Josh Gates’ Best Packing Tips – Travel Channel

JOSH GATES: I’m Josh Gates. Here are my tips for how to
pack for your next adventure. Do I really need this? Yes, you really need these. Where we are going? Number four, dress for success. Every bag I pack has
a thermal layer, rain pants, and a sturdy umbrella. That was like some
power of God [bleep].. Number three, pack gym clothes. Oh, and a bathing suit. You never know when you can
turn a tour into a workout. Hiya! Number two, bring first aid. Travel with your own
kit, well-stocked with trusted medical supplies. And number one, when it comes
to packing on your next trip and being prepared for
anything, less is more. The less you carry with
you, the easier and faster you can get to soak
in the experience and go with the flow. I did not think I was going
to end up in a rowboat today. I’m Josh Gates. Enjoy traveling on
your next adventure.

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