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This is a good spot for picnic. Oh mother!!! My mother. Motu, why is Chingum Sir yelling like this? The thing is Patlu, that Chingum Sir is really hungry. Let’s go Patlu. Let us catch fresh fishes from the river and make fish. Let’s go. My brother, my friend Ghaita. We will make the vegetables. Let’s go and get the vegetables. I will make a healthy fruit salad. I am going to get fruits. Motu, stop. Stop in the name of law. Remove this bag from my foot. Sorry. Sorry Sir. We will go and catch the fishes quickly, Sir. We will make you eat it. Sorry. Very sorry. Is that so? Motu Patlu will have fish even though I’m here? I will finish the fish before they get the fish. Where is it? Don’t go fish. Come out crab Patlu, there is another kind of joy in fishing like this. Something has crawled into my clothes. What a comedy you are doing, Motu. Something bit me too. Even on my stomach. Boss. Boss. You made Motu Patlu catch a big fishes. [Crab.] Boss Boss. The fishes were caught by Motu Patlu. Why are you dancing? Fools! The carbs got into my shirt. Remove it. Remove it. Remove it quickly. Are you chasing away the crab or hitting me? Boxer brother, what are you doing standing there? I don’t know how to pluck the fruits from the tree. Motu, eat the samosas and start. Take these mangoes. I plucked that mango too. Take this boxer Brother. A lot of mangoes. Listen to me. Look! This Motu destroyed our nest. Hit him. Why are you hitting me? Motu, my brother, my friend. Why are you running like this? You will know right now. Oh God! I kept it. Motu, how do you start a fire with the stones? I’ll show you. Motu, my brother, my friend. Even my fire is not starting. Boxer Brother, take the stones and hold them like this and rub them like this. That is amazing Motu. Great job. You are a master at lighting the fire. Motu, you lit their fires but you can light your own fire. Light the fire here. Quickly. I will light it right away. How will it not light? Why Motu? Are you tired? You lit other people’s fire but you cannot light your own fire. Patlu, I cannot think on an empty stomach. Give me some idea. Please. Idea. Brother Boxer, what food will you make? What will you make? You don’t know how to cook at all. You don’t even know how to box properly. You don’t know anything. You don’t know anything. Motu, what did you say? Sorry. Sorry. Brother Boxer, sorry. I made you angry so that I could light this fire. Motu. Don’t joke like that again. Or else I will not let you off. Understood? Motu’s fire was lit. But why am I feeling hot here? Save me. Fire. Fire. Someone save me. Boss. Boss. There is a fire behind you. Do something. Wait Boss. I will extinguish the fire immediately. No. Leave me. There is another kind of fun in making food during a picnic in this jungle. Okay. This is good. The food is ready. Yes, absolutely ready. I will not let anyone eat Motu’s food. In my evil mind, one more amazing, fresh, brilliant plan is on-going. Where did this chimpanzee come from? Hey Chimpanzee. Stop. Stop in the name of law. His friends took our food. Catch him. Stop! Hey Chimpanzee. Comrades. Those two men are beating up someone from our species. Come on. Don’t let them off. Let’s go. Chimpanzee brother. It was a mistake. It was a mistake. Sorry. I said sorry. Run brother! Run fast! John will become a Don. John will become a Don. Who is he in our disguise? Brothers, we are not at fault. A man disguised as you all and stole our food. We were only chasing him. Look there. A man has disguised as you all and is standing there. Please look. In our disguise? Who is he? Fake chimpanzee? He is ruining our names. Let us teach him a lesson for ruining our names. Let’s go from here brothers. Run! I’m a chimpanzee yet I’m not a chimpanzee. Leave me. Spare me! Motu Patlu save me! Somebody save me! They hung me upside down. No. 1. No. 2. Where ever you are, return me my food. Or else I will tell Chimpanzee Brother about you two too. Here’s your food, Motu. We did not even taste it. Boss. Boss. Now we will meet you in the den. Okay? All the best, Boss. No. 1. No. 2. Save me now! Stop staring and subscribe.


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