– Holy Dooley! (Robyn laughs) There’s people everywhere. (laughs) (“Anybody Else” by Fairlight) London, Victoria. We’ve just gotten out of a train. We’re gonna get a coffee
now, aren’t we, Robs? – We gotta go to that window. – Which way?
– We going the wrong way. – That way?
– Yes. (woman announcing on loud speaker) – Mate.
– Cheers! – [Brad] Cheers! Cheers to us! – Cheers! – Eh? (“Anybody Else” by Fairlight) ♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ My first tube experience. (laughs) She’s lovely.
– It’s okay. – She’s an awesome tour guide, this one. (Robyn laughs) Holy Dooley! (Robyn laughs) There’s people everywhere. (laughs) Jesus, freaking nuts! (crowd chattering)
(siren wailing) – [Robyn] So, this is where I filmed. – This is crazy!
– This is where filmed that little video.
– My, there is people everywhere. (siren wails) Too many people for me. Let’s go back to Kri Island. (both laugh) – I know, it’s like,
– Let’s go back to the bilbies.
– A bleak kind of contrast. (siren wails)
So, this is Oxford street across there, and Regent Street is
along there, down there. We can either go down Oxford Street, or we can down Regent
towards Piccadilly Circus. – How about we walk down that way? – There. I think so, ’cause Piccadilly Circus is right ahead.
– Oy. – I know.
– Oy. Coming into that tube
system, and into the public, man, that’s a massive overwhelm. There’s so many people here guys. Huge. I even felt like I got hit
in the face (Robyn laughs) with human beings. (laughs) Seriously. (laughs)
(car engine humming) – [Robyn] It’s true. – Anyway, the sun’s out. The sky’s–
– It’s a beautiful day. – Starting to clear up. Bringing out coffees.
– Look at that angel of lights. – All right, guys.
– Amazing. – I’ll turn you around. – [Robyn] Couldn’t wait
to see that tonight. – There’s the red bus. Hey Robsy, Robsy, you
gonna jump on the red bus? Check out this Apple store,
literally the biggest one. Oh. (car engine hums) This is chaos, this is chaos. (laughs) So, we’re we going now, Robsy? You’re gonna lead the way on this. – [Robyn] Yeah, so we’re walking– – Where are we off to? – We’re walking down Carnaby Street. I’m giving you like, a general feel for the city, maybe, to begin with first thing. But we’ve started in Oxford Street, and now we’re walking down Carnaby Street towards Piccadilly Circus. – Carnaby, Carnaby Street. Hey Robsy.
– Hey. – Hey mate!
– Hey mate. – What’s going on? – What is going on? – Everybody on Carnaby Street. – (chuckles) Yeah. – To Carnaby?
– Carnaby. – Carnaby. Carnaby Street.
– All right. – All right, so were
standing at the front of Robsy’s favourite store,
apparently, Sweaty Betty. – Yay!
– Are we going to Sweaty Betty, Robs?
– Yes. – Oh, that is wicked!
– How cool is that? – [Brad] Oh, that is the best. – Look it, it’s all icing.
– All gingerbread, yeah. I think it is. – I used to work down
there, by Saville Row there. – So, we’re on Oxford Street right now. – We’re on Regent Street.
– Oh, Regent Street. We’re on Regent Street.
– Yes, yes. – And Robsy used to work where? Down there.
– Down there. – Robsy’s about to take us to, (Robyn laughs) where she
worked when she lived here back in the day. Where was it again? – The Abercrombie and
Fitch flagship store. – There we go, the flagship store. We are in, where?
– Just, well, we’re just, we’re next to Burlington Gardens. – Burlington Gardens.
– This is the street, and we’re right next to Saville Row, which is–
– Saville Row. – The most amazing place to
get tailored suits for men. It’s famous for that.
– Write that down, guys. I need suits.
– And opposite us, we’re looking at the
Royal Academy of Arts. We have the incredible–
– Right now, I’ll show you.
– Exhibitions and galleries. And behind me, we have where I used to work. Ta-da! – Okay, this is Robsy’s
old work place, right here. And have you been back here since, Robs? No? Do you wanna go inside? Do you wanna see if there’s
anyone in there that you– – Probably not.
– Who still works in there. – It was like, 10 years ago.
– All right, let’s go in there, let’s have a. – It all changed! It looks different. This was all open before. – So, Robsy has not been
back here since she left. How many years ago has it been?
– This tree. (upbeat music)
I used to style trees. I used to pin their branches
into the most perfect shapes. (laughs) – Check out the Christmas
spirit here, you guys! Very, very nice. (crowd chatter echoing) – [Brad] What’s this place called again, Robs?
– Fortnum & Mason. – Fortnum & Mason. (crowd chattering) It’s a fight to get into
this place. (laughs) Oh, yeah.
– Wait ’til you see it. – There we go. We’re getting in there, guys. Fortnum & Mason. (crowd chatter echoing) Welcome to Fortnum & Mason. (laughs) All right, so we’re at The
Parlour, here at Fortnum and, what’s it called? – Fortnum & Mason. – [Brad] Fortnum & Mason’s. What are we getting, Robs? What are we getting? – We’re getting carrot cake.
