JoJo & Jordan’s House Tour – Renovations Are Done!

(lighthearted music) – Did I get it? – Yeah, all the lipstick’s
off your teeth now. – Okay, behind the scenes. (clicks tongue) – Action. What’s up guys? We are doing something that you guys have been wanting for a while. – They’ve been asking. – You’ve been asking. We are doing a house tour! So I’ll guess we’ll just start–
– Hold on, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that’s not
how you start a house tour. – How do I start a house tour? – Oh, you know. – Yo, yo, yo, welcome to the crib. (tape rewinding) (JoJo laughing)
– You’re ruining my moment. – I don’t (laughs).
– This is our crib, so okay, 1900 square foot
palace, we’re gonna take you through it, come on. That’s how we do it.
– (laughs) Oh my God. – Was that good? – That so good babe, give it to me. – Alright, now it’s her turn, here we go. – Let me show you the house guys. So, I don’t know if y’all remember, we showed really old photos of the house, I bought this house
originally not for us guys. Like, this house–
– It was a dump, – This house was so bad. It was so bad, but it
had so much potential. This has come a long way. So to start, what did we do? We blew out this wall.
– Yeah, there was a wall here. The ceiling was right here, so we raised the ceilings to
make this feel a lot bigger, it’s not a huge house, so
we wanted it to feel open, and airy.
– Totally. Hold my drink, I like to talk with my hands.
– I got this. – Everyone wants an open concept, right? So we knocked out this
whole wall, so automatically you’re creating an open space. When you’re in a small house,
it just makes it feel bigger. But we really love this wall, let’s talk about this wall.
– Yeah, yeah, show the wall, turn this around. This was something that you did because I was thinkin’ the
traditional, maybe smaller plank. – It took me forever to
find this 12 inch shiplap. So we had to find a place
that would custom cut it, and it looks great. – This is my favorite piece right here. Yo, we got a tree in our house. – All this furniture
was from our first house that we ever moved into. We’re obsessed with this piece.
– Love this, but– – It’s not necessarily a TV console, it’s more for an entry way, and I’m still trying to
see if it works here. – I like it, comment if you like it. How flat is that TV doe? – Oh Jordan, I’ll let
you talk about this TV. – If it was your normal TV mount, like, you’d walk in, and you’d like kinda like see the TV,
like the side of it. We didn’t wanna block
off this big view we got, so we got the one that
sits like, in the wall so, I’m kinda happy about that.
– That was Jordan’s favorite thing.
– And oh, you guys know this place very
well ’cause this is where we usually do our episodes. So one of my favorite
things when you go into someone’s house for the first time, gotta check the fridge, so come on. – Oh wait, let’s talk about
the front of it though. – Oh.
– We still haven’t played around–
– They don’t what all this does, but I love that it tells you the weather.
– But it does, like it does a lot, guys. – I think one of my favorite
things about this fridge, the drink drawer. And yes, I organized it. – This is gonna be Jordan’s favorite episode.
– See, I’m like that old guy that’s like really happy
about how the electronics fit on the wall, and like how the drinks are
– I was trying to like, oh. Excuse me, I’m gonna get out of your way.
– How the the drinks are organized. (laughs) What do we got? – Well, get out of the
way, so they can see. – Yeah, you’re right. These things are great,
pre-made salad bags, those are awesome.
– We have a lot of eggs, we have Greek yogurt. – Who’s Dr. Pepper is that? We like our hot sauce, so, fruits.
– You guys, it’s very basic. We obviously don’t stock up a ton ’cause we’re always traveling, and I feel like whenever we go shopping, food just rots in there.
– Yeah, it does. – This is going to blow your mind, it’s going to change your life when it comes to just
organizing your kitchen. So,
– Labels on labels on labels. – whoever said labeling was not cool, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Pretty, I’m so proud of it. – Homegirl loves herself
some borracho beans, look at all the borracho beans, look at all the borracho beans. – It’s the ones with the beer in it, right?
