MASSIVE MEXICAN STREET FOOD tour GUANAJUATO, Mexico | Explosive drink + Delicious pork crackle bun

so you can see what’s happening you’ve got this
crazy chemical reaction happening today we’re in Guanajuato Mexico and we’re
here to eat we’re going into the heart of the local food culture in Guanajuato
and we’ve got some amazing gems lined up for you Guanajuato is a unique
city and its food scene is equally distinctive in this video we’re out to
find the best local food and share with you some of Guanajuato’s most famous
dishes we eat the city’s best tacos de vapor flavor packed steamed tacos
attempt to chug an explosive local drink devour the state’s unique pork crackling
torta and dive into a dish which is the personification of comfort food in this
huge Mexico series we’re travelling to the heart of the country’s best food and
eating where the locals eat from iconic Mexican dishes to regional specialties
you don’t want to miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry
let’s eat we are very excited to be in Guanajuato
for this food video and we’re very excited for a few reasons one it’s an
incredibly beautiful city so it’s a lovely place to be but number two is
we’ve been researching all around town getting to the heart of the food culture
here and we have found some absolute gems to show you in this video so let’s
get eating we’re starting this Guanajuato street
food tour with tacos de vapor not a taco that we’ve shown you in this Mexico
series so far but one of our favorites now this is the stall right here right
behind me but there’s a really huge line so let’s go and get in the line tacos de vapor are steamed tacos so the tortillas are filled with a precooked filling these
guys do both vegetarian and meat options and we ate here a couple of days ago and
we very quickly realized why this place is always teeming with locals because
the tacos are really really good we’re getting closer to the front buenos dias amigos, quatro tacos por favor si para aqui dos costilla de res, una papas, una queso por favor gracias all right so behind the guys there you can
see the tacos steaming away in these big pots so I ordered four I’ve got um
costilla de res which is beef rib and then a potato one and a cheese one and
then there’s this whole lineup of fresh and pickled vegetables and also salsa so I’m
going to load my plate up so we’ve got some fresh cabbage and some onion oh no
that’s red cabbage and also some carrot and then what else have we got in here
some matchstick jicama which is like Mexican turnip so pile that on as well
Wow it’s gonna be nice and fresh and the fresh vegetables will add a heap of
crunch and then we’ve got like four different types of salsa so red salsas
and greens salsas I’m gonna go for the green salsa
Wow look at that looks like it’s gonna be pretty spicy so I’m just gonna pour
that all over the top whoa yeah load it up and then we’ve got some wedges of
lime so add those to the plate all right let’s go and join the crowd over there
and grab a seat check out my plate it is pretty as a
picture so I ordered two beef rib tacos so you can see in there the
beef rib and then I went with one cheese and one potato I thought that beef
potato and cheese would be a pretty epic combo and then I chucked a whole lot of
those fresh vegetables on top so there’s cabbage there’s carrot and then there’s
jicama and then sloshed all of that green salsa over the top as
well so what I’m gonna do is just give it this pile of food a big squeeze of
lime I love how all of the condiments there very common in Mexico are just
free-for-all so I can go back now if I don’t think that the salsa is enough or I
don’t have enough vegetables it’s a really neat way of eating whoa all right
so this is the beef rib and I’m gonna make sure I’ve got heaps of salsa on
there oh yeah that is really delicious
what I love about tacos de vapor is it’s real comfort food so the tortillas
have been steaming away they sort of get a little bit greasy from the oil coming
out of the filling and they get very moist because of the steaming process
obviously the meat in there is really moist and tender and it’s got a lot of
flavor let’s go for another bite oh yeah
I got heaps more cabbage and salsa in that mouthful and it just took it to
the next level really crunchy and fresh and that salsa has just got the perfect
heat for me it’s a little bit spicy really tingly on my tongue so good
alright cheese and potato get a ton of that um cabbage on there as well
this is such a huge mouthful whoa cheese and potato epic combo
the cheese is very creamy and the potato so soft I love how the tortillas I think must be covered in a chilli sauce as well when
