KOREAN STREET FOOD in Myeongdong ๐Ÿง€๐Ÿฅ” Seoul Night Market Street Food Tour

(upbeat trumpet music) – Hello you guys! Today we are Myeongdong
here in Seoul, Korea. Now this area is poppin’. There’s lights everywhere. There’s shopping everywhere. There’s street food everywhere. And this is the perfect place to get trendy Korean street food because here in Korea, a
lotta street food vendors have really began to
kinda evolve and change up their recipe to make it very
trendy, Instagram-worthy, and so those are the type of
food we are gonna try today and there’s no better
area than right here. This is also a super
great place to go shopping but FYI, this is probably
one of the most touristy area here in Seoul but for good reasons and you guys will see. It’s just so lively here. There’s like a crazy energy. All right, let’s go eat, let’s go eat. (upbeat jazzy music) So we have tried this little
cheese dog thing before in one of our Taiwan videos but that was not legit enough. I didn’t get that big cheese pull so we are here for the
ultimate redemption. If you are in Korea, oh, oh my gosh, it’s sliding down. You should definitely get
one of these corn dogs. Now, this is an upgraded corn dog ’cause they have potato pieces outside. I mean, it looks crazy. So, I’ve drizzled ketchup
and cheese sauce on it. Let’s just go ahead
and take a bite, ready? (satisfied moans) The outer layer is
incredibly, incredibly crispy and these potato pieces just adds so much. It’s so delicious. It’s like a, you throw a bunch of fries and then you fry it again. It’s so good. And look at the amount of
cheese inside, you guys. Oh, they seriously just put a whole stick of cheese in there. Yeah, let’s take more bites, yum! (satisfied moans) So yummy. I was really hoping to
get that epic cheese pulls you guys see in photos,
but you know, we tried. Either way, this is absolutely delicious. It’s about 4000 won. By the way you guys, here I was tryin’ to get the matcha cheese hot
dog but they ran out, what? So we had to go with this one but this one tastes just as good. I think the shop is particularly famous and I can see why. This is delicious, oh my gosh. All my fried dreams are
coming true in one stick. (smooth upbeat music) Somehow we found an empty street in all of Myeongdong,
how is this possible? Also I know I’m saying it wrong, I’m saying it kinda like
meow-dong or meyung dung. Okay, I’m trying but look
at this empty street. So I walked down the aisle and I was like, “Wow, I have
never seen this one before.” So this is fried shrimp and fried tempura but they cover it in
this sweet chili sauce so you can see it on
top, it’s like a glaze and then on the side its ddeokbokki and I kinda like that
it’s in a little platter so you get a sample size of everything. We’re gonna try the shrimp. I’m really hoping it’s not all batter because, you know, the outer layer looks super battered up. All right, let’s take a bite. (crunching) Mm, crunchy. (wet chewing) I think this would taste
really, really good if it was fresh out but
I think it’s been sitting there for a little bit because it’s definitely cold. I really like the glaze on top. It’s kind of a sad piece of shrimp inside. The outer layer is nice and crunchy which I always appreciate. We’re gonna try the tempura and it definitely doesn’t look crispy. It looks kinda soggy. Look at it flop, flop. Sorry, I’ll stop playin’ with my food. Okay, lets try this. Ready, oh, I can’t even pick it up. Here we go. (satisfied humming) This dough is super soft. It’s got like a mashed
potato kinda texture inside. Weirdly enough, I like
that it’s not crispy and that it’s just kinda soft. Yeah, nice contrast between
this one and the crispy shrimp. And of course as always
there is ddeokbokki here. I wonder if it’s in gochujang sauce or that sweet chili sauce. Oh, it’s in the sweet chili sauce. Rice cake is always so
filling and so heavy. That one’s a little bit tough. So this one is just okay. I do appreciate the creativity. I appreciate the spicy sweet chili sauce but other than that, you know, I think it’s just been sitting
out a little bit too long. I know why vendors do that,
because it just looks more, like, enticing when all
the food is laid out but you definitely wanna find a vendor that’s making everything fresh. All right, so let’s go find one like that. Here we go. (gasps) (upbeat electronic music) So right in front of
me we have an egg bread and I’ve seen this in a lot of places. It’s so cute. It’s like a little egg coffin. A little egg pillow. It’s like Gudetama’s tomb. What else does it look like? Like an alien baby. Okay that’s it, that’s all I got so far. Okay, let’s take a bite into it, ready? I’m hoping the yolk
starts running, we’ll see. Oh. So at first, looking at it, I thought it was just
bread with an egg on top. You know how you guys eat egg waffle? It’s got like a sweetness to it. That’s what it tastes
like, almost tastes like, like a condensed milk type of sweet. It’s very sweet, very floury, and so it’s like a sweet and savory snack. (chatter) Oh. It’s so strange because on top, I thought the egg was like right on top but the inside is like a hard-boiled egg. What, what, what, what? So is there two eggs? What, what, what, what, what? What, what, what, what,
what, what, what, what? You know what, for 2000 I
think it’s a interesting snack to try, I wouldn’t say no to it. But at least this one it’s super fresh. You get it piping hot