– Yeah. – As usual. And some coffee.
– Carrot cake? – And a coffee each.
– She’s gonna show us the menu. Check out this.
– We can get all sorts of things, like, you can build our own sundae. – Jealous.
– Look how massive this is. Salted caramel ice cream. (crowd chattering) – Cute little ice cream, Robs. We’ve just finished at Fortnum & Mason. – You probably saw the size of that. – [Unison] Carrot cake. – And salted caramel ice cream. – Amazing. – And coffee was–
– Try it. – Absolutely brilliant.
– Come here and try it. – You don’t need to go
and do the high tea. You can actually go to, what was it, the second?
– Level two. – Level two, and they
have a lovely little place that you can get all that from. – It’s freezing right now,
and it’s almost four o’clock. I think, is it three o’clock or four o’clock?
– Um, well, it’s three o’clock. It gets dark in an hour, so we have to see all the lights.
– So, you guys are gonna start seeing the darker side. (Robyn chuckles)
The dark side of London. Maybe not the dark side.
– And the lights, I mean, I can’t wait to see the lights.
– The Christmas lights. – We gotta stay around the
area so we can see the lights. Robsy’s lived here, worked here before. I’m a complete tourist. I have no idea where I’m going, so she’s like, the tour guide. – [Robyn] It’s hard to describe. – Where are we right now? The Times Square of London. – Piccadilly Circus.
– Piccadilly Circus. – Yeah, this is a pretty busy area, as you can see.
– Yeah, so this is like, Times Square then.
– Yeah. And it’s not as, it’s
actually not as hectic as Times Square.
– Definitely not as hectic. But all–
– Of course, in terms of the lights. But I bet–
– Check it out. – When it becomes dark, it will be. (crowd chattering)
(car engines humming) – Look at my Robsy right over here. (Robyn laughs) We’re leaving Piccadilly Circus. And where are we off to now, Robs? Now that we’ve seen–
– Well. – The Times Square of London. – Well, we have, we wanna see the lights. Wanna see them in all their splendour, so. We’re just walking back along. Oh, we’re walking toward Hamleys. – Hamleys.
– I wanna take him there. – The toy shop.
– Yes, I wanna take him there. – We’re going to a toy store, guys. – But we’re gonna look at lights–
– Hamleys. – At the same time. – I want to get the last
of the Christmas lights before they pull them down. What street is this, by the way? – We’re back on Regent Street. – Regent Street. I know Regent Street from Monopoly. (both laugh) That’s the only time, the only
place I know Regent Street. Monopoly. (laughs) (car horn beeps) – I know.
– Look how many people there are, you guys. This is Regent Street, isn’t it?
– Yeah. (crowd chattering) (upbeat pop music echoing) – Welcome to Hamleys. – You can’t even, you can’t even breathe in this place.
– Look at this place! – Can’t move! (crowd chattering) – Get all these bubbleators
for only nine pounds! – The place is crazy! – [Robyn] It’s making me sick. I don’t. (crowd chattering) – Byn, how many levels is this? This is like, a toy mega store. Isn’t it? – [Robyn] The most famous
toystore in the world. – [Brad] Is it? – Yeah, Hamleys! (crowd chattering)
– Robyn, do you wanna buy a car together? Our first car together? (Robyn laughs) We can buy a sports car. (Robyn laughs) (kid yapping) I see there’s so much stuff. It is crazy.
– Like, that’s– – I’ve never seen–
– Pretty cool. – A toy store so big before in my life. We could be kids again, though. We could be kids now. – [Robyn] Me? – You wanna buy a big Tonka truck? (crowd chattering) Oh, look at this guy, he’s got a drone. He’s flying a drone, look. (crowd chattering) – [Robyn] I was like, cool section. (crowd chattering) – Here we go, Robsy. Another level to Hamleys. (crowd chattering) So many people. (crowd chattering) What do you feel like, Robs? – Whatever you want.
– Popcorn? – Any one.
– Popcorn? I’m happy. Let’s go. (Robyn laughs) I don’t
know, some crazy girl from South Africa put it on me. Hey, Robs. (Robyn laughs) Do you remember these as a kid? I remember these as a kid. They’re amazing. – [Robyn] It’s not gonna last long, is it? It’s not, you’re gonna realise it’s around your neck and that’s it. (Brad laughs) – These are the best.
– Gone. – And eggs!
– What else, what are these? – [Robyn] Eggs, look,
these are my favourite. – They also have fudge.
– Mmm! – Check them out. You gotta come to Hamleys,
even if you’re 33. (laughs) I feel like a kid again. (crowd chattering) This place is insane! Absolutely insane. Multi-level toy store. Never seen anything like it in my life. Hamleys, check it out. There are drones flying
everywhere in this store, just like that over there. Have you been to Hamleys? If so, let me know down below. (laughs) Anyone just play marbles
when you were growing up? I did, love them so much. Check this out. Hey, Robs, you wanna get these marbles? Have you ever played marbles at school? – Yeah, I did.