– Yeah, yeah. – I don’t know, I just–
– They’re really good. – I just love beans, guys. People are gonna ask me, I know. Where to get these things, Container Store obviously
is our go to place for bins like this,
but also like HomeGoods has like, stuff that are
super cheap and great. – Kitchen, I’m gonna let you go. – Thank you, yeah. So we’ve always lived
in these really small, older homes that have these little just like, kitchenettes almost, they’re little, and–
– Yeah, the first house we lived in, you couldn’t
even fit a toaster on the counter.
– Yeah, I love the fact that they opened up this wall. People can be in the
living room watching TV, I can be in here–
– Microwaving borracho beans. – Right, so–
– This was a big point of not contention, but
something that we talked about for a long time. – When I remodel houses
for flip or rentals, I’m very concise, I can
make decisions quick. – Clean, simple. – I really struggled with doing this house after we decided we
were gonna move into it. Jordan ended up being my
construction therapist on basically every
decision we’ve ever made. And then the back splash. – So on a previous episode, we picked out our back splash. (tape rewinding) So this is the one. – So I’ve already placed
the order on this. (laughs) – Wait a minute, wait one minute.
– I told you, oh my God. – You already did the order? (tape rewinding) Which is not that. – Let’s not go back there. – We should go there. – I’m gonna go here first.
– Let’s go here. – So, this is our flooring, guys. I really wanted a wood piece,
but to have one custom made, it was so expensive, and
we had leftover flooring, so we just cut it to size. I (stammers) you wouldn’t even know, it looks like
– Yeah. – it was custom done, so
we saved some money there which is amazing. – JoJo was in love with this oven, and kind of the way she sold it to me was, “I’m gonna be cooking all the time, “I’m gonna learn recipes.” We cook eggs on it, that’s about it.
– It’s so beautiful, and I will just say this
is a splurge piece guys, I’m takin’ it with me when I leave. So if you buy this house,
it’s not gonna be here. – (laughs) It’s gone.
– It’s gone, it’s goin’ with me.
– We’re takin’ that. – This is my motivation to
get better at cooking, babe. – And it’s still, trying to motivate.
– And I’m getting, crushin’ those eggs, crushin’
those eggs, let’s do it. – 2019, we’re cookin’. We didn’t really talk about the
decision for the countertop, ’cause that was a big one too. – Yeah, these were big. These countertops are in quartz. We were torn between
doing a really dramatic sort of–
– With like, a big veining, like with big gray veins
– Really dark. – in it, yeah. – And I thought that that would be great because this is such a statement. But then we talked about it, and because this island is a statement in itself, we didn’t wanna overpower it with an even–
– That’s good. – What?
– That’s good, that was good. – Thank you, yeah, we
didn’t wanna overpower it with something that we even more like, what was I? You, I had a great sentence
and you totally threw me off. – Yeah, my bad.
– Anyways, you got what I was saying. So now we’re going to take you into what is an addition to this house, it was never here before, so let’s go. – I’ve got something to show ’cause this is an
interesting story as well, and kind of a way you can like, fix problems without like, spending too much money
– Are you talking about the water heater? – is,
– I don’t think I cleaned that by the way, so.
– These are beautiful. And this is more storage
here for food, et cetera, and this is our water heater. This water heater was here, it was up in the ceiling. Like, hanging half out of the ceiling when we got the house, and there wasn’t enough room in the attic because
they vaulted the ceilings to put it up there, so we just decided this is where it’s gonna have to be, and we’re gonna find a creative way to – Hide it.
– kinda hide it, and we think it looks great, and no one, no one would ever know unless you’re lookin’
– No ones creepin’ in there. for the cookies, and oh (laughs), wait a minute, come on. One thing about me, I
got a huge sweet tooth. – [JoJo] Can I see? Oh.
– So, have you ever seen anybody with girl scout
cookies like this though? This is how we live. – Samoas, and thin mints, like,
that’s all you need in life, and a fiance that you love, but other than that, it’s samoas, and thin mints,
– I’m not takin’ the lead. – and then the fiance. – Wow.
– Samoas, thin mints, and then the fiance.