so that’s always nice. (satisfied humming) Okay. (chill electronic music) Introducing the trendiest trend of all trends, frozen s’mores. Look at this brick! Okay, by the way guys, it was really hard to find, like, the right background so we kept walking around. Thank goodness this thing is frozen. It is not melting ’cause if
you get, like, ice cream, ooh, we are screwed. But here you guys go. This is a brick it cost 8000 won which is $6.80, right? Whew, are in New York or are we in Seoul? I’m not sure. But let’s give it a try,
hopefully it’s delicious. Can I even bite into this? All right, here we go. (gasps) Oh my god! What? Oh my god. Oh, look inside you guys, there’s ice cream inside this cube. No wonder it wasn’t melting
because the marshmallow’s just encoating everything. Oh my gosh! (satisfied humming) Ooh, oh, this is very exciting. So the ice cream inside
is actually kinda flaky, almost like shaved ice texture and there’s some chocolate
crumbles in there. Now, overall, this a brick of cavities. On a creativity level, this
is pretty high up there. I’ve never seen anything like this before. A s’more outer layer and
ice cream on the inside? Okay, I’m pretty sure in
like a couple of months, someone in California or New York is gonna open up a cafe
that serves frozen s’mores. (chill electronic music) Okay you guys, so I’m
noticing a pattern here. A lot of the street food stalls all sell the same
things, so you’re seeing, like, cheesy lobster tail, baked scallops, you’re seeing like potato wedges. It’s all the same stalls
in each of the street so very few stalls actually
sell something different but I guess that is just like, they find something that works and then other’s carts
just copy it, right? So, right in front of me, I
have one of the seafood items. A lot of the seafood items here are really pricey, like the baked scallop is 10,000 won. Why? And I don’t even wanna know
how much the lobster tail is. Probably like seven or eight. I should probably ask. Okay, let’s try this. So this is the octopus skewer. This is a skewer with octopus pieces and they put some sauce
on it and some flakes. Here we go. Oh. The octopus is a little bit tough and I mean, usually they’re really chewy but this is a little bit tough and I think it’s because
it’s kinda been out. I kinda wish he grilled
it a little bit more. The sauce is, like, a
sweet teriyaki sauce. Oh my god, I can’t even hold on. It won’t even come off the stick. That’s how stuck and
burnt to the stick it is. For 4000, I’m gonna have to say this was not worth it, unfortunately. Boo! Eh. Oh, did I drop something? (chill electronic music) Okay everybody, I know
this video’s supposed to be on trendy food but here’s
the thing about trendy food, trendy food are not actually good. They’re really sugary, really salty, really expensive, and you know,
they just look really good on Instagram and on video but not so much in your mouth. So, when I walked by
this jajangmyeon shop, I really, really just had to get it. It looked so good. I mean, look at these chewy,
gooey, springy noodles. Wow! Finally something solid to slurp on. Here we go, let’s take a bite of this. You guys, the noodles,
very bouncy, very soft. And so, so good. Oh my gosh. Finally, something that I
can say is very, very yummy. Also the shop owner is
so cute, so adorable. I definitely recommend coming here and getting your noodles on. You can see that the sauce is really just clinging onto these noodles and I think there’s, I think
there is some meat in there as well, like minced meat pieces. And some onions, yes, it looks like it. It’s kinda hard to tell ’cause
it’s just dark, dark sauce. Black bean sauce got a very
light, savory flavor to it. It’s very, very good. (chatter)
(slurps) Finally, something ultra-delicious. I will tell you guys
what, a lot of the snacks like the dumplings, the
gimbap, maybe like meat on a, like meat on a skewer. These are very basic food
that’s gonna taste really good but definitely the trendier items are very filling and they’re quite a lot, like, saucy, ultra-crispy,
ultra-cheesy, so, just know that when you come here maybe get a trendy food and then stick to the more, you know,
traditional street food items. Hello, cuties. Do you like these videos? Are you enjoying Cup of TJ content? Then be sure to become a member. Click the join button
for exclusive updates and behind the scene content. Okay, you guys, so there you go. That was trendy Korean street
foods here in Myeongdong. So my verdict on trendy food, they’re really trendy, they’re fun, they’re, like, Instagram worthy but they are not actually tasty. Some of them is way too
sweet, way too salty, and way too expensive. But when you guys come here,
there a lotta stalls selling more traditional stuff
like mandu, ddeokbokki, or gimbap, so you can
always get those items. If you wanna try a trendy item, maybe just try one, you know? Save your bucks for other food. Now if you’re looking for more traditional Korean street food, we do a ton of market tours. You guys can go here or here or the description below. Is it, it’s, well just all
over you’ll see these videos. So thank you guys so much
for watching today’s episode. Lemme know in the comments below which of these trendy street
food would you actually try. Thank you so much for watching this video, I will see you guys next time, bye! (chill electronic music)


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