(upbeat island music) (rock music) (waves crashing) – Rise and shine. We are up, actually I’m up. I’ve gotta get the kids up. Everybody’s still kinda snoozing. Kayla has a hair appointment. She’s gonna get these really cool braids going up the side of her head. So, I gotta get her up so
we can go take her to that. We still gotta have breakfast. We got all kinds of
things planned for today. So … – We gotta go. – [Connie] Wake up,
everybody’s gotta get up. Yay. Are you up Kayla? Hello, good morning, good morning. – Good morning. – [Connie] Morning. You ready to get your hair braided? – Yeah, but, we have to
eat breakfast first, right? – [Connie] So, Kayla’s hair
is a little wet already, cause I pulled her out of bed an hour ago. Just that it was all crazy
and then she went back to bed. – Yep. – [Connie] And, how are
you sleeping beauty? – Nice and comfy (laughs). (Connie laughs) – [Connie] Not ready to get up? – I suppose I could- (Connie laughs) I just don’t really want to. – [Connie] Well, I gotta
take Kayla to breakfast, so it’s up to you if you
want to stay here or not. But, I want her to get some food in before she has to get her hair done. – Okay, well, I think Tyler
just jumped in the bathroom. I’ll find out what he wants
to do when he gets out and then we’ll figure out from there. – Okay, I’m hungry. I’m ready for some food. Kayla, I’m right here. – Where? (restaurant patrons talking loudly) – [Connie] It looks kinda
like a little man, maybe. – [Kayla] What? Where do you see a man? – [Connie] Bacon feet. There’s an arm. – [Kayla] Ahh. – [Connie] There’s his face. – [Kayla] And where’s an arm. – [Connie] That’s his brother. That’s his cousin.(laughs) – Wait, this is his brother’s body. He’s a mermaid. – [Connie] Okay. – He’s a mermaid. – [Connie] Alright mermaid man. – Oh I need to get a drink. – [Connie] Merman. – I need to get a drink. – [Connie] Okay. – Yummy. – [Connie] Yummy food. My turn I gotta go get food. Unfortunately some of these
chairs have arms on them. Here Ty. I can’t pull it out. I got broken arm. Not really. My wrist is still really, really sprained. I’m insisting that it is not broken, but it’s really swollen
and it actually looks very young like this, I love it (laughs). Okay so, just to update look
at this hand how you can see everything in it, it’s kind of and this hand looks nice and
young cause it’s all swollen. So I just need to break
something in this wrist and then I’ll have young hands (laughs). Just kidding. Okay while everybody’s
wrapping up their breakfast, I thought I would show you
this magnificent buffet really, really quick. It has all these yummy
pastries that I can’t eat. But they’re so yummy look. Yum. Mmm doughnuts. I think you guys have
seen Kayla eating those. They have yogurt and all
kinds of little yummy treats. More pastries. Toast. Look at all these muffins. All those muffins have
like a cream filling. Oh my mouth is watering. Croissants. More doughnuts. Oh look at all this. Mmmmmm, yummy cake. Marmalade, all kinds of yummy toppings So good, oh my gosh. Banana french toast. Vegetable patties. Eggs. Look at that, yummy. More toppings right here. Look it. Yummy. All these waffles and then
they have Mickey waffles right here, bacon. This is actually corned beef hash. Yummy, tomato egg benedict. Of course our eggs. That’s pretty much
everything on the buffet. It is magnificent, it’s
huge, it wraps all the way around the whole diner
and it kind of repeats. But you can grab anything
you want anytime, any day, as much as you can while you’re here. It is just unbelievable. I think I’ve probably gained
five pounds since I’ve been on the ship. (movie playing) Okay we’re trying to find
the hair station for Kayla and then she’s going to get a cute little braided hairstyle. (crowd talking) There it is. So Kayla is gonna get
this style right here. Right there. They’re going to braid the
side and then braid it down. – Mommy, which color should I get? – [Connie] How many braids will you have? – She’s going to have like – [Connie] Four? Okay. So maybe make it rainbow? – No she said I could pick three colors. – [Woman] Yes, up to. But each end will have three. – [Connie] Oh, three on
each end so you could pick three colors. – I like these three. – [Connie] Sure, yeah. So Kayla wants to pick
blue, yellow, and is that like a hot pink? – Yeah it’s like a metallic pink. (light music) – [Connie] Aw there’s
