Madonna – Give It 2 Me (Sticky & Sweet Tour) Reaction

oh come on yo what’s up everybody welcome back to my son her parents on a beautiful day in in today’s video we are finally gonna be reacting to the sticky & sweet tour you guys I am unbelievably excited but before we do start you’re probably wondering why this video is only ten minutes long and not daddy well let me take the time to explain to you guys real quick unfortunately and it breaks my heart because I really really really was looking forward to reactants the whole thing I’m unable to do that the only thing that I’m able to do is react to sudden parts of the tall day we’re gonna be acting – give it to me I’m so excited to see what she has in store for us oh my goodness I’m so pumped I am sad that I can’t do the whole thing but unfortunately I don’t have an option but I hope you guys do understand that you know copyright is mmm someone this Madonna discovery t-shirt reference I will be reacting to the full tour unfortunately I won’t be posting it but I’m only gonna be posting the best clips if that makes sense anyways guys we’re gonna get into this video if you guys do end up enjoined don’t forget to smash that like button in fact especially in three seconds together you ready three two one smash that like violins up get subscribed here in the family also don’t forget to leave me all your requests in the comment section down below i’m Varvara do let’s get into this video [Applause] oh wow did you see the amount of people oh that is a retro play what oh my god yes come on [Music] Hey oh my god she’s gonna jump out of somewhere this is building up and I am getting nervous as yes whoa come on Queen oh my god [Music] Oh oh wait a minute wait a minute Madonna I live for you I live for you yes come on screw [Music] we know you can go on and on never get tired got cookie give it to me Queens oh come on choreography [Music] oh my god I love this out there yes you will mean breaking all the records absolutely I took that literally breaking the records because she’s a legend come on the amount of people whoa did you see that wait a minute oh wow look at that the Holograms that is sickening got all the boys just [Music] this crowd oh come on oh come on someone in the comedy there’s a lot of dancing in this tour and that’s I am living for that I want the I want the performance with the most dancing absolutely come on swing give it to me [Music] Oh what what is happening what is happening stop Pharrell I could be wrong hey come on get stupid [Music] yes you can’t quit [Music] but she took his glosses and he had spare ones lipping wait no one’s gonna show me out come on [Music] yes [Music] yes I’m on living police the editing on the screen [Music] come on quick [Music] I love the retro of the on the screens good come on [Music] Wow the dances there’s so many cool [Music] just win oh there it is there it is super goosebumps grain oh my god imagine mean that close to Madonna I cannot relate I’ve never seen their lives before [Music] Oh [Applause] [Music] come on sing oh my god oh just platform [Music] stop there [Applause] [Music] come on three good one we see that the amount of people when it sued ow wait a minute what that is like a whole country oh my goodness wow wow wow wow [Music] you best sing when that microphone is in front of you breasts see [Music] [Music] hey come on [Music] Wow Johnna something [Music] Oh oh my god everyone is having so much fun this is animate place going on oh my god [Music] Oh Mike what is happening yeah this song is sickening Oh scream wow look at that we loved you we loved you so much Queen game over I love the retro vibe to it wow this is a this is a good performance I’m excited to see the others I am in love again that was so amazing I say every time I watch these performances my energy level just goes a loop through the roof no super width I reacted to that ending um that wasn’t intentional actually I’m reacting to the performances within this tour that people like the most yeah that’s what I’m doing since I can’t react to the full thing unfortunately and I’m ready to apologize you guys this song too is a bob and he’s absolutely gonna get outta my place I’m gonna find and add it to my playlist and it’s absolutely gonna happen I’m super excited to check out the other performances because you guys told me that she dances a lot in this tour so I am unbelievably hyped I love when Madonna does choreography dances – they are always on point that’s why it’s all legendary just so amazing watching her life because not only is she on point but so the people that work with her anyways you guys I think you are so much fortunate if you did end up and joined don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe to the family don’t forget stay awesome be kind to one another and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye guys [Music] [Music]


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