May 4: Our Place in History Trailer

[MUSIC] 1970 was a tough time for out country,
students were protesting, America was protesting.>>Back then there was a real
divide in this country about people who supported the war and
people who didn’t support the war. The whole questioning of your patriotism.>>I saw the guardsman turn, lift their
rifles in unison and begin to fire.>>They just killed four kids and
I just couldn’t believe it, at first.>>We were so focused locally, that we didn’t realize it was it was
becoming the cause celeb around the world. [MUSIC]>>Memory about that war, Vietnam War is essential to understanding
our position in the world today. These four kids meant a lot to the
conscience of this country, they died for a reason, sacrifice, and
that has to be remembered.>>The challenge, it seems to me,
for a place like Kent State, which is now stuck in kind of the national
narrative is to do something with that. You’ve taken it and
done what a university should do, which is turn it into
a learning experience and that way it means something more than
just a terrible thing happened here. [MUSIC]

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