your style, do you see it? – Mhm. Whoa it feels weird. That’s cool, I like it. Yay. (laughs) – [Connie] Yay. So what did you do Ty? – I went on the AquaDuck. – [Connie] How was it? – Good. – [Connie] Did daddy go? – He’s waiting in line. – [Connie] He’s waiting in line to do it? And what is the AquaDuck? – It’s a slide and it goes. – [Connie] It goes straight down? – Yeah, it goes straight down. – [Connie] I wonder how far
down, like how long is it? – It’s seven seconds. – [Connie] Seven seconds
of going straight down? – No not going straight down. The whole ride’s seven seconds. – [Connie] The whole ride
is seven seconds yeah? Straight down I wonder how
long is that, ten feet? – Yeah probably. Maybe three seconds. – [Connie] You’re done! – Yay. – [Connie] Let’s see, spin. Alright, yep right there. That’s her style there. Beautiful, love it. We are getting ready to
watch an ice sculpting show. So just one second you guys
are going to see something very, very unique. I don’t know what they’re gonna sculpt, but we’ll find out in just a second. – I have a suspicion
they’re making a mermaid. – A mermaid? – Cause it’s by the pool. – [Connie] What do you
think it’s gonna be? – I think it’s gonna be Mickey. – [Connie] What do you think? – I think it’s going to be an island. – [Connie] An island. – I think it’s actually,
no I think it’s gonna be the cruise ship. – I’m gonna say a unicorn. – I hope it’s a unicorn. I think it’s gonna be Mickey
but I hope it’s a unicorn. – It’s gonna be Ariel. – They’re gonna start in one second. (upbeat music) ♫ Everybody, can you feel the groove ♫ Grab somebody, let it go ♫ Ooh, everybody can you feel the groove ♫ Grab somebody, let it go ♫ Ooh, everybody ♫ Grab somebody ♫ Everybody ♫ Grab somebody ♫ Ooh (upbeat music) ♫ You got me feelin’ ♫ You got me feelin’ alright ♫ Whenever I’m around you baby ♫ You make me feel so alive ♫ Everybody ♫ Grab somebody ♫ Ooh (upbeat music) ♫ Everybody ♫ Can you feel the groove ♫ Grab somebody ♫ Let it go ♫ Ooh, everybody ♫ Can you feel the groove ♫ You make me feel so alive (upbeat music) ♫ Everybody ♫ Grab somebody ♫ Ooh everybody can you feel the groove ♫ Grab somebody ♫ Let it go ♫ Ohh everybody can you feel the groove ♫ Grab somebody ♫ Ohh – Okay we’re back at
the cabana’s for lunch. – Lunch time – Let’s see what they have. – [Shawn] Little miniature corn dogs. – [Connie] Yum. Oh this looks so good. – I’m gonna test em. – [Connie] Yummy. Here’s their spread. Got some soup. Potato croquette, I
don’t know what that is. Fish nuggets. What are you pickin out Tyler? – Rice. – [Connie] Some rice yeah it looks good. Look at that meatballs. Swedish meatballs. Shawn, they have Swedish meatballs. – No way. – [Connie] Okay Kayla
wants to show us something. Oh look at that fancy sculpture. That’s beautiful. What is that made out of you think? – [Tyler] Watermelon – [Connie] Seafood bar. Are you guys gonna have any seafood? – Mmm. Tyler was looking for cereal
but they don’t have any. – So I’m gonna get some food too and then I’ll see you in a sec. What an amazing variety of
food, I don’t even think you guys saw this part of the station. But I got all Chinese food. It looks so good I can not
wait to start digging in. – It is good. – It is good, I was
going to show you guys. So here’s the Chinese
food not that you’re that excited about looking at food. Shawn’s got a variety of
Chinese food and looks like something from the south there. – I got some corn dogs, I
got some Swedish food got Swedish meatballs, I got
french bread I got the whole globe covered right here. – [Connie] Nice. – I got a cookie. – [Connie] Tyler’s got a
cookie he had some seafood. Kayla’s got – I just got like sides. I got rice, I got cauliflower,
I got a bread roll, I got some potatoes, and
I got a s’mores cheesecake and I’m super excited about it. – We are doing all of this
overlooking the Atlantic Ocean of all places. Isn’t this amazing look out there. – Not everyday you get a view like this while you’re eating dinner. Or lunch, whatever. – Yeah it’s lunch right
now we still have dinner. (light music) Alright guys we’re gonna
dig in and have some lunch so we are gonna say goodbye to you because we are on vacation. – Yippee. – So we hope you guys are enjoying the day and we want to say goodbye, we love you. – So Like, Subscribe, show this video to your friends and family. Until next time – [Family] Bye! (upbeat music)

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