Mansion Tour With Secret Rooms & Secret Passages

welcome back to another axe family video
we have a really exciting video for you today Taylor and I are in a house I
would say some would describe it as a mansion that also has I think at least
seven secret passageways Taylor and I are gonna give you a tour of the inside
of this building and it is completely amazing okay you ready to go there’s got
a coffee this is the main living room area it’s got a big fireplace it has all
these windows that look out over the marsh I think this railing is awesome it’s
actually one piece here so it’s actually part of the tree and then the branch
goes all the way up the staircase alright so we have our first secret
passageway where yeah where is it Taylor so it’s mere but if you push on the
mirror opens up and you can go inside it goes down there and if you go this way
goes up a really narrow staircase going up and up and up and there’s
little door at the top and I’ll show you that room in a second
having the glass as the door you would just want to make sure that you clean
all of your fingerprints off it so that people can’t tell that you push it in so
if we go this way this is an elevator there’s the elevator and this is the dining room so that
little door is up at the top right up there so if you come over to this wall
there’s a little hole right there whoa and there’s another door so that will
take you to the mirror door where we were before so far we have three
fireplaces that sink in there is motion sensors so
as soon as you walk in the water starts going and then it just turned off so as
soon as you walk out alright next there’s a staircase that goes upstairs
which I’ll show you in a little bit and this goes into a bedroom this goes into
the kitchen this is a tree goes into a tree house a tree house you okay we’re back where we started now
let’s go upstairs have you been in here yet whoa so these are all closets not this fun whoa so this one looked like it was a closet
it’s actually a hallway another bedroom hey there’s a brand new railing
I was bargaining yeah that’s what they’re gonna be Oranje Cisco oh I’ll show you that in a second you
can easily get lost in here this is a big shower it’s a shower but I
think I think it’s both toilet so there’s just long hallway with all these
closets and then that’s where the big bathroom was and then to the left was
the hallway with another bedroom and we can either go to the left and go
upstairs so we can go to the right through that door let’s go to the right the master bedroom right over here it’s
that door that goes over to this room all right up there there’s a TV screen
that comes down in office all right we’re back at the
stairs there’s the mirror down there we’re about halfway done hang in there
we got so much more look at the wallpaper bark this is called the tower
room you have a 360 degree view out the windows because you can’t see right
there this is where the fireplace is you see there’s a ladder on the outside it’d
be so cool to wake up to all this natural sunlight there’s a hatch on the
ceiling so this is cool so right here there’s a
mirror and then here’s a door to a bathroom and that’s a little dark but
you can see the sink and then there’s a toilet there the toilet it’s black so
it’s hard to see but then right next to the toilet this is the other side of
that mirror so it’s a two-way mirror so you can see people on the outside if you
like this way right here I see real Taylor’s room
they share a bathroom not a bad view I think there any more secret doors in
here ah come on things three high bunk beds so
this is a bookcase that’s the door and it’s super heavy how thick it is a closet this is like the classic
bookshelf secret door it’s cool another fireplace somebody comment down
below how many fireplaces you see in this video to go down this hallway
another round little live in your room there’s another fireplace and then
here’s another bedroom it’s padded huh the walls patent
yeah every room is different huh this is all the laundry about to get to a really
cool spot decided to show you it’s a couple more secret passageways so this must have been like a workout
room this is a really cool view of the marsh over here there’s one shower room
and the second shower room height there’s a drinking fountain it’s good to
go out this door it’s a nice deck yeah that’s probably the best spot in the
whole house right there look at that so Taylor and I got to sit in this hot
tub today and just listen for a couple seconds how quiet it is here so it’s
super peaceful super quiet after we sat in the hot tub the went inside and we
sat in the sauna oh it’s still warm in here we actually found the video in the
sauna and that it’s kind of a joke but weird like going through a relaxation
exercise while we’re sitting in there so I think we’ll post it as a video so if
you want to see that video there should be a card right up there you can click
on it the sauna is not it there’s more if you go over to this door it’s a steam
room hello this house is crazy honey so much to it there’s more don’t go away
there’s more there’s two bald eagles out there
hanging out on the tree all right we have a couple more rooms to show you and
another secret passageway to show you what is this the movie theater there’s
another fireplace there’s a tree over here in the corner goes up across the
ceiling so there’s all these mirrors and you go ahead and it’s kind of dark in here too but
there’s a poker table this bookshelf right here swings in and that goes to
the poker room if you’re new to our channel we are the ax family and we have
been traveling around the country the last nine months visiting our friends
and family and other youtubers and really cool places like this so if you
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one hats off to you


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