KHM Travel Agent Spotlight: Shanna Belcher

Shanna: “Okay my name is Shanna Belcher. S-H-A-N-N-A, last name Belcher, B, as in boy, E-L-C-H-E-R.” Shanna: “I was
actually a travel consultant with American Express Travel, and then I came
to KHM about two and a half years ago because I felt like I wasn’t given
the clients’ personal attention working in corporate, and I wanted to be more
personable with my clients and all. And I love to travel.
So, I wanted to really help people and help with planning and working with more of my
family and friends and all.” Shanna: “What made me come to KHM? The cost in comparison to what
you receive was very, very, nice to me. I found the cost to be very reasonable,
the training that they offered was great. The, again, the company itself really
cares about their agents. They really feel as though, ‘okay, we want you to
succeed.’ They care about your success, they’re open for conversation and for
you to call them directly, and just the team itself, everyone really cares about
you at KHM. Even the Agent Only page you get a lot of feedback from other agents.
They’re willing to help you, you know, send you emails, send you tips. So, that
was the biggest difference, and I didn’t have that in corporate America, so it was
really nice to have that teamwork KHM.” Shanna: “They really take care of you while
you’re at training. The locations are well, you know, well laid out and
comfortable. So, I would definitely come back, and you learn a lot that you just
don’t get online. I’ve met a lot of great people, I’ve learned a lot, a lot of new ideas
that I’d never thought about with building my business and my brand. The
teachers have been awesome, very personable. It’s been a great experience.” Shanna: “What’s different? Person-to-person
interaction is the biggest difference. When you’re home based and you’re doing a
lot of online training it can be overwhelming, but when you hear the
stories from the teachers and other people who are attending it helps make
Boot Camp more, lively, more, real more, more I should say, real-world experience. Versus,
just okay, ‘this is the hotel,’ ‘this is the brand,’ ‘these are the rooms.’ You know, you
really get more of that how to interact with people.” Shanna: “Well, the one thing I will
say, I will give major, major, shout out I guess, to Rick Zimmerman. He, I think as a
leader of KHM, really cares about not only the agents but his team in the office. I
saw that a lot with coming to Boot Camp and just seeing how everyone loved their
job everyone cared about what they were doing.
So, I think having that good leadership through Rick is what makes the difference
and sets the tone from the top down and it really shows with how the company is
growing and all the awards they’ve received and everything that you get. I
would definitely recommend KHM to someone searching for host because of again
the cost, the value that you receive, the team, and they just really love you
that’s the most I can say.” Off-Screen: “Is there anything else that you just-” Shanna: “Go KHM! KHM Rocks! [Laughter] So that would be my last part.” [Laughter] Off-Screen: “Excellent, Excellent. Couldn’t have paid for a better interview.” Shanna: “Exactly. Honestly, they rock.”


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