Los Angeles Metro Behind the Scenes Tour: Traveling with Kids

[Stephen] Take your left hand, and press the close button. [Stephen] See. Now look to your left. [Stephen] Look to your left. [Stephen] Crank your head out and look to your left. [Stephen] Do you see any of the lights? Did they all turn off? [Stephen] That means all the doors are closed. I think, I think the train’s gonna move. [Stephen] No. Hehehe. Today we’re going behind the scenes at the Metro. We’re catching the Green Line to the Willowbrook Station. All aboard! I met Mr. Stephen who was waiting for us. He’s going to be our tour guide for the day. Our first stop is the Metro control center. I was greeted by a Metro police officer. We’re going in the building. I’m tapping Mr. Stephen’s tap card to go in. Oh look! There’s a picture of the Gold Line train! Mr. Stephen is telling me the history of Metro. [Stephen] In 1990, the Blue Line was the very first line to open. It’s today, it’s now, the second busiest light rail line in the entire country. Then we went to the rails operations room. We are at the Metro Control Center. This section is where the CCTV observers monitor the cameras in the stations. And this section is where the rail controllers keep the trains on time. Now I’m going to put on my Metro vest. We’re going to take the Blue Line to Downtown LA. Here comes the train. Then Mr. Stephen gave me a big surprise. Now I’m riding in front of the train. And the way we go. There are so many buttons for the engineer to press. We’re on the fast track to downtown. We have arrived at 7th Street/Metro Station. Mr. Stephen is showing me where the Regional Connector will be. Now we’re going on the Purple Line. We have arrived at Union Station. This man is driving us to the Red Line Train Yard. This is where they keep the trains. Now we’re going to the control tower. There’s a great view from up here. This man at the Train Yard Controls dispatches trains. And our tour continues. We’re at the Metro Red Line Yard. This is where they keep all the trains when they are not in service. This is where the trains get washed. This is what connects the trains together. Oh look! An Amtrak train is passing by. Now we’re going inside one of the trains. We’re at the cab of the Red Line. I’m going to press the whistle. (honk honk) I am turning the dead man’s switch. This train is going to service. It’s heading to North Hollywood. Now we’re at the shop. This is called The Pit, where they can work underneath the trains. This man is going to give us a tour of the shop. These are the wheels and the axis. And when you put them together, it’s called the truck. This machine makes the wheels round. The man presses a button, and it raised the train. And lastly I’m riding in the cab of the Red Line. Wheeee! Thank you Mr. Stephen for giving us a tour. I had so much fun going behind the scenes at the Metro. Please hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss a video. Also check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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