hasn’t been that long. / – No. Oh, my. Look at this stalactite. Oh, my. Look at this stalactite. – Watch your head. / – Yes. – They still grow as the water flows, right? / – Yes. Because of the water drops, they keep growing. – It takes 100 years to grow 1cm. / – What? It takes 100 years? Uncountable years. They join up in the end. – Right. / – There are 4 floors. – Yeah. / – Some of them are connected. How fascinating. (Where is their first destination?) My goodness. Look at that. Wow. My gosh. Dragon Dance Hall. It’s where dragons dance. This is the first hall you’ll see. – This is? / – Yes, it’s the smallest hall. It’s really amazing in there. Only 30% of what you see is how the rocks are shaped, the rest 70% comes from your imagination. – I can imagine them however I want. / – Yes. There’s a much longer and thinner one inside. – Okay, let’s go see it. / – Okay. Let’s go. (Where are they headed next?) What did she say? – We need to take a boat. / – A boat? (There’s a boat in the cave?) – What is this? / – What? Inside… – It’s really like an amusement park. / – Yes. – It really is. / – It’s a boat. They are taking a boat ride? That’s right. It’s nature’s amusement park. – It’s not artificial. / – It’s real. (Everyone, please take a look at this) (Use your imagination and guess what it is) This is why this cave is called Huanglong Cave. I see. – Is that the dragon’s head? / – Yes. (Do you see the head of a dragon?) This is made by nature. – Oh, my. It has eyes too. / – Yes. The lighting makes it look more like a dragon. – From the front, it looks more like it. / – Right? It looks more like a dragon because of the lights. Goodness. – That’s natural? / – Yes, it’s naturally formed. – Amazing. / – I thought the eyes were carved… But they’re not. It’s formed naturally. – The stalactites here look like candles. / – Yes. So this is where the rituals for the dragon king took place. That’s why it’s called Cha Xiang Platform. Cha Xiang Platform. This is where the rituals took place. – They look like candles. / – They do. They look like incense too. They are all unique. (The boat tour has already come to an end) – Are we there now? / – Yes. – Time flies because it’s so pretty here. / – Indeed. (The highlight of Huanglong Cave) (The thing that made their jaws drop) This place is truly amazing. It’s so beautiful. It’s indescribable. It takes 100 years to grow 1cm, that’s amazing. – It is. / – These things have to be seen in person. – Cameras can’t capture the beauty of it. / – Yeah. You seem to really enjoy it. – Isn’t it so pretty here? / – It is. I’m sure it’s hard to make something like this… – Artificially, right? / – Yeah. – It’s so cool. / – It is. It looks like it’s a place in a fairytale. (The magnificent view brings back their innocence) This one looks like a rocket soaring. – It looks like a pagoda. / – It looks like it’ll fly. To me, this place looks like NASA headquarters. – It’ll fly off. / – NASA. There’s another one over there. Look. It’s so cool. It’s really cool indeed. Walking around the whole cave takes… – The Dragon King’s Throne? / – About 2.5 hours. – Isn’t it amazing that they’re all natural? / – It is. – Do you like it here? / – I had a great time here. Tomorrow, we’re going to a new place. Really? Where are we going tomorrow? Fenghuang Ancient Town. – It’s charming in a different way. / – Is it? Let’s go. Jiajie Big Cao Tour. Let’s go.


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