Kids Tour the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library | The Daily Show

(dramatic music) – [Together] Yay! – Welcome to The
Presidential Twitter Library, do you know what Twitter is? – It’s like Facebook but for younger. – That’s wrong
– Facebook but for cool people So, this, this is an
actual, life-sized replica of President Trump’s hands, yeah, see, they’re even smaller than a typical child’s hands. – [Man] See, you guys
have presidential hands. – We have some rules here
at The Twitter Library, one general rule is no touching, unless you’re a star, then you can do it. (dramatic music) Okay, so, this is the
Trump Nickname Generator, President Trump has nicknames
for all of his friends. So, here President Trump can actually give you nicknames as well. Who wants to go first? – Me!
– You. So go ahead, and you put in
your first name right here. What does yours say? – Low I-Q Blake.
– Low I-Q Blake,cool nickname! So, cool. (inaudible children whispering) No, President Trump gets to choose them, you don’t get to choose them. (dramatic music) All right, this is the golden throne, this is what we imagine President Trump actually does when he Tweets. See, he’s always got a very
special relationship with women. It sounds like there’s
a little aggression, but you can tell by the way
he’s touching his daughter he loves women. – [Child] Yeah. – (siren) [Alarm] New Tweet! – You guys, okay, this
means that President Trump is tweeting right now! If you had to guess what he’s tweeting, what do you think? – How much he hates ladies. (dramatic music) – Does everybody remember President Obama? – [Children together] Yeah. – Who here knows where
President Obama was born? – [Children together] America. – President Obama was born in Africa. That means President Obama was elected under false pretenses. – A lot of words I don’t know. – That’s okay, all you need to know is President Obama was born in Africa. (dramatic music) – This was a national tragedy. President Trump’s Twitter account was deactivated for eleven whole minutes. – Eleven minutes.
– (drawn out) Eleven. To really honor what happened here, we’re gonna take eleven
minutes of silence. Ready? Starting,
– Now. (children giggle) – Okay, I hear you laughing, that means we’re gonna have to start over. Starting now. You’re, okay, now Rich Claire’s laughing and now we gotta start again. Starting now. (children all giggling) All right, again, it’s not
Rich Claire, not Rich Claire. (dramatic music) – Well, that’s it man,
that’s all the time we have. – What did you guys learn today? – No touching unless you’re famous. – Right! – What did you learn? – He lied that Marrock
Obama was born in Kenya. – He didn’t lie, he just
suggested that maybe, asking questions isn’t lying. – All right, get on out of here. See you all later. That was all right, Ronnie, – Yeah, I think the
future’s gonna be okay. – Yeah. – I gotta go back on birth control. (dramatic music)


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