– Get outta here. Okay, the house originally
ended right where we are. So, now we’re in the dining area, and this was not here before. This is a totally new
addition to the house. – The wall was right here, and there was no door. Remember, there was no,
there was nothing here, it was just a solid wall.
– You’re right, yep. We added on about, how many square feet did we add on? About four or 500 square feet?
– Yeah. – To the house, so this
is our little dining area, but I wanna show you
one of my favorite rooms in this entire house. – Uh oh.
– Come on, this is our laundry room
slash Jackson’s area. Go out your door, go out your door, go play, go outside.
– Go outside. – I get so many questions about this. So we had this electronic,
automatic dog door installed in here ’cause–
– Watch, oh man. – Oh, anyways, come on in buddy. – So he’s got a little tag on his collar. – That’s the sensor that opens the door, and it’s been amazing
’cause he can let himself in and out whenever he wants. Just obviously laundry,
but this is also something that I did, and it’s a little
dog shower for Jackson. It’s so great because as y’all know, if you know Jackson, he likes
to roll around in puddles, and in mud. – So he just gets in here like this, see. – Yes, see look.
– Look, it’s not that bad. – And then Mom grabs this, and
– Then I just you know. – Let’s not turn it on. This is nothing, can you
give me baths in here? – Yeah, stay there, I’ll see ya later. – That’s great.
– I’m just kidding. (laughs) Do y’all remember this? You know what? – And he’s pointing, and it’s for leashes.
– I know exactly what this is, that’s so perfect.
– He’s pointing. – And we got it up.
– And we lost his leash. – Yeah, where is his leash? – I don’t (laughs),
that’s a great question, otherwise it would be hanging there. – Also, y’all remember how
I reused extra flooring in the kitchen? We did it again here, that’s the floor. – Like, that’s a great way to save money ’cause you’re always
gonna have a little bit of extra flooring, and
it doesn’t take much to cover–
– To get a solid like, sort of oak shelf like
this is very expensive. Underneath it is just one
of those plain white ones, and we just covered it with our flooring. So yeah, this is Jackson’s
little room slash our laundry room. When we do like, dinner
and date nights in, and we cook actually together.
– Yeah, we sit here. – We’ll sit here, and then for
most part, we kinda just sit on the couch, so.
– (laughs) Yeah, that’s bad, we should
– It’s bad. – sit here more.
– I know. – One good thing about when
we actually sit at the table, we talk to each other.
– We talk to each other. – Instead of just on the couch watching our murder shows. – That’s one thing that I would say people should do more with
their significant other is like sit down one and
one, and have just like, a meal together. – Oh, I like that.
– Did you like that? – On my lower back, yeah.
– Aw good. – You put your hand up on my hip, when I dip, you dip, we dip.
– Dip, you dip, we dip. – Which means now,
– Let’s move to the bedroom. – let’s go to where all the magic happens. – (laughs) That’s so good. Wait, where you goin’? This is also an addition, guys. – Oh, you know what we forgot? – Oh my gosh, totally
forgot guys, big thing. This hallway–
– Yes, this was a hallway. This wall here was a hallway that went in between the other rooms. – So, and once we take
you to the guest room. So what we did though, we had a hallway here, and
then we were gonna keep it ’cause it was kinda cute, but then we realized it was
serving no purpose at all. So we completely eliminated the hallway, and just pushed out the bedrooms, so now the bedrooms are bigger, and you don’t just kinda
have like a random hallway. – You know what I love too? You decided to match the
decor and the carpet. – You know, I had a
thing going, so proceed. – Okay. – So this is an addition,
we made just like, a little master suite back
here, it’s not big guys, but it’s good for us. This is our bedroom, guys. – Again, none of this was here. The previous master stops at that wall, so this is all an addition here. – The french doors out to the backyard obviously make it way bigger, ’cause you have lighting. And then I also feel
like if you have space to put a big mirror in your room. Like, this is really big for this space, but it does help make it feel bigger, and Jordan loves looking at himself, so it’s great for that. Another thing, sweetie?
– What, yep? – Another thing that we did
that we love was the wallpaper accent detail.
