Joanna Scott *Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month* November 2018

Hello today, I would like to introduce you to our outstanding agent of the month Joanna Scott from God travel Joanna Thank you for being here and congratulations on being our outstanding agent of the month Thank you so much. It’s so great to be here I’m your host Heidi 2co with marketing for travel agents. And Johanna Scott is our agent of the month inside of the travel expert marketing academy She is truly a travel expert and for those watching. Joanna who don’t know who you are. Tell us a little bit about Your travel agency and the type of trips that you book the types of clerk, you know client that you serve Suddenly, well, I have been in the travel business for over 20 years. They didn’t look at all that time and things have changed so as they’ve changed and as if heidi teaches us we have to change too so I decided to take my agency in a little different direction So we have specialists in different fields me And when I take care of in the business is nice focus on group cruises And then there’s somebody that will do Disney and Universal and there’s something that does Europe and that’s how we’re growing Slowly, but surely yeah, that’s fantastic and for travelers watching this you definitely want to work with a specialist because they Totally understand inside and out What you want can avoid all of the pitfalls get you all the best deals and then for those of you that are travel agents watching That is the number one thing that we teach inside the travel expert marketing Academy which is too narrow in your focus and decide who you’re gonna Serve and who you really want to serve what lights you up and be a specialist for them? So thanks for sharing that Joanna. Do I know what is your favorite part of being a travel agent? Oh my gosh, there’s just so many things. I’ve been in this business Like I say a long time so you have to absolutely love it I love to see the smile on people’s faces or their children if they spur us With a trip, you know christmas is coming up So that’s going to be happening and just even being in an airport and just seeing smiles on everybody’s face So it’s nice to come to work and know in the end. You’re gonna put a smile on somebody’s face. Yeah I know with Christmas you get all those fun at videos and people saying, you know, we’re going to do Do you have a personal mantra or Something that you tell yourself if you ever get stuck, you know And you need to get unstuck because as a business owner as the travel agent You probably have those weeks that occasionally, you know, you’re just feeling a little stuck Do you have a personal mantra? And can you share that with us today? the mantra that I use the most and Always for everything is a little long but it is I am enough I do enough I am I am grateful for my blessings. I’m Happy healthy mind body and soul and I’m grateful to my God for that So I’m just I’m grateful. I am just learning to be so grateful in life. And that’s That’s my best mantra That is a secret to success for sure and who doesn’t want to work with the travel agent with that kind of an attitude I know that in part is why I’m Johanna we chose you as our outstanding agent of the month for October because of such a great attitude Lit up and many of your traveler and you’re watching this. That’s who you want to work with. Right like you’re planning a Bunch of money you want to work with somebody like Joanna that on? Like it’s so such a pleasure to be around and such a awesome human being that is spending her days Looking for the good in the day and looking you know being grateful and those of you that are other agents watching this I encourage you to take on a similar attitude as Joanna has and She’s been able to be really successful in her travel business. I think in part because of that awesome attitude I know in the Academy. She’s always uplifting other members and that’s The type of culture that we really create and cultivate in the academy to be each other’s best cheerleaders and to give each other virtual hugs on those tough days in those tough weeks because in Business there’s you know always gonna be challenges Yeah So Johanna you had a name just one. What would you say is one of your keys to success in your travel business What’s one of the things that is really good appearance. I mean for sure perseverance because of all the changes not only in the travel bus business but in my life in the last year and a half and moving and divorcing eldest kinds of life things you just have to persevere and just recreate the time comes and I’m thankful that I’m able to do that. Yeah, absolutely. I think it was Steve Jobs that said, you know what sets the professionals from apart from the amateurs is Perseverance like it’s showing up every day day in and day out without Regardless of what’s going on regardless of you know What happened the day before regardless of you feel like it regardless of you in the mood regardless? Whatever like you are showing up for your clients day in and day out you’re showing up for your business day in and day out And you’re treating it like a real business and that’s another reason we chose Joanna Scott as our outstanding agent of the month here in the travel expert marketing Academy because She shows up every day and she does the work and so she’s working on herself she’s working on her business day in and day out and treating it like a real business and not just a Hobby, and there’s nothing wrong with hobbies, you know If you’re an agent out there or you’re just a traveler watching this and you have a little side hustle. That’s just your hobby There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You’re just gonna get different results then if you are Really showing up day in and day out Regardless if you feel like it that day or not For sure Yeah, that’s so true. Because as long as you’re there for everybody and you make them feel okay about whatever is happening That’s what it’s all about. That’s my job Absolutely. So Joanna what have been um One of the hardest parts of marketing your travel business or maybe the or you could share like a big obstacle that you got over But something that okay well, really I would say is the move so I think I made a long move from Pennsylvania to Florida and by Myself basically and to move out on my own in a place that I haven’t lived in ever in this area But so that’s been a challenge on how to reach out in my community And I’m just starting to be able to do some of that and meeting people here So that part of the marquee the the face to face that I used a up when I lived in, Pennsylvania I did a lot of different shows and things and I was out there Well, I haven’t had that yet, but I starting I’ve done a wedding show and I’m doing something else this weekend So that’s the way I’m gonna try to reach that market. Okay. Awesome. Yeah Well you because of your skill set your awesome attitude And because you are all about perseverance you show up every day rain or shine I have no doubt that you are going to create a vibrant community around you in, Florida And that’s a great place to live Fantastic well Joanna Thank you so much for being here today and sharing your pearls of wisdom with our community for those Travelers that are watching with this where can they find you? Okay, so you could either email me at Joanna s Scott – or our website Is Scott – fantastic, so Joanna with Scott terrible If you are booking Disney Group cruise, what were the couple of other things that you guys especially Europe? We do um United States Travel, we’re trying to do amazing America. Let’s see our country, you know, we do it all specialist So if you’re looking for an awesome travel agent connect with Joanna Scott I can vouch for her She’s pretty them and if you’re a travel agent and you’re not yet in the Academy, what are you waiting for? The 20-plus years I have ever done With my accountability partner every week is just such been such a fabulous experience and anybody who’s not in the Academy, really you need to do this and you need to do it for You don’t need to pay month-by-month. I learned that lesson go in and do it. Yep become a lifetime member. That’s awesome. So Thank you for sharing that Joanna So yeah If you’re a travel agent interested come on over and join Travel Academy comm we have a free online marketing class that you can Attend which is a free preview so if you like that free marketing class you’re gonna absolutely love the Academy and there’s a special offer at the end of class to join the Academy so coming over to Join Travel Academy calm and then like Joanna said once you join you have the option to upgrade to a lifetime membership which Joanna is a lifetime member in the Academy because Marketing and business is not a one-and-done thing. It’s something you gotta show up for every single day Yep so that you can put your blinders on stay focused in your travel business and we’ll help you with the marketing and we’ll be There as a support team for all of your years as a travel agent Awesome, Joanna. Thank you so much for being here, and thank you guys for watching and we’ll talk to you soon. Thank you. Bye. 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