KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Lisa Person

[Ashley] Our audio is rolling, Amanda’s gonna be our marker. [Robby] Camera B is rolling. [Ashley] A is rolling. [CLAP] [Ashley] Thank you. [Amanda] Okay. I’ve been with KHM since
2016 and I joined in the winter. I was a full-time teacher, so, I knew that
I just kind of wanted to take it slow and learn little things here and there
because I had talked to another KHM Agent, that’s actually how I got to be
with KHM was I had a KHM Agent plan my vacation, and then ended up becoming an
agent myself because I knew that my current employment situation was going
to be changing. So, this was something that I had always dreamed of and I
didn’t know that it was possible to do something with the support the KHM
offers. The first year that I decided to become a KHM Agent, I dove right
into the Portal and all of the trainings that were offered through KHM, as
well as through many of our vendors, but I also decided to make an investment in
my future and attend Boot Camp because I, felt like I, I was, I thought I was doing
everything right, but I wasn’t really sure if I was doing everything right,
training wise and execution-wise, of all the bookings that I was doing. So, coming
to Boot Camp was a great confidence boost and just also energized me to go
even further. So. Destination Success was really great for
me because it has been a year since I’ve been back to the home office. So, I just
felt like I needed to really reconnect. I wanted to see people, and talk to people,
and develop those relationships. KHM and the supplier relationship has
really been important to me because every live event that I’ve done with KHM
the suppliers have been so personable, so easy to talk to, and they want to help us
grow our business because we help them grow their business. So, just getting
those inside relationships knowing that you have an email address, or a phone
number, or somebody you can reach out to that you’ve personally met or done a
training with, is just invaluable. When it comes to social media I want to be just
really organic. I don’t focus so much on a certain supplier, I focus on the
experience of travel. I enjoy using a lot of my own travel in my social media
posts and I get a lot of questions back on that, and sometimes it turns into
group leads. You know, “I saw you do this amazing itinerary, I’m interested,” and
then develop it from there. So, I like to use a lot of personal experiences or
passions that I share about travel, and make it interesting because, you can go
out to any vendor and find whatever they have on sale, or whatever itinerary
they’re showcasing, but anybody can share that. I want to make it personal to my
clients. [Amanda] Ok, cool. If there’s anything else you want to add, or… KHM Rocks.
I just love KHM and I’m so glad to be part of the KHM

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