Mario Parker * Outstanding Travel Agent of the Month * August 2018

iHello and welcome to our August
Outstanding Agent of the Month interview. I’m Heidi DeCoux with, and I have an awesome travel agent who is also a member of our
Travel Expert Marketing Academy. Here with me today because he is our August
Outstanding Agent of the Month, so I am excited for this interview today with
Mario Parker. Hi Heidi, thank-you for inviting me to this. I’m honored to be a part of this. Awesome we are honored to have you Mario. So for those of you that don’t, for those that are watching that don’t know you, we’ve got
some travel agents and some prospective travelers both watching this interview.
So for those that don’t know you, tell us a little bit about yourself and your
travel agency. Okay well it started a long time ago, actually when I was a kid.
My family liked to go on little trips – weekend trips – a lot of times and then we
would spend vacation like at Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park. We would
always go to the beach and go fishing. So kind of like my love of the outdoors
kind of started back then, and then I went in and got my college degree in
wildlife management, so I’ve been working for various federal and state wildlife
agencies. And then so I decided to kind of go into business for myself and
became a travel agent about four years ago. And a little over a year ago, I
decided to get my own website because I wanted to specialize more in action type –
Adventure Safari type vacations. That’s great! Tell me a little bit more
about the type of vacations that you specialize in – those action-packed
adventures, safari vacations. We want to hear a little bit more about that.
Okay well I have a lot of interest myself and I do some kayaking, whitewater rafting. I’m a scuba diver, snorkeler. I fish, especially I love to fly fish, so
whenever I go on vacation, I like to usually mix in those type of activities
in with my vacation if I can do that. So my specialty is in African safaris. Also I’m
with certified with Hurtigruten which does expeditions in the northern
European sector. And also I have specialties and destinations such as
Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, and different countries in Asia as well. Oh very cool.
So if you could message yourself when you were way back when you’re just starting
your travel agency – so for those that are watching that are newer travel agents
are looking for some tips and inspiration today – if you could message
yourself back that what would you tell Mario just getting started in the travel
business? I would say that I have a strong affinity for the outdoors
and I have a good understanding of wildlife conservation,
sustainability and so if the client is looking for that type of adventure then
I can easily put together an itinerary that my client would like. I pay
attention to details. I’ll ask certain questions that
will help give me a clue on what my client is looking for, and then provide
several options that they can take a look at and decide their dream trip like
that. Awesome – and for the new travel agents watching this, what is your best piece of
advice for them? I would say pay attention to what your client says and
then make sure you understand the details of the trip and work
hard and use whatever resources you have to find out how to craft a great
vacation for your client. Awesome. And if you had just one piece of advice other than that
great advice that you just gave, like if there is another one piece of advice
that you could give travel agents whether they’re new or they’ve been
at this for 20 years. Like when they get stuck you as a successful agent – how
do you get yourself unstuck? What piece of advice do you have for a travel agent
that’s just feeling a little stuck right now? I would say just probably take a
break. You know, a little break and give your time, yourself some time to think
about what you need to do, what you need to accomplish. And then go at it 100%.
Okay good advice! What’s been the hardest part of marketing your travel business and how
have you overcome it? The hardest part is just trying to reach out to
people, so that’s when I became a member the Travel Marketing Academy. So I can
learn about more ways – better ways – to market and get my client that would fit my niche and being able to sell a trip for them.
Yeah, awesome! And who is the ideal client for you? So we have a lot of travelers
watching us that are interested in adventure travel. So who really is the
ideal client to work with you? Well the ideal client would be somebody who
really loves the outdoors, who want to learn about making sure who wants to
experience where the animals live and maybe and even become involved with some conservation efforts that are going on. There are some
companies that do offer that opportunity. So I think there’s more than
just people going out on just a one-day tour and observing wildlife. If you go
on a week-long or longer trip, then it gives you more opportunity to see all the wonderful things that’s on Earth. Oh yeah, great! Now for those prospective
clients watching us today, where can they find you to get more information about
your services and potentially book with you? Okay well you can reach me at [email protected] And there’s a little reason why
it’s a little long – I realize but when you go on safaris, there’s different –
some people don’t realize there’s different types. There’s the land
type and then there’s ones that you have to go in the water, take a cruise, go to
the Arctic or Antarctica, or you know just anywhere along the coastline or
Pacific islands, South Pacific island then you have to go on cruises. So
that’s part of the reason why I added expeditions to it is to
let people know there’s more than just land type tours. Yeah, absolutely.
And the rest of my contact you can call me or get on my website at Awesome. And Mario, what is your favorite part of being a travel
agent? I like working with people. I like the challenge sometimes that it brings
in trying to put a trip together and making them feel happy about what
they’re buying. And what is your biggest win today? Like you know, maybe like your
biggest win you would say in your career as a travel agent
or one of your biggest if you can’t narrow it down to one what’s one of the
biggest wins? Well I just joined the Roseville Chamber of Commerce, so that’s
letting me connect with people nearby and so that’s something different
for me and it’s just given me a better chance of letting people know what travel agents can do for them. Yeah, awesome! Great, well thank you so much for
being here today, Mario. And if you’re a traveler looking for an adventure trip,
definitely check out Mario’s website. And if you are a travel agent, I hope that
you got inspired today, and I highly recommend checking out the Travel Expert
Marketing Academy which is the premier Academy for helping travel agents –
awesome travel agents – at all levels whether you’re just getting started or,
like Mario, you’ve been at this a long time and you want to uplevel yourself as
an agent. Go to All right thank you so much, Mario!
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