– Did you play marbles in school?
– I did. (crowd chattering) – Wow.
(marbles rattling) I have not picked out in marbles, in like, since I was probably in primary school. My gosh, what a memory! Robs! I had no idea, I was a
hardcore marble fanatic. Hardcore, I was hardcore. (marbles rattling) (crowd chattering) Slime is the new thing? (crowd chattering) – But, do we get a globe or a map? – We still have the
whole world to explore. Don’t we, Robs?
– Yeah. – All right, guys, the
Hamleys adventure is over. We’re leaving the department store. It is absolutely insane,
come and check it out. We videoed it for like, an
hour or so, but it’s crazy. You gotta come and see it for yourself. Hi, Robs. This.
(crowd chattering) Look at this, mate! My first London at night experience. Right now, first impression, beautiful. (chuckles) Isn’t it? A quadrillion people. (laughs) But, look at the lights up there, eh? (crowd chattering)
(car horn honking) – [Robyn] It’s really pretty, isn’t it? – We’re literally just
walked out of Hamleys. Before we walked in, it was still light. Now, it’s dark. Robsy! Robsy Bobsy. Where we off to now?
– Look at it! (whistling) – This is for you, Andy.
– It’s for Andy. – If you’re watching this, Andy, we’ve got a Whole Foods here in London. (Robyn laughs)
It’s just for you. You’re missing out, my man. We’re walking in right now. Andy, you should be here. (laughs) (crowd chattering) All right, guys, quick one. We’re back in Piccadilly Circus. A famous intersection here
in London, supposedly. I’d say, like, the Times Square of London. The night version of this,
I’ll show you right now. (mellow music) Which way are we going, Robs? Left, right.
– It’s just right. (bus engine humming) – Guys, we’re walking to Leicester Square. According to Robs, the
tourist capital of London. Check it out at night. Look at it! – [Robyn] I’m not actually sure. I don’t think so. I think it’s there.
– Christmas in Leicester Square.
(crowd chattering) All right, guys, we’re
just walking around here. This place is just on fire. (laughs) Its energy, 110%. (festive music) – Let’s go! (crowd claps) (crowd chattering)
(festive music) – The food shops in here. – [Robyn] You can get gourmet burgers. – Yeah, gourmet burgers and– – Treats.
– Pancakes, crepes, hotdogs. – [Robyn] You can smell the hotdogs, the sausages.
– You can really smell it. It’s really, it smells amazing, actually. I’m really, I think we could eat here. Do you think we should eat here, Robs? – I mean, I’d like to
sit for a little bit. Just a little bit.
– All right, check this out, guys. At nighttime, it’s absolutely beautiful. Does it look like this even
when it’s not Christmas? – No.
– It doesn’t? – This is specifically for–
– All right, so this is – Christmas.
– The Christmas edition of Leicester Square. (mellow music)
(crowd chattering) Look at it. What do you think, guys? – Try that one on.
– Should I buy this? (crowd chattering) – [Robyn] Oh! They are so good. – I don’t like cheese fondues. – Oh! I’m salivating.
– Do you wanna get one? – [Robyn] No, I wanna
eat something proper. (crowd chattering) – All right guys, we’re leaving Leicester Square.
– Now we’re going to– – We’re out.
– We’re going, we’re getting close to Covent Garden. – [Brad] And we’re going to where? – [Robyn] Covent Garden. – Covent Garden, which is for what? Ice skating? – Which is known, no,
that’s a different area that we have to pass through to get to ice skating.
– Gosh! There’s too many places. All right guys.
– Cool place with markets and things.
– We’re going for a beer at this place right here. Do you wanna come and join us? Robsy? Let’s go in there. We just finished our beer and chat. – It’s proper six.
– Talking about how I am gonna be long-term based here, (Robyn laughs)
in the UK. Just for the record. Long term.
– Just wanna throw that in the mix, guys. – Long term, we’re here.
– Just throw it in the mix. – Based here in the UK. Folks, we’re at Somerset
House, ice skating, London. First glimpse, it looks
amazing, but packed. (Robyn chuckles)
Let’s go (chuckles) and check it out, Robs. I don’t even know if I wanna
go ice skating, actually. It’s pretty busy in there.
– It is. – Let’s go and check it out. (upbeat pop music)
Look at that. Look at that colour, guys! Look at the lights. Look at that. (upbeat pop music) Okay, so we’re at Somerset House here. A public skate, ice skating ring, and it’s fully booked out, so we won’t be skating
tonight, unfortunately. It’s the end of the video, guys. We’re heading back to the train station. And that’s it. Massive day. Hope you enjoyed.
– Big day. – Tomorrow’s gonna be another big day. Not sure exactly what we’re
doing, but stick around, ’cause tomorrow is gonna
be just as hectic as today. We’re going back into
the city here in London. But that’s it, guys. Goodbye! – Goodbye, goodnight! (“Anybody Else” by Fairlight)


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