they’re steaming away because you can see here it’s got a glistening of um
sort of chilli oil over the top of it and I just love this type of eating surrounded
by people just tucking into their plates of tacos de vapor really local spot
and the guys are really friendly as well muchas gracias amigos, quatro tacos por favor, muchas gracias whoa muy rico we’re all for getting all over the
cities we visit to find the best food for you guys so we love getting to the
heart of it and often in the big cities that means a lot of walking and buses
and stuff which is really fun however a city like Guanajuato can be brilliant
because it’s a very small very quaint pretty town and we could just walk
everywhere very quickly so we’re only a couple of minutes from the first
stop and we’re already at our second stop our next street food is a rotisserie
chicken torta we ate this yesterday and the second we finished our
first bite both Thomas and I looked at one another and we’re like we have to
include this it is simply incredible let’s go and order hola buenos dias amigos, dos pollo torta por favor muchas gracias, con todo por favor so two rotisserie chicken tortas with
everything are on the go you can see over there actually behind the guys all
the chickens on the spit and slowly turning rotisserie chicken is one of
my favorite things to eat this is going to be real good we’ve been in Mexico for almost two
months now and we have really got into tortas while we’ve been here we’ve been
trying a huge range of them Sheena already said we had this one yesterday
in our research for this video and it went straight to the top three list it
is an insane torta so it’s got roast chicken which is not like any torta
we’ve seen while we’ve been here so chickens off that rotisserie and then
they cut up the roast chicken they chuck it on the hot plate
they add cheese and corn and let that cook away on the hot plate
and dump it all on the roll so it’s just a nice white roll and then that
gets covered with vegetables so what have we got in there we’ve got some tomato got
some fresh onion we’ve got some pickled jalapenos I can see a whole lot of mustard we’ve
got a whole lot of mayonnaise tomato I think already said that avocado you can see all the corn lined up in there as well oh and I see some
mushrooms sticking out I think they must have gone on the hot plate too whoa and
it is seriously hefty oh man it is delicious the chicken is perfectly roasted not dried out at all has a lot of flavor
it’s beautifully seasoned and the torta itself oh man
the bun is so good oh that was the perfect mouthful perfect mouthful that juicy juicy
chicken and then I’ve got the um corn so you’ve got little bursts of
sweetness from the corn there’s a tiny bit of spice from the jalapeno but it’s
very mild I think I’m only getting a little bit of
the runoff the vinegar that they’ve been pickled in I’m getting a nice little
tingle from that the onion look at the bun so it’s been crisped up on that
hot plate so you’ve got a beautiful little crunch where it’s toasted but it’s
only just toasted so the inside’s still really fluffy
this is incredibly well put together such a good find this place is an
absolute winner and such a neat little restaurant look how small it is so
you’re seeing pretty much the entirety of the restaurant so this is the width
of the place the guys are going crazy making these tortas the chickens are all
there which smell delicious I mean roast chicken is there a better smell in the
world not too many I don’t think absolutely brilliant torta the fact this town is small gets even
better now so the torta place is right there our next stop is right here on
this bridge and this is a really neat little nieves
spot so ice cream perfect to cool down on a nice hot day here in Guanajuato nieves is hand churned water based ice cream it’s one of our favorite sweet treats to
eat when we’re here in Mexico and this lady’s got so many different flavors hola
buenos tardes Senora como estas? bien, una grande por favor what’s really
neat about this particular stall is it’s right here on a bridge so there’s no
power but always with these nieves stands they use these half barrels which
they fill with ice and salt to make saltwater ice so it’s very cold and that’s how
they keep the nieves or the ice cream chilled and I love this one
because it is literally right on a bridge with the most incredible view to
eat your nieves with si uh limon y… decisions decisions
Carlota por favor gracias hasta luego we’ve gone with a full-on citrus hit
here so down below we’ve got lime you can see that beautiful green color in
there and up the top this is a really interesting one so this is the one we
