Last 2018 Tour Vlog! Harry Potter Poetry & Travel Treats in Missouri and Kansas.

Lauren: So it’s raining a little bit, but that’s
okay and we are going over to the Springfield route 66 visitor center
because we’re nerds. Steph (offscreen): And we have a coupon! [upbeat acoustic music] Travel Center Lady: Are you girls doing Rt 66 or what are you doing?
Steph: We are musicians traveling. Travel Center Lady: Oh, really?
Steph: Yeah! [upbeat acoustic music] Olivia (performing poetry): Harry Potter taught me about friendship and the
power that comes along with surrounding yourself with the loyal, the brave, the smart, the wise, and the ones who muster every ounce of strength they didn’t
really know they had to fight by your side. [Acoustic guitar playing end of song, audience cheering Lauren: So it’s technically our last day, last full day
of tour, which is really sad. We have our last show tonight in
Emporia Kansas and we stopped at a rest stop.
We’re on our way! We’ve got a pretty yummy lunch coming up today.
Steph: Yeah, we’re gonna
have an awesome lunch. This has been a good food tour!
Olivia: Good food tour, lots of good food.
Lauren: Yes, really good food.. Got some snacks, getting back in the car.
Steph (like the viral video): Snacks. Lauren: We just ate at this brewery, it was super
good, now we’re going over to the show. Yeah we’re all really full.
Olivia: I want a snack though.
[laughter] Lauren: Not full enough, apparently!
Olivia: I just wanted something sweet, I always want something sweet after I eat. Lauren: Yeah, me too.
Olivia: I can’t help it. [upbeat rock music] Lauren: so we’re performing across the street at
this huge arena and I’m interested to see how it’s going to go, because we
typically don’t play in arenas. It could be an adventure, they also won’t let us
in yet. [upbeat rock music] Olivia (performing poetry): I need to remember that the little girl who dances around
her room dodging fire is the fire now. Steph (singing): Questioning if you’re good enough, let me hear you say Yes! All! Witches!
[audience screeching YES! ALL! WITCHES!] Lauren: [laughing] I’m so happy right now.
Steph (singing): -oppression, Is gonna bring around a little bit of aggression Steph and audience: YES! ALL! WITCHES! [audience cheering] Lauren: We did it! That was all the shows! We had a good time!
Olivia: We did it! We had such a good time. Girls night out. Beef women. Steph: And we played in an arena. Have you ever read
poetry in an arena?
Olivia: No! No I have not read poems in an arena, I don’t think. Now I have.
Lauren: Now you have.
Steph: Bucket list. Lauren: all right. [car beeping] Lauren: Oop
Olivia: No!
Steph: You’re fine. Lauren: There it goes. Good?
Steph: Yeah!
Lauren: Yay! [upbeat rock music] Olivia: the password was [laughing] – the password was beef women, Hermione cried! [more laughter]


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