– That was you, I was a little nervous
about this honestly. When you think of wallpaper, you think of like, your grandma’s house like, I didn’t–
– No, what? – I mean, I get it, it’s a cool thing now, and this is amazing. But when someone says wallpaper, you’re like oh, like yellow
with the purple flowers, and you’re like–
– Bae, I would wallpaper every room like–
– Oh, I agree now, yeah, it’s cool, you’ve opened my eyes. – Yeah, I will say storage was a bit of an issue in this house,
and we’re still trying to think of ways to figure it out. – Also, thing about JoJo
that you don’t know, and this is something that, you know what, I love
that you taught me this. – What?
– Making the bed every morning, we make the bed every morning.
– Every morning. – And it’s like a game changer, you feel so much more accomplished.
– It is, I would. – So mom was right, mom, you were right. – Gotta make the bed every morning. – Speaking of beds.
– Oh yeah, speaking of beds.
– This is like, this is– – Jackson, come here, go get in your bed. We talk about how big–
– Look at the size of this bed. – Get in your bed, come on, come on babe. – Also, look at the pictures of Jackson. – Come on Jordan.
– We can all fit, yeah this is, we all fit in the bed, this is, and comfortably too. – Oh, God.
– Like, this, Jackson has the biggest bed
– Oh, man. – of any dog. – (groans) Guys.
– Bathroom was a nightmare before (laughs). – This was probably our favorite thing that we did in this bathroom. This is a quartz again, we
used all quartz in the house. Normally I love polished
quartz in countertops. I love it, it looks clean and sleek, but we went with the matte,
and I love it so much. I’m obsessed with it.
– And more of the flooring. – No, we reused so much of the flooring to save money, and it was amazing, you’ll see it on my shelves here too. – If you wanna keep the romance alive in a relationship,
– Oh, well I’m curious. – it is so important to have
a separate room for pooping. – Okay. – An essential in life is a,
really, like a 20 year supply of poo-pourri. – This is so embarrassing.
– We have every, we have the fancy
poo-pourris that look good on the back of the toilets, we have–
– They are cute. – It legitimately might be the second best invention after sliced bread.
– Butt wipes. That was weird, I love you, give me a kiss.
– I just, you know what, I’m gonna take this,
I’m gonna, I’ll be back, okay, see you guys.
– So, look what we did guys, we organized all of our
bins from oral care, to skin care, so just take a look. It really makes keeping a
small space easy to keep clean. So, love that and I’m done. – Oh, you’re done?
– Yeah, come on in. – So, that’s the closet,
it’s a wreck right now, we’re not gonna show you that. – It’s just a wreck, so.
– Where do we go now? – Now, hi bud, we’re going to go into the guest bedroom guys. – Which, which was a hallway. – Oh yeah, well, this was a hallway. – Yeah, so there was a
hallway like, behind this wall which was kinda just a waste of space. So the rooms were a little bit smaller, and then I’ll let her take over. – You know, there’s not
too much about this room. I might wanna put one
or two like, pictures but yeah, this is our
bed from the old house. All new bedding though,
so we revamped that. – This is cool, so we do– – No, I’m not showing them that. – We do clean, and we’re kinda old school as a five year old, excuse me?
– It’s my witch room. Oh, I will say – Yeah, don’t look under there too much, but.
– I have no clue what you’re about to see, but there is a very cool
thing about this bed. – Convertible!
– Like, it’s all Jordan’s clothes ’cause when I
tell him to clean up, he just shoves it under the bed, how did I know?
– It’s my suits, I need to organize them,
and just those quick. – I thought you actually cleaned. – I did not. – We have our extra blankets in the corner for guests, a little bit
of greenery always makes it feel nice and cute.
– It’s cute, it looks good. – It’s really cute, I love this room. We do use a lot of fake plants because we tried having real plans. – Oh.
– We killed a cactus, which I don’t know how you do. – How do you kill a cactus? You don’t even have to water it.
– And succulents. Big fan of fake plants.
