Living UNDERWATER For 24 Hours Challenge!! (New House Tour)

(dramatic orchestral music) – Hey Sharers, what’s going on, welcome to the vault, welcome
back to super awesome day. And if you didn’t already know we are out here at Los
Angeles, California. And having a super fun
time at our vacation house. We’ve been doing a lot and
I mean a lot of challenges. Like our, last vlog we did
this awesome bubble wrap challenge, where we had
to make our own floats. And let’s just say, mine was totally epic. Awesome, here we go, three, two, one, go. (water splashing)
(screaming) Yeah and since we’ve been
doing so much under water, I’m thinking we might as
well be living underwater. So shut out to the Dobe Wright Brothers, for giving us this idea,
comment down below, if you also watch the Dobe Brothers. They had this really cool idea, where they tried living
under water for 24 hours. And I think this is the
perfect pool to do it in. It’s heated, it’s about 98F, it’s really cool, it’s really big. Now I think all we need
to do is go get supplies and stuff to actually live under water. We can go in the house
bring out some bed frames. Bring out some lamps,
some pillows, some snacks. And try to do it all under water. We have 24 hours to do this, so I think its the perfect challenge. So if you haven’t already
hit that subscribe button, and join my channel and
become part of the SHAREFAM. Oh yeah, the best family on
YouTube isn’t that right Grace? – Oh hey steve, what’s going on? I heard you were doing
24 hours underwater. – That’s great.
– I got my googles ready. – I need pair of googles too. – Yeah, you gotta get your googles on. – Under water challenge for
24 hours, I say yes Grace. First piece of equipment is this. – [Grace] What piece? – [Steve] We can put this whole table in. – [Grace] Wait a table? – A table going in the water 24 hours, oh yeah, in the pool.
(water splashing) – I guess you got the table
we gotta use the chair. Cause we need this.
(water splashing) – This will be our
kitchen table over here. Where we could snack and eat food all day, this looks perfect. – All right, what’s next? – Let’s go set up the kitchen table. (water splashing) the water is cold (giggles). – All right Steve let’s set it up, it is freezing. – Okay time to set up
the kitchen table up. We are gonna put it over
in this corner here. Here we go (shouting). (exciting retro music) So we got both the chairs set up. Now we just need to put
the table in the middle between them, although the table doesn’t look like its sinking,
so let me try to jump on top. Here we go ready? – [Grace] Okay. (exciting retro music) – Sharers I got the table in place, but we are gonna need some
weight to hold it down, it’s too light it’ll just float back up. – That’s great I’ll do
it Steve, here wait. All ready I’ll grab this two flat weights and we can put these on top
of the table to weigh it down. Watch out Steve.
– Just go. (water splashing) (exciting retro music) Okay dinner and table set up, now I think what Grace we
need some more furniture. If we are gonna live in here over night for 24 hours we need
something a lot better. – Yeah we need to sleep on something, and stuff like that.
– Like a bed? – Let’s go to your room and grab your bed.
– Yeah, let’s go grab some furniture. – Yeah we will go grab your bed maybe grab some pillows,
blankets and all that staff. That could be perfect,
come on Grace let’s do it. – [Grace] Okay. – We’ll get a bed, so we
could sleep on the bed. That’s the next item we need. – [Grace] Let’s go get a bed. – Sharers this house is
so cool it has a toy room. This is perfect Grace. Right through here,
welcome to the toy room. We can even bring like soft
animals into the water. – [Grace] Yeah, or some toys. – That’s perfect, wait we could ride this. Oh my goodness. – [Grace] We could do rocking horse under water.
– Rocking horse under water. That would be amazing. Okay lets bring the bed under in case we get tired we could take a nap. Help me really quick. Grab that side and lift. Taking the bed let’s try this out. I have no idea if the bed
is gonna work under water. But if it does that would be perfect. We could take a nap underwater, how cool would that be. – Yeah, this will be perfect, cause at 3 a.m we have
something to sleep on. – Okay, to the pool with the bed. Let’s go Grace.
– Okay, let’s go. – I’m not sure, is this the best idea we’ve ever had? (shouting) Throwing the bed in, in
three, two, one and go. (shouting)
It will float or sink. – Great, it’s floating. – [Steve] We need to push it under quick. (water splashing)
Push it under. – [Grace] Gotta push
this under the mattress. – [Steve] All right the bed is going under but the mattress is not,
quick Grace we gotta sink it. Let’s get the bed frame set up real quick. (excting retro music) Okay, bedroom set up is looking good, now let’s try and and
get this cushion under, because right now the
bed is a little bit hard. And it’s not as comfy to
sleep on without this cushion. So Grace let’s weigh this down, maybe tie it on to the bottom. Grace can you grab those
weights real quick? – Oh good idea. – Sure this is too floaty, we need to hold this down with some weights. – You guys want weight? – Oh, got it. – And here is the other weight. (dramatic orchestral music) – Now we’re gonna put the
weights on the cushion and sink this down, so that
the bed can be comfortable. – [Grace] All ready? – Here we go.
