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hey there welcome to the Maker Hub come on in welcome so you are in the maker hub the maker hub is Georgetown’s one
makerspace that’s open to all students staff and faculty we’re right here in
the first floor of Lauinger library or Georgetown and if you come during our
open hours you’re gonna find lots of fantastic volunteers here to teach you
how to use all of the tools in the space and really turn your ideas into reality
so what you’re standing in right now is our welcome area we’ve got a
custom-built swipe station and registration system that our volunteers
use to make sure that everybody who comes in here feels welcomed and
empowered to do and learn whatever they want in this space let’s go take a tour
this is our print station we’ve got everything you need to make softcover
and hardcover books and we’ve got a printing press cool thing about this
printing press is we’ve been using our laser cutter which I’ll talk about in a
second to make our own letter sets and graphics for printmaking so we’ve been
working with one of our maker neighbors Lauren Emirates who’s a print master and
she has been designing print projects for our students to learn how to combine
really modern technologies like our laser cutter with traditional print
practices over this way this is our textile station so we have got a sewing
machine digital embroidery machine and a serger and also a loom which is lots of
fun and all of our students when they become volunteers here the very first
project is to make their own apron so everybody gets acquainted with the
sewing station first and then we start to transition to areas like 3d printing
and laser cutting and we start to realize that all of these making
technologies are really closely interrelated this is our arts and crafts
area which surprisingly enough gets a lot of use particularly from our
entrepreneurial students because when you need to develop a prototype really
quickly sometimes you don’t want a 3d print it you don’t want a laser cut it
you probably want to use clay and Legos and we have a lot of Legos we’ve got
popsicle sticks in aluminum foil everything
you need to make really fast prototypes so you can put your idea in somebody’s
hands and get feedback right away these are our vinyl cutters and some of our
fantastic volunteers here operating our vinyl cutters right now the vinyl
cutters are used to make really cool patterns in sticker type material these
are great for designing interfaces for your product designs if you wanted to do
text layout on a surface a vinyl cutter is a great way to go if you look down
here all of our signage in the space has been done with our vinyl cutter and all
the signage on the walls also done with the vinyl cutter it’s also really great
for making stickers for laptops and phones for your dorm room walls and
things like that so a lot of people come in here to use the vinyl cutter and then
they start to make their way into the other areas of the space coming this way
this is our laser cutter this tool probably gives more use than anything
else in the space is a 60 watt laser cutter and it can cut up to a half inch
wood acrylic leather silicone paper cardboard matte board and you can do
really really precise and intricate designs you know really precise laser
cutting like this and more interestingly you can also do really great
three-dimensional design with a laser cutter using software like make a box
allows you to design to design three-dimensional objects like these
display screen housings here you feed in the dimensions and it actually generates
boxes so here’s another example something similar so while you might
come in here thinking you want a 3d print something to do a simple design
like this actually a laser cutter is much more fast and an effective way to
do a lot of three-dimensional practical design work these are our 3d printers
we’ve got four 3d printers two MakerBot’s and two Ultimakers we also
have an SLA 3d printer for doing really high-resolution resin based printing I
should note here that we don’t charge for using filament for our 3d printers
because we really want to make sure that nothing gets in the way of you getting
started learning how to make so this is our electronics area after you’ve made
an object sometimes you want to give it a brain right so we teach really
accessible technologies like Arduino here and Arduino is a microcontroller if
you see here it’s got these little holes in the top and bottom where you can plug
in wires an Arduino can be programmed from another computer to basically
listen to any other electronic device and do stuff with the information that
it’s getting from them so for example you could have inputs like pressure
sensors and flex sensors range finders light detectors sound detectors
temperature accelerometer all sorts of information that can be fed into this
and your output can be things like lights and sirens any device you might
want to power it can all be controlled from this device this is the kind of
stuff that really made 3d printers possible these things power drones and
the like so it’s a really accessible and really useful technology to learn about
even if you’re not going to be a full time programmer you can still learn how
to do stuff with these devices we also have got this here this is called a
feather huzzah it’s also an Arduino but the cool thing about it is it’s got
Wi-Fi in it so when we talk about the Internet of Things this idea that
devices can communicate with each other from anywhere in the world this is what
they are talking about these devices are how you can prototype interactions over
the internet of things and design new products and these things cost about $20
and they have built-in rechargeable batteries and again they’re really
simple to learn and we’ve got a fantastic team of volunteers ready to
teach you how to use all of these tools and these are our button makers our
button makers here in the Maker Hub are super popular we get folks coming from
all over campus and the library to make buttons either for events that they’re
holding when we do library events we’ve come down here and make buttons for them
or just different types of campus groups or a lot of students just come in they
take old magazines like old national G graphics and comic books and make their
own totally strange and wacky buttons lots of fun this is our Raspberry Pi
station raspberry PI’s are cheap little computers they kind of look like those
Arduino as we were checking out but they actually are full computers you when you
hook them up to a monitor they run a Linux which is a free operating system
these are cost about 35 bucks so we use them to make all these
interesting digital signage screens you see all over the space they power our
music system our slideshows and tiny little web servers that we use for
different educational purposes so these little devices here are really one of
the reasons that maker spaces have blown up because technology is getting so
cheap and accessible one of the words we use in this space a lot is democratizing
technologies this idea that technologies are becoming so cheap and so accessible
that whole new groups of people are really taking the power of innovation
into their own hands and as a library we really see it as
part of our mission to empower our students and our communities to come
from all over the university and use technologies to create new information
and create new knowledge and ideas and bring those ideas to life and this is
our woodshop we’ve got lots of tools here in the woodshop really students
come in here for their personal projects they come in here twice two or three
times a year we’ve got somebody coming in here to make a bicycle for example so
all sorts of tools that you might need for doing quick repairs of different
things around your apartment or playing with wood we have all those tools here
and a fantastic community of volunteers ready to teach you how to use all of
them so thanks so much for visiting us here in the maker hub and I hope you’ll
come and see us soon hi my name is Haytham I like the Maker Hub because I love 3D printing hi I’m Sara
I love the maker hub because it’s a space where you can make your dreams
come true I’m Basra and I love the maker hub
because I got to work with cool stuff like the laser printer Hi I’m eric and I just really like the maker hub because I get to make tons of cool stuff
hi I’m Laura um I love the maker hub because I get to make cool things like
this almost every day and work with really cool people
hi I’m Sarah I love the maker hub because I get to make something new
every day enter my ideas after Alex you see the part I’m Sherman
I like the maker hub because I made a lot of artworks made a lot of friends

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