Lab Tour!

Recently, on
YouTube, Easternblot, who has her own science
YouTube channel, asked if I could make an
informal unscripted lab tour. Yeah. Let’s go. Here’s the lab. OK. So we have a long hallway
that goes that way, and then there are benches and
desks set in along the hallway. This is the first bench,
and this is the refrigerator that makes so much noise. And I always have to wait
for it to stop making noise so that I can film. Why are you so loud? [REFRIGERATOR MOTOR BUZZING] Why? Around the corner here is
our tissue culture room. We have two tissue
culture hoods in here. We also have a microscope
and a bunch of incubators. All of our cell culture
work is done in this room. I work here in the
second bay in the lab. That is where my camera
is generally set up, facing this way into the lab. So we have my bench and my desk. The bench is where all
of the science happens, and the desk is where all
the other science happens. But everything, reagents,
chemicals, pipettes, everything stays over on this side. All of me, computers, things
that I touch without gloves stays on this side. This little piece of plastic
is apparently very important. Here we have lots of storage
of things from flasks to beakers, to tubes, to
racks, to all kinds of stuff. Storage is great. You need a lot of
stuff in a lab. My centrifuge is pretty old. My lab manager’s
centrifuge is pretty new. Waste containers. Biohazard, sharp
biohazard, trash. Glass disposal. This is where we run our gels. I plan on making a whole
video series on this. In fact, I plan on
making a whole video series of a lot of the things
that you’re just seeing and passing in this video. So in the future,
I’ll annotate those. For the moment, not annotated. I now need to show you the
most serious, most intriguing, most mysterious
piece of equipment that we have in this
lab, the microwave. Shelves where we
keep our chemicals. Important cabinet where
we keep our flammables. And a cabinet full
of corrosive acids. This was a very brief
run through of my lab and what a general lab
space looks like, just to give you an idea of what
the general setup and feel, and stuff in a lab maybe
kind of looks like. So in the future,
I hope that the What is This Thing videos will
start to fill in with some of the things that
you see around me are and will hopefully
become their own sort of tour through the lab. So subscribe and
stay tuned for those. If there’s anything that
you saw in this video today where you were
like, whoa, you went right by that thing,
what is that thing, leave the time point in
the comments down below, and I will try and do a
What is This Thing on them. Go forth and do science.


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