really wanted to show it’s called Carlota so this is a whoaaa just try and spoon some out so this is a Mexican dessert but this is the ice cream version of the dessert
so they’ve taken the dessert made it into ice cream form
it’s got Maria biscuits in it which are a very plain biscuit here just a sort of
vanilla style biscuit it’s got lots of lime in it condensed
milk Oh mmm it’s so refreshing mm-hmm very sweet from the condensed milk very
strong with the limes it’s got a beautiful citrus hit and I love the little
biscuit sort of cakey bits that are all through it really good I really like
this nieves stand because it’s sitting right on this bridge and
actually come up here check this out so this is how beautiful Guanajuato
is everywhere you look you’ve got these beautiful visuals because all these
colourful houses are built up on the hills you’ve got churches dotted round
it’s an incredibly pretty city and it’s an old mining town so silver was
mined here so it was incredibly wealthy very wealthy and you can tell from the
buildings so around town there are some stunning buildings it is just the most
lovely place to be and a great place to enjoy some ice cream walking around Guanajuato makes me
happy because it’s such a colorful place just looking around me I can see blue
pink green yellow peach purple hot pink buildings it’s a really vibrant fun
place to explore now our next few street foods are real
Guanajuato classics so foods that are really popular in the state and that you
can often only find in this state so just up ahead is our first one it’s
called a guacamaya which is a type of torta now I know we ate a torta
before but this one is very different it’s very unique and it’s made up of
chicharron which is pork skin hola buenos tardes, como estas? Bien, una guacamaya por favor si aguacate y chicharron si gracias, si si con todo muchas gracias the lovely gentleman here just asked me
if I wanted a bit of a taste of the chicharron with the salsa muchas
gracias Senor so look at this so this is the chicharron chicharron is fried pork
skin and it’s got a ton of this salsa on top si gracias wow all right so we’ve got aguacate which is avocado we’ve got the chicharrón and
then a ton of this salsa on the top so it’s a red salsa this is so unique
he’s also popping a bit of lime over there I’ve never seen a torta like this wow perfecto that guacamayas stall was so wicked he’s got these giant pieces of
chicharron the fried pork skin and all he did was he just broke off pieces from
those giant chunks or shards of chicharron and stuffed them into the bun the bun
already had aguacate so avocado inside and then he sloshed a whole lot
of salsa over the top it’s quite a chunky salsa there’s tomato chilli onion and
I can see some coriander I already had a taste of the sample of chicharron that
he gave me and it is extremely crunchy as I was saying
guacamayas are a really quintessential street food from Guanajuato and the name guacamaya actually translates to macaw so the bird and all I can think is maybe it
alludes to the fact that it’s really colorful and so like macaws are very
colorful and this torta is very colorful so maybe that’s why it’s called a
guacamaya if it’s not and if you’re a Mexican viewer and you know the meaning
behind the name of this torta let us know in the comments below but I think
it’s time to eat what I’m gonna do is try and make it a little bit more
manageable and sort of give it a bit of a smush so that the chicharrón crunch
down a bit they’ve already soaked up a bit of the salsa so they’re sort
of a little bit soft but not so soft that they’ve lost
their crunch and whoo that salsa is hot it’s got a really sharp chilli kick
and that chicharron is beautifully crunchy
there’s something like six layers of chicharron in this torta it is so insane hmm whoa that mouthful of chicharron I
got it already started to soak up a lot of the salsa so it’s gone a little bit
chewy and soft and it’s really good I love this salsa because it is so vibrant
it’s zingy it’s spicy it’s fresh it works perfectly with the chicharrón
because it cuts through the fattiness of the pork skin this is such a unique
Guanajuato snack our next Guanajuato street food is a
drink and it’s just mere moments away and we’re just winding our way through
this colorful alleyway to get to the next spot so the drink is called cebadina it’s a very unique drink but the place that we’re having it is also very
unique it’s in a hardware store we were really desperate to share cebadina with
you in this video but in all the research I was doing before we arrived
in Guanajuato I couldn’t find a single place that sold it until yesterday we
saw a man walking down the street drinking a cebadina and I literally