– What, my decor? See, she hid all my decor. – This didn’t go with the vibe. – So this is, I love this thing. It’s an old school iron.
– He’s finding all the stuff I hid.
– Like, they used to put this like, on a fire, and they heat it up, and then they’d iron with it. This goes with the decor of my house that I used to live in. – Put it back up there,
let’s do it, I like it, it looks good, that’s
where I had it before. – That is where she had it before. – I did so, I did have it.
– Why’d you take it down? – No, I just thought it was weird, okay. We are going to go into
the guest bathroom now, and this is the space that Jordan actually had a huge role in– – Put my design pants on. – And he killed it, and
I’m so proud of you for it. So let’s look.
– Let’s go show it off. – I picked out this, and I love this. And we were trying to decide on flooring, and I just was struggling ’cause I wanted something cool, and I had seen this,
the tile on the floor, and I just wasn’t sure it was gonna go. And in theory, like it totally goes, but that was all Jordan. – That’s kinda the way she remembers it, but I remember there was a bunch of tile that we were looking at, and I gravitated towards this one, and I said, “This would look awesome.” She was against it,
– What did I say? – she’s like, “No, it’s
gonna look terrible.” And I’m like,
– I did not say it was terrible.
“Trust me, “it’s gonna look awesome.” – And it looks amazing,
and he just, well done, well done.
– Thank you, thank you. And then of course, Jackson. – This is the best part
of the guest bathroom. Let’s go backyard time.
– You wanna go outside? You wanna go outside? Let’s go outside.
– You wanna go? Come on, Jackson.
– Let’s go play, come on, come on, come on, let’s
go, oh get your ball. Come on big boy, out the french doors which is so great. I think one of our favorite things about this house, a big
reason why we decided to buy it, and remodel it is the backyard, and the space, and the
potential that it had. We’re not there just yet,
we haven’t done a lot so y’all can help us on that. This was red, this was red brick before, and it was crummy, and old, and just blah. And so we went through so
many different paint colors, and–
– Like literally, at one point we had
like eight, on painted. If you find, or drive by a
house that you love the color, that’s what we did. So we had eight different
whites on the wall, and we drove around the corner, and a new house had been built. We’re like, “We love that white.” And so–
– And to be, honestly, it was one that
I had already sampled. It has more of a yellow undertone, but not in a way that
you wouldn’t like it. So it give you that warmth, and it’s not too stark white.
– It’s a warm white. – I love it, I love it so much. Look at Jackson, did you like it? Aw.
– What are you doin’? Well, I think a little
fire pit right here, or some chairs, like–
– Yeah, I can’t wait for the grass to be green
again also by the way. – There’s two trees
– Y’all know this space. Come on, Jackson, come on.
– right here, which oh, I don’t know, when you have two trees that are this close together.
– They’re not that close, it’s a little close.
– That’s the perfect length for a hammock, hello, like, I could just be like here, and I could be–
– Okay, but then what about this? Jackson, come here. When we throw a ball with him.
– He goes under it, we’re workin’ on that. If you agree with me, show me some love. Tell her we need a hammock.
– They already all agree on the hammock, so it’s really, I’ve been outvoted. Guys, we have a house from the 19, – 50s.
– 1950s. This was our piping, and our plumbing, this is what we were dealing with before. We didn’t realize how
bad the condition was when we moved in, we just had to get this replaced. So when you are taking on a fixer upper, this is a
situation you may run into. – And maybe ask, ask if there’s
– Totally. cast iron pipes, ’cause
they rust on the inside, and clog.
– They do, but it is not a reason that you shouldn’t buy one, ’cause you look at us, we still did this house, it’s just gonna be common
in these older homes. – That’s what you deal
with when you’re turnin’ a fixer upper into a crib, and speaking of.
– (laughs) Oh, boy. (playful jazz music) We hope you guys loved our house tour, it’s still kind of a work in progress, but that was so much fun, so. – That was our crib, and
don’t forget to subscribe. – We’ll see y’all later. – But we gotta go, if this thing starts. – It’s gonna start.
– There we go, get outta here. (playful upbeat music)


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