– Looks good to go. – [Steve] It’s sinking, it’s going fast. (dramatic orchestral music) Okay, scratch another
idea, this is not working. The weights keep rolling off. What I think we are gonna do
is grab some of this duck tape and try to use duck tape under water. And connect the mattress
pad to the bed frame. – Oh yeah will use the
duck tape like a rope. – [Steve] All right are you ready Grace? – [Grace] Okay, I’ll push it
down and you do the duck tape. – [Steve] Okay are you ready? – [Grace] Yap. – [Steve] Three, two, one, go. (drama orchestral music) Okay we got the bed all set up, now I’m gonna actually
test it with the cushion and see how relaxing it is. (exciting retro music) That’s what I’m talking about. The bed is actually
comfortable under water. We gotta put a weight
on me, to keep me down a little bit but it feels really cool. – Obviously I’m gonna try
out the under water bed. Let’s see how it works. (exciting retro music) That worked so well. – That’s what I’m talking
about under water bed. So far we got a dinner room table with chairs, an under water bed. Now I’m thinking we need something else. – What else do we need? – Let’s see we are living under water we are probably going to need. – Food and snacks. – But before we go back to grab
some more snacks and stuff, Grace and I are gonna make the bed so that it looks nice and
pretty roomy when we come back. You gotta clean up your
room, are you ready Grace? – Oh yeah, I got one
side you get the other. (exciting retro music) – Okay, bed’s made. Let’s go grab some other items. – All ready. All right I’m gonna go grab
some bedroom accessories. – [Steve] Let’s all
get back inside, quick. It’s cold and the air conditioner here. Upstairs, go get some stuff
out of your room Grace. – [Grace] My room priority. – [Steve] Yeah, your room,
you got better furniture. Let’s see, we can use a lamp under water. – So we need some light when it get dark. – Just don’t ever plug
the lamp in the water. But this will be nice for furniture. – Another good idea a pillow, to make it more comfy when we sleep. – Sweet let’s go check this out. I wonder if a lamp will float or sink. Comment if you think the
lamp will float or sink. – I’m commenting sink. – I’m commenting, yeah it might sink. What about a pillow though? – Pillow, I don’t know. – I think the pillow is gonna float. I don’t think the pillow is gonna work. – But it might fill up
with water and sink. – Only one way to find out, let’s go back, let’s through it in and see
if it works, come on Grace. And you know what we need
another piece of hardware. So perfect a plant. A plant should probably sink, it will help the plant grow with a lot of water too. Let’s see pillow, float or
sink, what do you think? – Sink. – [Steve] I think float. – Only one way to find out, canon ball. (mumbles) floating. – [Steve] It is floating like crazy. – No, it’s sinking, there you go, wow. (mumbles) with water and then it can sink. – Next up let’s test the plant, it see if it will float or sink, comment right now, here we go. Three, two, one. It might be half sinking,
(mumbles) water looks it’s trying to sink. – I don’t know I think
it might be floating it probably looks upside down right now. – Oh no, we need something to sink. All right let’s test
the lamp, are you ready? Lamp float or sink, only one
way to find out, here we go. It sinks, perfect, let’s go set it up. (water splashing) (exciting retro music) – All ready the lamp is set up to go. – And then to get this plant to sink, I put zip ties all round it like this. I’m gonna try to go and connect
it to one of the weights on the table and hope we can
get this plant to stay down. Taking it under here we go. (dramatic orchestral music) All right plant is down, to the kitchen, plates, cups all that good stuff. I’ll grab some silverware, two forks, two spoons, that’s good. – I’ll grab us cups. – Oh yeah, perfect. Plastic cups, never glass, cause glass around pool do not mix very well. Let’s see, let’s grab some soda, we can drink some soda under water. This is perfect, okay
let’s go test them out. Let’s see what floats and what sinks. Let’s go, let’s go. Soda cans will they
float, or will they sink? – I say sink. – I say float. (water splashing) and they float.
– They float. – All right forks, float or sink? – Sink. (water splashing) – They sink, spoons float or sink? – Sink. Oh yeah, they’re good. – Cups float or sink? – Sink, once they fill up. (water splashing)
(crickets chirping) let’s see, let’s make them sink. And Sharers we also grabbed plates and the plates do sink. So we are good with that.
– Oh perfect. – We have Mountain Dew cans
that we filled up with water. And they actually sink
too, so now it’s time to set the dinning room table for dessert. (exciting retro music) Okay Sharers we got everything set up. Let me give you a little tour of our under water
apartment, check this out. (exciting retro music) (shouting) – All right Sharers this
is our under water bedroom. – Oh yeah. – We are gonna stay out here all night chilling, when we get
tired we are gonna sleep under water may be have a
little snack under water. If you have any other
ideas on what we can add to our under water bedroom
comment them down below. If you wanna see the rest
of 24 hours in the pool, make sure to follow us on
Instagram, @stephensharer. – And @gracesharer to stay up
to date on the latest things. If you haven’t already follow us and until next time sharers. – [Group] You know what
to do, stay awesome and share the love, peace, wooo!


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