chased him down the street and asked him where he got his drink from and he led
us to this little stall outside this hardware shop so that’s the cebadina right here let’s go and grab one hola buenos tardes una cebadina por favor so the trick with cebadina is you have to be really quick
so she’s filled up the glass and now she’s popping in some baking soda which
muchas gracias and what happens is it basically is like when you make a
volcano in school and you use vinegar and baking soda because this drink has
got pineapple vinegar in it and you can see it’s starting to bubble and froth oh my gosh so you see what’s happening you’ve
got this crazy chemical reaction happening holy moly
it is all over my face and all down my hands but it is a delicious mess so see
what I mean when you’ve got to be quick basically the baking soda gets added
oh excuse me oh muchas gracias I think this happens a
lot my friend here has just pulled out his mop and he’s just mopping up the
pavement outside the stall the mop’s stained bright red this is a crazy drink
so it’s got um pineapple vinegar it’s got jamaica which is hibiscus which
explains its um colour and I believe it’s also got some tamarind water and
it’s supposed to be really good for your digestion and it is a really beautiful
drink it’s really refreshing bubbly sweet really unique and delicious we’re now down in the tunnels of
Guanajuato to get to the next restaurant and this is an incredible complex of
tunnels underneath the town now the next dish we’re having is called miners
enchiladas so that goes back to the fact that this city was sort of born on
silver mining but these tunnels while you think they must be related to the
mining they’re not actually the first tunnel they built down here was to
divert the Guanajuato River which kept flooding the town
that tunnel is now not used for the river it’s now used for traffic and they
after that they built a whole lot more tunnels so a very interesting thing
about the city is there’s tunnels all underground and a lot of them I mean
you’ve got a big intersection here underground so to get to some places you
have to go through these incredible tunnels that run all under the city and
they can be very handy because this is a very hilly city so sometimes it’s a lot
easier to go through the hill rather than over it to get to your next place
but let’s go and get the miners enchiladas now enchiladas mineras is another one of
Guanajuato famous dishes we’ve come to a little fonda a small family business
we’ve heard that this place does a really great version this dish is called enchiladas mineras because this is the plate of food that the miners used to tuck into after a hard
day’s work and I can see why they’d want to tuck into this plate of food
because it looks absolutely incredible Dona Lupe who is cooking the enchiladas up the front of the restaurant is cooking up a storm so what
she’s doing is she’s grabbing the tortillas she’s dipping them into a bucket
of guajillo chilli sauce and then chucking them into a square pan which has got a lot of lard in there the tortillas are sort of frying up and then she’s
sticking on some Ranchero cheese and then then there’s potatoes there’s carrots there’s I think onions piled onto the enchiladas once they’ve been folded up and then you’ve got
this spectacular plate of food so we’ve got the enchiladas placera (I meant Mineras!) with
chicken so you can see here a big chunk of chicken I’ve got a wing and
also a thigh the chicken was already pre-cooked so it’s just been
added along to the plate and then you’ve got chunks of this Ranchero cheese
on the top and then the enchiladas which have been bathed in that chilli sauce
sitting on the bottom there tons of potato and carrot as well as a bit of
lettuce if you watched our last video which was set in Morelia in the
state of Michoacán we ate a dish there called enchiladas placeras and this dish
is very similar to that so let’s see if it tastes similar at all it does taste very similar to the one we ate in Morelia it’s just as tasty it’s really hearty food the enchiladas have a lot of flavor I got a whole heap of
enchiladas in that mouthful very flavoursome with that chilli sauce and you can
really taste that lard that it’s been cooked in I want to get into this
chicken here so I’m just gonna grab this wing it’s so tender and very very well-seasoned so it’s got a tonne of flavour oh this is comfort food it’s really satisfying it’s hearty the potatoes are really creamy that guajillo chilli sauce packs a punch it’s a beautiful subtle chilli flavour it doesn’t have a lot of spice but it’s delicious


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